Old RJF on chess. Why Fischer hated chess. Who’s the best ever

Old RJF on chess. Why Fischer hated chess. Who’s the best ever

nothing but a my idea people think i’m benjy chest no i manatees approaches I’m trying to keep it alive it’s very it just the reverse is where I’m not coming up with anything radical at all I asked to Icelandic grandmasters the other day here who was the best chess player history of to force a click on edit and I asked them objectively speaking and they’ve all said do you agree with that Oh I want to get back to Keyshia random whatever that was obviously I think so right I mean the mother the new you me time of seven six to zero no way has another first of all you have to understand something about chess of course I’m better than Morse why am I better than what I know he I don’t say have more child and I just know much more theory right if he came back today and he could not open a book let’s say right he would do badly against even against masters maybe that has nothing to do with his town though right so when you say I’m better than Charlotte doesn’t mean anything because of all this theory in chess but I if you were to say am I the most talented player that’s something else not your son again I think so but maybe no that’s just my opinion you know morphe was fantastic kappa blanka was fantastic what about later girls Casper as I said I don’t like to delve too much into the old chest because I hate it so much I feel by delving into it I’m promoting it in some way but I don’t want to promote this goddamn game but my only interesting you know to have one interest only one interest to expose the prearrangement people are living in a dream world but don’t you take an article coming from the best player at every boss and now saying life is like that not either this one question that I’m as I’ve always wanted to ask given the opportunity it’s not really paradoxical chassises basically a search for truth right so I’m searching for the truth the truth is chess is no good anymore today on on the table when you blame the kids chess is no good and it hasn’t been a good game objectively for 150 years since all this theory it was a good game maybe 200 years ago in the time of who’s that guy who learn who developed the pawns a theory what’s his name the Frenchman so you’re saying that already when you became world champion had already then by then it was a bad game yes yes yes it was a bad game but I got but but on the other end it was the Spanish today no comparison but it was a bad game but at the time I was fired with ambition because they do win and I did not I was willing to overcome all of these idiotic obstacles in the way of that block of talented person from the winning but now you see what would as I guess you get older right what do they say you have to get the point is you get older you don’t get better you have to get smarter wrong a much smarter now than I was then you know much much smarter now I don’t want to do things the hard way why do things the hard way when there’s an easier a better way did you gradually the old chess is you’re banging your head against the wall with this theory the viewer you know you are trying to find some little improvement or move in eighteen or twenty ridiculous it gets harder and harder and hard you need more and more computers you did more and more people working for you and less last time yeah and that’s unless yeah ridiculous joy man everything why why do you gradually to hate Jessica to come suddenly oh that’s a very good question again tonight bad I think it came gradually but then at a certain point I mean I was hating it but I didn’t know it you know I mean because I was still trying to make it work you know but then now I realize I study I was gradually shading it you know all along

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  1. So Basically Bobby Fischer was so Good, He beat everybody and anyone, that he got so bored with it.. It's like playing the same video game over, over and it's the only game you have.. That would make anybody tired of playing it.. It's like Mozart trying to teach Antonio Salieri everything about Music in 10mins..

  2. What if we increase the size of the board to 10 by 10. A 100 square board, and add two new pieces. Archers, they can have the powers of Kings and bishops. One square any direction, unlimited diagonally. And two more pawns. This would add TONS of brand new possibilities.

  3. I like the recent games he's played (anonymously) where he destroys the opening, and easily beats his opponent.

  4. This was kind of hard/sad to hear such a chess legend say that chess is boring…I mean if a lot of the players of the past could somehow see the "Alpha-zero/engine era" what would they think of chess now?Sure it is great to use your memory to get out of a pinch/complicated position but chess was designed as a tactical game and now memory is the number one factor to win. Even though I never really took chess lessons I tried improving my play for the past year or so discovering that all this theory and memorization makes the pros of today, making me feel quite a bit like Fischer.

