One Man Hide and Seek – The Devastating Reality

One Man Hide and Seek  – The Devastating Reality

It’s a sad day for what’s up gumby. As you guys know, we have, well, had a friend named Colin. That we used to make movies with. but he’s since gone missing. We’ve tried calling him, texting him, talking to his parents, calling the police, we filed a police report, no one knows where he is. *crunch* The last time we heard from him was he was doing this challenge called the one man hide and seek challenge, where you cut open a stuffed animal and fill the insides with tic-tacs or rice, and you put it in the bath tub it was an ancient ritual done by the Sumerians, where you would put your hand on it and say, “my name is _____, come find me” it was with this very stuffed animal that colin did the challenge with. let’s have a moment of silence for our fallen brother. He was such an innocent boy He loved the world, but the world just didn’t love him back 🙁 He tried so hard to be the best he could be And it’s just everyone’s time comes eventually. But today, we’re gonna get him back. Me and Bennett are gonna use this stuffed animal, we’re gonna cut it open, we’re gonna do the ritual, and we’re gonna get our friend back. Let’s Go! hah stupid kid imagine going missing So now we’re gonna be doing the ritual, we got the freakin’ thing right there, we got the tape we got the tic-tacs, I think I’m forgetting something. Oh yeah, get the uh the knife Alright, we’re gonna be starting. *sniff* Alright so we uh finished the surgery on this terrifying little guy So, the next step in the ritual process is put the sheep in the bathtub, and let the games begin. make sure to put the neck strap on We’re gonna head to the bathroom, where the main ritual happens there’s the bathtub so, we’re gonna put the sheep in the bathtub and first, I’m gonna say, “I’m Charles, come find me” then Bennett is gonna say, “I’m Bennett, come find me” then together we say, “come find us” ready? My name is Charles, come find me. My name is Bennett, come find me. now we do it together. Come find us. run run rururururun run yo, WHAT IS THAT Dude, the gate was open GO BACK GO BACK run this way, run this way this- this can’t be real just run, just run WE NEEDA GO TO THE PARK we’re at the park No way.. Is that Colin? Yo I think it is, wait, do you see that in his lap? I think that’s the sheep. Wait, why were we scared of that thing? I dunno man Alright, let’s go we got some pizza at home, I think.

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