Obama Losing Three-Dimensional Chess

Obama Losing Three-Dimensional Chess

president mama’s ingeniously raising
genius but i wouldn’t understand his political
genius uh… so i guess he just want to bring
his ratings down alling year zero before emails all the way back to prove what do
you see it now i told no one could read them and i
said nobody trusts coburn i’ve told them that all these everything’s right
enlightened like he’s listening it’s not me is all of us all those progressives
who were like hey why don’t you do what you said you were going to do to get
elected government work to get re-elected but no no no no no no now isn’t it
something else and his neighborhood republicans tax cuts for the richest cetera so how
did it on the economy let me see approval rating on the
economy in a poor out today gallup poll twenty six percent house agreeing with the rebuttal referee went the six percent what’s his disapproval rating unico sts seventy one percent as i walked out free had to watch
accessories do more spending cuts and i’m sure it’ll all be lovely biodiesel blend of these i don’t
understand is their national tests i thought twenty six percent approval so
he was one beside disapproval of the most important issue shaft but then i must be stupid i must
understand politics all these things that web this and the
last couple years payoff i’m a dummy or one such issues that’s why is a
twenty six percent approval on the economy my small mind can’t comprehend it although you know what he said that he
was going to do that deficit-cutting and and that would
improve his numbers with independence on on the deficit issue how’s he doing on
that volumes of thirty two percent earlier
and now he’s a twenty-four percent that’s even worse than you as numbers on
the town but when i thought of the compromise of
the robot arm is in in everything you want but i was in the sky rocket out what has she is what address it’s twenty four percent a good number did you not compromise enough knew what you are look not only did you
give them a hundred percent to one and two point five trillion dollars in cuts
now which by the way you’re proposing to make a larger you die you make it for
trading cards unionists single dollar in revenue
increases and then a bus tour through the country
for about half of all your the great compromising uncompromising way
everything by david koresh aging cardigans and say well if there’s one thing the american
people knows that president bomb up compromises gang that’s right annual rectal twenty four percent on the
deficit uh… as far as approval what happened i’ve thought he was going
to be an eighty percent i thought i was gonna be at nine percent
has used three-dimensional chess where to go on rock today sharply or whatever the hell
they say okay it turns out you don’t know what you’re
doing agreeing with the republicans that
terrible idea the people of respect you for it eureka why am i angry for some more for all obviously isn’t second warning
you can see the sub i dont like barry that guy pretty it cody u easily become the next president the
united states because we have a democratic president who can’t get his
head out of you know where to figure out they were supposed to all
polls down there you know i suppose they agree with them they do one because you are progressing
with the being well there were people on all your
beyond their own blackburn screen change changed hasn’t wanted to change for the
watch guys they will only change from what the republican we want you to change for me and
democrat or republican three-dimensional chess might you don’t know what you’re doing actually do what you promised me a real progress in if you do start tomorrow nuam well we might be able to run for the
election otherwise your louis and we’re gonna
have well help us an insane president widrick parametros god help us all men on the office we are wearing on some teachers say as obvious as it should be this is an automatically or master as
one and assure that looked a few of comfortable and it’s an unfortunate people forgot life
birthdays inside the philosophic

100 thoughts on “Obama Losing Three-Dimensional Chess

  1. Cenk,I have to say I admire truth telling in the face of such progress crushing odds.The main thing I blame Obama for is his "negotiating" with people who have publicly declared they want him to fail. It's almost like he's playing everyone who voted for him when he cuts right wing deals even Bush couldn't get :O ? The truth is Obama is where he is because he is the perfect "leader" to neutralize the left while continuing the class war on the working class. Hope & Change 2012!. /sarcasm >:(

  2. Obama is going to be reelected, he knows it, and the republicans know it, but they can not care less, even without the presidency, even when democrats had a super-majority in congress, even now that they control only the house, they had Obama doing what ever they want for other 4 years … and then they can put another clown like Perry or Bachman in the presidency in 2017

  3. @DarthCadeous501 my God imagine all the cleverly cut sounbites and clips they will put together to paint an angry Turkish American!

  4. Trojan Horse, Plain and simple.
    A weak centrist president surrounded by the ravings of the fanatical right does not end with anything even close to centrist results. I'm starting to wonder if the Democrats and Republicans actually DID switch positions back in the mid 1900's, or the good cop/bad cop "one party system" analogy is 100% true.