  5. He's an artist that hates that his art evolved into a science. It's now in the science where the real chess game is happening. In the lab, and not on the board in real time. I'm gonna take his philosophy to heart. I'm still gonna use science, but I will use it in chess to paint the picture I see in my head.

  6. Yeah very true, its no longer a game of a battle between two minds its a game of thousands of minds.
    Thousands of minds of theory and who can memorize more of it

  7. Fischer couldn't remember the name of Philidor…that shows how much he had deteriorated at this point in his life

  8. His comments hold true for many "games". I started writing software in 1982 at age 12 and it was fantastic fun. I got very good at it. Made a great career out of it. Today the best software developers learn and memorize so many complex frameworks. The creativity is gone. At the start of each project you know what the finished product will be. They hammer out code like robots. The best way to avoid this and still enjoy writing code is to solve novel problems. Don't play the game like you are expected to play it. That means turning down a lot of boring work and taking on the hardest challenges.

  9. The only thing Fischer Random Chess would do in the long run is get people to study and learn even more theory.

    To think that the top players wouldn't try to memorize the first 5 moves on every of the 960 combinations is just naive. Maybe they won't know theory down to the 25th move like they do now, but they will know the best first few moves for every position. Not instantly, but over a few decades, that is what would happen.

    And it's only human that it would. As Fischer himself said in this video, why take the hard way when there is an easier, better way? Based on that statement I truly believe that people would adapt theory to Fischer Random Chess, and the new generation(s) will study it like the 1920 guys studied the first 10 moves of maybe 15 openings. Which led to knowing the first 25 moves in maybe 30 different opening variants in 2020.

    And the same principle would apply with Fischer Random Chess, which would lead to the first few moves being memorised in ( just a number to make my point ) 2050, and by 2150 we're back at square 1.

  10. My intro to chess came via Fischer's book: BOBBY FISCHER TEACHES CHESS, and a few wks later I saw his game #17 (1972 WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP) on t.v. while in a small town in N. Texas. Thanks to FISCHER, I'VE been hooked for 45 (plus) years now. He was my inspiration. R.I.P. FISCHER and my thanks.

  11. people dont understand mental problems ….. think about the top level now …are they breaking phones and changing rooms ? he had a real problem and a great talent for chess….but the #1 rule everybody loves a hero …so they forget his problem ……

  12. Fischer is like our Socrates of chess. I'm a huge Morphy fan, and the questions of "the best" re: Morphy are quite ridiculous. Morphy in his own time was untouchable.

  13. Maybe this is why Magnus is so well liked, and so good. Some games he just throws theory out the window JUST to see what the other person will do. And he thinks too fast for theory. Instinct is key. And he's fun to watch. And we can watch him as he plays. And we can hear what he is thinking, as he plays…

  14. I`ve never seen anyone obsessed with chess who wasn`t nuts…it`s just a damn game…stop shouting at the camera.

  15. When asked about the best chessplayer in history and forced to answer he instantly went to Paul Morphy, America's first sports hero.

  16. When asked about the best chessplayer in history and forced to answer he instantly went to Paul Morphy, America's first sports hero.

  17. This is hard to watch. I remember Fischer as a brilliant young chess champion. He could have had a great career, but paranoia, his hatred of Jews, and other mental demons got the better of him.

  18. Well then chess has come full circle, and ironically its computers that now teach humans the beauty of the game, because the most creative and fascinating battles between two engines are games played without an "opening book" no theory, just raw brilliance

  19. shit, i just wanted to have fun. instead of doing more work than i did in school ever combined to get good. i did live in a dream world for sure, thinking that just by playing more than others i can get better.

  20. Last time I saw an analysis, computers still favored Fischer and Capablanca' s moves at the highest percentages, compared to relevant competition.

    I saw one that had Fischer ranked #1 and Capa #2 all time and another that reversed the order. I believe both played the computer's preferred move somewhere around 75% of the time.

