Office Politics | Web Series | Season Finale | S01E04 – “The Clash Of Egos”

Office Politics | Web Series | Season Finale | S01E04 – “The Clash Of Egos”

Bro, how will we do this? Garima is trying to talk to Puneet Sir. What kind of a man are you, bro? You know Khatri is not going to do anything. And Garima is going to put the entire load on us.
– I have talked to the client—
– Client? The client was trying to act like your friend, right? Did you talk to him? I think if I talk to him directly, he will feel bad– Bro, why are you talking like Garima? Bro, first we travel in an Alto, then we eat a cheap burger, work our a** off the entire week and then make 60 reports again in one night? What? Have they called us from a labour market or what? Sid please, listen to me. I really need you to cooperate with me. We have to be ready for the emergency. And if we put in some effort, I’m sure we will be able to convince the client. Yes Garima. Did you talk to Puneet Sir? Okay. I’m coming upstairs. No Garima, I’ve said this again and again. It’s not possible.
– You asked me to speak with Puneet right? He said we have no choice. We are talking about 60 reports. You don’t have to make all of them again! It’s not about the documentation, it’s about the data collection. Data collect– Who is the incharge of the engagement?
– Me. Whose job is it to look at the exxecution? Mine. As an engagement manager, it’s my job to look at the timelines and the deadlines. We won’t be able to collect the data Garima. Do it Dhruv. By hook or by crook. Snakes and ladders Dhruv. This engagement can be a long ladder for all of us, but there are long snakes waiting for us to screw up. Then? We will have to do it, bro. What is Garima there for? Just to give her sign-off? She is saying we will have to do it, by hook or by crook. What? By hook or by crook.
– She is a fancy woman, you know how she is. Bro! Let’s go.
– Where? I need to tell you something, come downstairs. Don’t light a cigarette, we have not come here for a smoke. Listen to me.
– Yup, tell me. Data collection is pending, right? How will you collect the data in a day? You’re stupid, bro!
– Come to the point Sid. Bro, listen to me. Even if we collect the data again, the values will remain the same, right? We collected all the data a week back.
– Exactly! The content of the data will be ours, we will just change the presentation. Photoshop bro! Photoshop to the rescue. We will keep the values same and make the data again. And the whole report will be there in your inbox in an hour. No way, Sid! No way. Bro, Garima has indirectly asked you to do this only. This is forgery, bro!
– This is not forgery bro! This is not. We are giving the same final output to the client, the values are same. This is wrong. No, please. No. Stop being so difficult, bro. You have any other solution? Yes. I’ll talk to the client directly, trust me this is the best way.
– Go ahead! Done.
– What?
– I’ve talked to the client, we have got an extension of 7 days. Chill, bro! This was the best way. Communication should always be crystal clear. Your fire is never going to die. Let’s go. Yes Garima.
– Dhruv in my cabin.
– Just a minute. Now! This is just not acceptable Dhruv. I was just about to tell you Garima. 7 days extension can help us improve our report quality– The client has sent an escalation mail. An escalation mail to Puneet Khatri. But the client said that he’s okay. No he’s not, because you told him something else and I told him something else. The client thinks there is no cohesion in our team. I’m so sorry Garima. You can just be sorry Dhruv because the project has gone to Gautam Chopra’s team. Thanks to you. What? I warned you, Dhruv. I warned you. Anyway, get the monthly reports sorted and give a handover to Gautam’s team. The long snake got us Dhruv. This is what happens when you continue to play the hero. I told you, it’s just a normal engagement. You were unnecessarily being over- enthusiastic. I had to give my 100 percent Sid. You don’t get an outstanding rating like this. I don’t work for rating. You are the only one like this in the company. What do you mean? Bro, this not how work is done. I’m really sorry for you, but honestly things don’t work this way. And listen, I’ll explain, You’re an idealist, and idealists don’t have a place here buddy. There is no point acting like Gandhi or Mandela here. Everyone is here to compete with each other. This is just a consulting company. This attitude won’t work here. You just chill Bro. It’s fine. Everything is fine. Talk to Khatri once, I think you will get a new engagement in 1-2 days. Everything will be sorted. So chill. Just chill and please focus on your GMAT now, And get back to your normal life now. And listen I’ve learned this one thing, never take your office work to your heart, otherwise you won’t be able to work. So chill. It’s going to be fine. Yes Nandini. Ya I’m standing downstairs. Hmm.. Okay. It’s okay Dhruv. It will be alright. I think you should go and speak to Khatri. You are hardworking, honest and sincere. You will get your due.
– But you’re not. What? You also work, but there is no sincerity and honesty. Dhruv, relax. You only said right, stick to powerful people and you will grow. Okay, stop doing that. You know what, people like you talk all this kind nonsense and that’s why the company is in such a state.
– Shutup, Dhruv! Why? Why should I shutup? Why should that bloody Gautam and you work on our engagement? Because, stupid people like you screwed up.
– I screwed up? People like you have screwed up the whole fucking system.
– What the hell? Nandini, you know what, I’m really mad right now, I’ll see you later. I thought I should give you guys the news myself. It was really nice working with you guys. Dhruv, it’s okay. We know about Pico. And I hope there was nothing wrong with our work. No no, it’s just– it’s just a result of some issues. Politics. Nothing but politics Dhruv.
– There was a communication gap guys. Dhruv we have worked really hard. And you’re the best senior that we have worked with. And we all make a great team. People were jealous Dhruv. So this is nothing but politics. We must do something Dhruv. Guys, Guys I know you’re upset. We are with you Dhruv, don’t worry. Hi Dhruv. Good to see you buddy.
– Where is Puneet Sir? He must be coming. Come sit. So how was your day today? Fine. Gave you an offer buddy but you picked the wrong side. Tell me something? Ask? How did you pull it off? I’m Gautam Chopra and I do what I do. Pico was always meant to be my engagement Dhruv. I only went to pitch to the client. So I showed some ownership.
– As in? I suggested the new protocols to the client, Dhruv And then I waited for you guys to screw up and you did. How dare you interfere in our engagement? I’ll make sure that Puneet Sir gets to know about this. You talk a lot about Puneet, right? You don’t know him at all. Have a good night buddy. You wait for Puneet here, I’ll meet him first and then you meet him and I’ll ask him to give you some sympathy. Okay. Bye. Dhruv, my boy!! How are you? Hi Sir. What are you doing? Up for a smoke? I just had a smoke, let’s go and have some tea. Let’s go. Hope you’re not getting late.
– No no. You look stressed, bro? No Sir.
– You have taken Pico to your heart. All managers under me are useless. All of them suck. Not everyone is like me Just kidding. You could have given me an ego boost
– You are different, sir Why are you worrying so much about Pico? Not worrying about Pico, the way Gautam behaved wasn’t right his conduct was very inappropriate He shouldn’t have created communication gaps ZNI’s brand name gets affected in the market this way You won’t improve
– What? You are my man! My man!
– Gautam? Gautam isn’t my man, you are my man! Do you want to work on Pico? Whatever suits you, sir I know everything I know, Pico is your engagement, you have taken care of it What to hear, and whose words to hear, I know it all.. That’s not the case, Garima has supported the team a lot.. You again started talking about Garima/Gautam? You are spoiling my mood by taking their names.. They bore me for hours everyday. That’s why I’m having tea with you. Let me know if you want to work on Pico People who work hard must be rewarded Where are you off to now? Leaving or coming upstairs? Going home, sir.
– Okay Good night! Have a great dinner, and sleep tight. And, remember the godfather’s men never take stress Thank you, sir
– Good. Good night!