  5. i love watching cenk any day, but watching cenk brag about being right when all of washington was wrong is like a surprise fucking christmas.

  6. @Otzmatron

    Wall Street muppet.. the guy who is trying to save medicare and student grants from the Republican jackasses who refuse to tax the upper 2% of Americans like Warren Buffett who are ASKING to be taxed. This guy is the one you are saying works for Wall Street? What the hell is wrong with you people?

  7. I'll say it again: the Republicans are using every dirty loophole they can find in the system to fuck everything up while Obama is president. They do this because they know the American people mindlessly blame the current president for anything that is wrong with the country even when another group clearly and blatantly caused the damage.

    Cenk and most of the people playing right along with it are pawns in the Republicans' game. Eating the ruse right up.

  8. Remember who allowed there to be a split congress with Boehner and his lackeys driving the country into the ground: WE DID. By allowing the Republicans to be voted to office in the first place.

  9. @Evid3nc3 Well, at least Obama has proven one thing: That a black man will suck just as bad as any white one at being president.

  10. @thevoiceofreasonRx5

    So we'd have rather voted for an old senile who would have led the world to destruction already? You think Lefties are pathetic? Guess again, take a look at the moronic righties we have in this country. How stupid you think they were when they voted Bush or McCain? The Tea Party has become a joke ever since the corporatist took it over. Most of the teatards think that Communism is destroying the country right now.

  11. @mictheorist Come on how simplistic are you? Do you really think all of the other presidents were perfect? Should the standard to be president be emotional perfection? Come on now… every president has had some type of dysfunction or emotional problem. You have to be a bit crazy to be president. Obama's just happens to be a strong aversion to confrontation.

  12. @thevoiceofreasonRx5 Do you use the RX# extension to keep track of all your multiple accounts?


    A bought and paid for Democrat is still better than a bought and paid for Rep. who's also batshit crazy.

    Also.. it`s not like you have much of a choice. It`s either Republican or Republican lite. If you vote Republican.. you`re an even bigger moron than the "Liberal" voters. At lease the Dems act like the give a shit about their voters.

  13. @thevoiceofreasonRx5 So a Liberal is morons for being fooled… I guess that would make Conservatives just plain stupid for voting against their own interests, even when given a (albeit fraudulent) choice.

    So in other words, the US is just plain screwed. Glad I don't live there.

  14. @inademv so progressives can't be interviewed on a right wing show??? So when Cenk interviewed Patt Buchannan that made him a liberal? Nader was interviewed with Paul and they talked about the alliance libertarians and progressives should form to end CORPORATISM!! End the Wars, End the Patirot act, End corporate welfare. Obama hasn't done 1 progressive thing, Perry or Romney will be regressive, at least Paul will end the wars. I thought progressives were anti war, you are like obama a necon

  15. @thevoiceofreasonRx5

    Nope, I'm just riled up that Teatard majority including politicians hate Obama for the WRONG reasons. Mind you, I don't like Obama myself because he's pushing more Republican conservative agendas through even though the Repugs still hate on him regardless. And what about Ron Paul? I don't have much beef with him. At least he's one of the very VERY few politicians that actually stands on his principals as a worthy respectable opponent.

  16. @absolutelyzero04

    And Bush would have done it 10x more elaborate had he killed bin Laden. You're glad that you're a Republican, but you'll be shocked to know that Obama's one too.

  17. @Kuba022 There is no democracy left in the western world, whether it's USA or EU. We are forced to believe that we are democratic societies, but we actually live in a global plutocracy.

    There are dark ages ahead of us and I don't see how we can turn back.

    I just hope we won't get there within my lifetime.

  18. @Kuba022 a progressive dem is called Ralph Nader or Dennis Kuninich or Alan Garayson. Watch the doc an unreasonable man. (netflix instaplay)

  19. It has definitely been a let down from the election to today. I recall my kids dancing in the living room singing (To the tune of Farmer in the Dell): Barack Obama won, Barack Obama won… (not referring to the Peace Prize either!) :/

  20. @2eelShmeal Ron Paul is too extreme. I like basic Libertarian ideology… live and let live, but the doing away with every gov program is just not practical. He is the only candidate to openly support online poker, so I'd LOVE to vote for him, but I don't think I could unless he ran on a reasonable platform.