    Computers seem to really love Kramnik as well, and aren't as high on Kasparov or Karpov as most would expect.Though, to be fair, I don't think the analysis I'm referring to took the complexity of the position into account.

  21. The interviewer was trying to keep the interview about chess Bobby was trying to go off on a tangent about other subjects. Once he goes off on one of those tangents you probably won’t get him back.I think they did better than most interviewers I seen.

  22. Make all the chess pieces look the same except keep the colors black and white and keep the board the same. But, make it so that when you wear special glasses only you can tell what your pieces are and the same for your partner, only he can tell what his pieces are. Each player is allowed to arrange his pieces on his half of the board. So the object is to figure out what your partner's pieces are by the way he moves them. And by the way he protects his pieces, which one is the king. Very hard, no doubt but I wonder if it would be fun. It's more like real life though.

  23. "You are trying to find some little improvement on move 18 or 20… it's ridiculous" – so true… too much theory to memorize

  24. The classic crazy uncle living in the mountain with a shotgun 🙂
    But not sure if he has a point, because if someone here knows something about neuroscience and how we learn, then it is easy to see his error.
    We dont learn by true intelligence, in a game (even fisher) you apply only a 0.01% of true creativity over a game and 99.99% of decisions that were formed by practice in what we call "our neural network".
    Even if you always find in a position that you dont know, you understand the core of the game and what it works or not in base to your neural network, this is how the new AI also learn.

  25. The only way to make chess playable (according to Bobby Fischer) is to find all the possible positions reachable from the start state (standard not chess960), let's call it S. Then from these S positions, find those positions which are equalivalent for both black and white (by equal I mean the chance of winning is the same from that position) and let the players continue from there.
    No theory or memoization or prearrangement can help you here, only *talent*, as Fischer said, will matter.

  26. Morphy grew to hate chess also and Capablanca proposed making a change to the game. (Or sport as some people would argue.

  27. He didn't say he hated chess. He said he hated "Old Chess" and mumbled something about "prearranged." Whether he was talking about the global system of things or chess, I don't know.

  28. Bobby really doesn’t explain himself very well. I’m sure what he was trying to say is he loved the game but hated what people turned it into and unfortunately he eventually mostly saw that darker side of people in almost everything

  29. Maybe Kasparov said it best “Bobby Fischer is the most important thing that happened to chess” nobody can ever take that away from him😁😁😁

  30. It's easy to understand that all this memorizing deep lines ruins this game.It's taken the most fun away from it.

  31. Once I got serious into chess, and the countless hours reading theories and openings, I got extremely bored. I could stomp an opponent simply because I memorized an opening better by even a single move, and likewise getting stomped myself. It was boring. The only fun part was the brief mid game where I would try and play unusual moves. Theres nothing fun about playing a game and after 15 moves you know its going to be a draw. Blitz is a little better but I am all for Fischer Random. You might be able to see some real tactical geniuses rise up in that game mode.

  32. With respect to Bobby Fischer, he was one of the greatest chess players who ever lived, and I am very sad to hear Bobby say how much he hates the game.

    Bobby said that chess is the search for truth, I disagree. Chess is a game and a sport. I am but a beginner at chess, and I find the books I'm reading very helpful personally. I love the game and I enjoy playing it.

  33. Fischer I don't think hated chess. He was disturbed by the fact that he was obsessed with it. He saw something very beautiful about it that others use to exploit for popularity. He played the arrogant card when he was younger to keep others away so he wouldn't be tempted to be softened by his celebrity and thus loose his concentration for the game. This is just my opinion anyway.

  34. "I have one interest, only one interest: to expose the pre-arrangement; people are living in a dream world."

  35. To all the people complaining that they should let him talk about anything other than chess, remember that at this point he was a paranoid anti-Semite who relished in 9/11 for happening.