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  1. Ans.-Altspace , GK-2 ,m block market. Episode was good. Suggestion :- please make sure in the end
    Dhruv emerge as a winner.This will restore our belief towards truth and honesty.

  2. Actually the problem is that we don't know whom to trust. Koi Kuch bolta- koi Kuch aur and Sab meetha bante h. Same thing you showed in the video. As always great work guys. 😀 Eagerly waiting for Season 2 😀😀

  3. 32k yeah increasing ,I am waiting for 49k soon , also I was waiting for finale ,cool finale nicely prepared ,but hoping Dhruv understood about the office politics ,where you do something and your superior will take your credit by simply saying I have done this and gets rewards but this is life and this is corporate culture.
    Hopin ,After coming AI this may be reduced .

  4. Excellent job done by all of you 👍👍👍 specially Abhay Nath it's too good episode and you guys show the real truth of corporate sector it's really touch my heart and I really excited to see the next season of Office politics. Go ahead and keep rocking team Gabblin.

  5. Excellent job done by all of you 👍👍👍 specially Abhay Nath it's too good episode and you guys show the real truth of corporate sector it's really touch my heart and I really excited to see the next season of Office politics. Go ahead and keep rocking team Gabblin.

  6. Juneja sir answer is Altspace in GK-2, also will share more to increase views and subscribers ,my parents also watched the whole series with me ,they are giving blessing for success .

  7. Ye khatam bhi ho gaya.Inappropriate ending.I expected much more.Hopefully that "much more" will be accomplished in season 2.

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    Keep it up guys.
    Location is alt space Gk 2
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  11. Answer: Altspace, GK-2 M Block Market, New Delhi.
    *PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR NEXT EPISODE OF OFFICE POLITICS. We are very excited about your new season.

  12. Location is Altspace HQ – GK 2. … Altspace GK2 sits in the popular M block market of Greater Kailash part 2, New Delhi. It is easily accessible, with the Greater Kailash Metro station at a walking distance in New Delhi.

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    Answer to your question is: Altspace, GK-2, M Block Market New Delhi.

  15. Location credits : Alt Space, GK 2… Good end, should put dhruv in think pad, he should understand what he must do to stay in the game

  16. Team Gabblin web series is a good way to start but as a startup what you need is traction and for that purpose, start making small 3-4 minutes videos like few other top content companies do, like public opinion videos, doing spoof videos about trending things (Types of lies politicians say to get votes in India etc., types of arranged marriage expectations girls/boys have – don't forget to make it funny) these videos can help you get explosive traction within months, its bit harder for web series to generate explosive traction.

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