“Ok but ok” Every Chess Interview Ever

“Ok but ok” Every Chess Interview Ever

mmmm OK but OK I am scoring with black so OK I will just play e4 but OK rapid I mean OK …..will happened OK Ok I feel great but OK…also When she choose french game OK so Nc3 is too aggressive so I guess I OK OK ….. and OK Magnus he is probably Ok but I mean started to think OK main theory Nb5 I am very OK oo ….. ooo it’s a lottery I mean OK It is OK OK I mean
I am not consdiering OK …and ehh OK I mean normal … OK of course is my friend OK almost winning and then OK I decided to go this Rxc4 I mean OK just a miracle OK I mean OK Ithink white is much better
you know blitz tiebreak but OK if everybody wants it but OK for me they are both winners actually of the tournament but OK so OK but (inhales)

22 thoughts on ““Ok but ok” Every Chess Interview Ever

  1. i've never heard of an explanation for why the pros from all around the world have this speech pattern. my theory is that all the international players learned english from one person (patient zero).

  2. The reason for this is that professional chess players are the most contrarian bunch on the planet! That’s how they are trained to think.

  3. Most of the time it is just a "pause" word until you decide what to say next rather than saying nothing for a moment.

  4. A couple of things I do I'm trying to stop.
    1. I say "actually" too often even tho I'm not British. Sorry Brits! 😀
    2. I say "right?" at the end of sentences too often when I ask for verification of something.

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