  21. @SteelMartini – Exactly. According to Republican theory much of southern Asia, the Middle East and much of Africa should be the most prosperous nations in the world. They have some of the lowest government regulation and lowest tax rates on the planet. Shouldn't Somalia look like Coruscant from "Star Wars" according to right-wing economic theory? That's because most capitalists won't do anything they can't find immediate profit in. That's why capitalists just build sweatshops in those countries.

  22. We had a similar thing happen in Australia in our election. Labor moved right so everyone who used to vote Labor voted Green which resulted in a hung parliament. The upshot of which was that independents and to a lesser extent greens had a huge amount of bargaining power with regard to policy, as the two major parties need to win them to form a coalition government.

  23. @DreamChasing oh man, i'm moving to australia in a few months and i hope to be able to stay there; don't tell me it's being taken over by the extremist right wing like the us, where the democrats are just a somewhat lighter version of the old republican party…

  24. @tyrannosaurusinf14 I don't think its nearly as bad as it is over in America. It may be just because I'm aware of more crazy stuff that happens over in America though. I don't think there are as many crazy people as America does, but they must they exist, given the polls. Fortunately religion is almost entirely left out of politics here. Australia's a great place and I think we have less problems than America in politics, but its not flawless. Which city are you going to live in btw?

  25. @2eelShmeal I agree with you 100%, it would never happen. I have hard time taking him seriously though, I think he has the illusion, and there are some services that simply cannot be provided by private sector. Private police forces? No thank you! You think big companies have us by the balls now…!! 80% of govt programs… maybe if we were starting the country today, but we have to fix the problems we created and stop blaming the victims of our structure for needing help.

  26. i thought cenk was smart enough to know that America would have defaulted for sure if Obama didnt compromise with the toddler republicans…

  27. @2eelShmeal I don't care what anybody wants me to think about him, or anybody else. I see through the haze, believe me. I'm not going to rip Paul, cuz I actually like a lot about him, but he himself acts kooky and it make him unelectable as president. He needs to focus his ideas to specific, palatable, tangible, plans, or he just sounds like he is living in a fantasy. I would love to vote for him, but I doubt I will,MN is very close in races l'll end up voting for Obama.

  28. as long as the american people dont take it to the streets and protest the gov will continue to fuck u … the only people I see protesting in the streets are this right wing nuts from the tea party if u dont make ur voice getting heard how can u expect ur gov to represent u …

  29. @2eelShmeal you are right, I'm not as enthused as I was in 2008. Obama is still better than an actual Republican, even if he is not good at fighting them off (understated). That said, I'll vote for Bachmann if she can guarantee lobby reform and single terms for all offices. I hate Bachmann's…. everything. I think Obama has strategically misfired by trying to walk the middle of the road, and its all about the second term and appealing to the centrist nation. Nobody likes a push over though.

  30. @2eelShmeal its a horrible mess. They all unify as a party, they are loyal to one another, they don't care about us at all. I don't get the 100% party line mentality either. Only Rachel Maddow is right about everything, lol.

  31. @2eelShmeal Absolutely right! I It's tricky with Paul, he is doomed as an Independant, but being a Republican undermines his credibility as an instrument of change for the better. Maybe he should run as a dem! I will say that the tea party movement would suggest that the country is more ready than ever for a third party candidate. Perhaps I am wrong about him being doomed as an I dependant, he seeks to run as a gop though.

  32. @DreamChasing canberra. that's good to hear. the relentless march towards passionate yet uninformed choices of a large swath of the american electorate is what is driving me out of here, especially when i have a whole career ahead of me and don't wanna pay taxes the rest of my life for politicians that want to start wars and other policies that favor the wealthy and push down the average citizen

  33. the only think i see is that many expected Obama to be the savior of the U.S, but people just don't realise the HUGE MESS Bush left behind before leaving, simply impossible to fix in just 4 years

  34. Last time around, we voted for change. And let's face it…we really didn't get it. Not really.

    So this time, how about a left-handed, adopted, multi-racial, lesbian atheist for president? Now THAT'S change!