  36. Today's Chess is based of winning tournaments based on points and settling for draws. Bobby was vicious in his attempts to win and despised draws. Not a good man but the best player today and for all time.

  37. Old RJF was severely depressed, from birth. In fact, his monomaniac obscession with chess was a symptom of his illness. Unkempt bearded appearance and wacko comments confirm the diagnosis. His whole life was a wasted opportunity for true achievement. Had he been treated with appropriate medication he could have been saved. He’s the picture of mental illness. Deserving of sympathy and concern. He was probably the best ever chess player, ever!!

  38. He is right all these theories makes chess dull, and you have to memorize and it's getting harder and harder no point of it, less talent anymore

  39. A good way to improve chess is to make stalemates wins and not draws. This will instantly make chess much more decisive. It's also logical – that's why it was the rule throughout the history of many games in the chess family.

  40. People dont change to F random because of lazyness. Fischer try to keep the complexity in opening.

  41. Without Carlsen chess would not have a modern champion different from the others. Always pushing for a win, trying to get out of theory.
    Carlsen is the refined Fischer.

  42. I want to know what Bobby was going to say at 2:40 when some asshole interrupted him. What idiot could not wait his turn to speak!

  43. "but but who's the best ever!" they just want a headline, and he's trying to drop knowledge. they are part of the problem.

  44. Batshit crazy. Morphy, had he lived st the same time would have crushed Bobby. Interesting that both lost their minds.

  45. Bobby Fischer doesn't seem to have photographic memory like Kasparov so if both played a chess game Kasparov would have won. Bobby just memorized tricky moves to win against his opponents but after seeing how Kasparov play he claims he is the best only at chess theory. Bobby was intelligent which I assume his IQ to be at 125 but Kasparov IQ is much higher.

  46. The only way to get good at chess is to devote your life to the game. That was true 200 years ago and it's still true to this day. I agree that there is so much theory that needs to be understood though. Either you truly love the game or you don't. Casual players like me might just do it for fun, but we'll never get "good" at the game though. It just means that we can play some casual games with our friends, family, and neighbors maybe, but never ever on a competitive level that real chess players compete at.

  47. I wish they gave Fischer more time to talk and explain and Finnish make his point Fischer doesn’t think of chess as just a way to make money a game to get him fame.

  48. Fisher had 2785 rating in 1972. Almost a half of the century ago his rating was higher than today's top ten super GMs! Karpov had 2780 and Tal 2705. Fisher also had the highest percentage of win rate in history of chess – he won 72.3% of all his games in chess database. He lost only 85 games in his chess career. He was the greatest chess genius of all time concerning just these tree facts.

  49. Wow we lost such a great mind… not just his death but isolating him instead of giving him support and a platform.

  50. I am led to believe that Paul Morphy carried only one book and 5hat was of the English chess master Staunton! Why I don't know he was not that good but obviously Morphy thought so!

  51. bobby never hated chess-he got old an was sick.greatest ever-beat the russians 20 strait an in russia.could carlsen or kasparov do that.lol

  52. So basically the problem with chess is, that you can achieve victory simply with very much effort? That being said, it is only an argument against the game, not against the sport. So why is everyone else talking about the sport chess?

  53. he is right. players like him and josh waitzkin that show themselves as kids coming into the game with imagination and winning. that is now disappeared. its like the rubics cube. memorize the pattern and the answer is always the same.

  54. Tragic story. Terrible interviewer though, maybe it was the language barrier, but he wasn't picking up on the more interesting story Fischer was trying to give him.

  55. Most definitely not a crazy person, hes a legend, but at 2:00 im conviced that was a wet fart and he shat himself!

  56. Look at the 2018 world championship. 12 draws. yay. This is what we're doing? I'd rather watch a blitz game. Bobby has a point… for the top players of the world anyway.

  57. Chess 960 boys. Move forward with this game!!

    So sad it takes forever to find a 960 match when its such a better game comparatively.

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