    So vote Dance Party! BionicDance for President in 2012! πŸ™‚

  35. I think the past decade has made it painfully obvious that our nation is run by infantile plutocrats. The so-called "leaders" of the USA are death cultists clearly obsessed with meaningless acquisition for the sake of self-image and narcissistic ego-padding.

  36. Would McCain have been an any better president?
    Or God forbid, Sarah Palin when the old man woulda collapsed under the stress of the job.

    Your two-party system is shit.

  37. Also at Cenk: Obama knows what he is doing perfectly well. He is doing what his constituency demands… the populace just isn't his constituency.

  38. "Did you guys hear there was a 5.8 earthquake in Washington? You see, Obama wanted a 3.4, the republicans wanted a 5.8, so he compromised."

  39. @wittenberg5 Almost perfect, should have typed: "republicans wanted 4.9" instead of 5.8, THEN it would have been a perfect analogy =)

  40. @Evid3nc3: though i agree the top 2% should be taxed more, if warren buffet and others really wanted to show that they mean what they say, the fed gov accepts donations. just search "donating to federal government". can't post the link.
    and i agree, the republicans would rather see obama loose than the US succeed.

  41. Obama is staying in the center to get re-elected- or he is thinking to much about the history books –
    I hope if he gets re-elected- He goes left!

  42. I really don't think that Obama is going to loose his reelection. I understand that his approval rating is low but that doesn't mean the people are going to elect another republican after the Bush administration.
    I do not see why people are stressing over it.
    Does anyone else think the same way or am I wrong?




  44. I just don't understand it.

    Back then, back when the country was just getting started, a two party system made sense. The country was not as complex. Economics was not as complex and dynamic. Immigration, social reform, taxation, defense, etc.

    Now each of those things have become orders of magnitude more complex. So one would think that these issues have become multidimensional.

    Yet why does the political establishment wish to retain a two-party system?
    How can one party get it all right? πŸ™

  45. The Progressives need their own party and America needs to get rid of the electoral college and the first past the post system…

  46. @Kuba022 Probably because independents or republican candidates like Buddy Roemer don't have a chance since most people don't know who they are. They hardly, if not any, get media attention since they don't have big corporations backing them up thus not having large amount of money for their campaign. Despite not agreeing with some of Ron Paul's ideas, I support him because he's doing well even though he's being ignored by the public "news" media and most people in his own party dislike him.

  47. @jinnai1 Actually I watch TYT Fox is racist BS. Just like Cenk doesn't agree with Obama on everything. I dont agree with Cenk on everything. I dont care if he is your Demi-God.

  48. @Algenonn420 Oh, you want to talk issues now? So you're defending yourself for calling him a fat jerk by saying you don't watch fox? You insulted him, I insulted you. Take it like a man or don't randomly insult people's appearance just because you differ with their opinion.

  49. If Rick P. becomes president. I hope he drives the nation into ruin because that what we get for voting for him in the first place. I mean come on, we see what he wants to do and most of us act like it's a good thing, or maybe they are just too over pride to admit that they don't know what he's talking about and are simply going along for the ride. Well I hope he does take everyone for a ride to ruin so that we all can personally show up at the White house to rip him apart.

  50. Obviously Obama's not well-suited for 3-dimensional chess; perhaps 3-dimensional Candyland would be more his speed

  51. lol Obama ahhaahah i just think how funny it is how long it took a lot of people to realize he was a big joke.. and to think there are still clowns that cheer for him… pathetic.

  52. I come from the future, the year 2016. Obama is in his last 3 months of his presidency, and his approval ratings are at 60 percent. I come to tell you that you have been playing the wrong game, he wasn't playing three-dimensional chess, he was ten-dimensional chess and he won!! Cenk you got nothing on Obama. He is just smarter.

  53. Hahahahaha, I remember all that "Obama is playing 3 dimensional chess" BS — it was hilarious. Next thing you know, he's like "universal health care is off the table." Everyone was like, "But…but…3-dimensional chess…?" So fkin funny. Oh was it fun listening to Ed Schultz back then. It was basically the Jimmy Dore club of it's day. Seriously, every time I hear that "3-dimensional chess" stuff, I think of Ed's glorious rants. RIP, Ed!

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