Hey there, tiktakers! We are very excited that #Inktober has already
started. You know, the challenge consists on making
a different drawing every day during October. Tik and Tak have started with a lot of enthusiasm,
and they want you to also participate through a contest. You have to let your imagination run wild,
and tag us in your Halloween-themed drawings on Instagram with the hashtag #tiktaktober. But hurry up, you have until next Monday 14th
to show us how much you love this season like we do. We will make a reinterpretation of the winning
drawings, and we will also reward you with a digital copy of the result. Stay tuned to our social networks! Now, enjoy a new #ScaryTuesday… As you know, Japanese folklore is full of
powerful spirits, ghosts and demons that terrorize the living. These monsters are known as yōkai and are
beings seeking revenge. This #ScaryTuesday we are going to tell you
about Nure-Onna, an aquatic spirit with vampire traits. Nure onna is a sea snake that roams the coasts
and rivers, in search of humans to eat. They are most commonly found on the coasts
of Kyushu, southern Japan, but there are also stories that place it north of the archipelago. Nure-onna means wet woman, and comes from
the fact that she always appears soaked. We can find two versions of nure onna, one
without arms, which resembles a huge sea snake with a woman’s head, and one with human arms
that end in claws, as if it were a mermaid, but with a snake’s tail. Apart from this difference, the two versions
look and behave exactly the same way. Their faces are horrible, she has an evil
smile, and a ténebrous laugh. They also have a forked tongue. She has beautiful long black hair that sticks
to her dripping body. Physically much stronger than a human being,
she is believed to be powerful enough to crush trees with her tail. But Nure onna prefers to use deception and
cunning to catch its prey, rather than relying on brute force. Normally we can find Nure-Onna on the shore
near the water or on the bank of a river washing her beautiful hair. To catch her victims, she often appears magically
disguised as an angüished woman carrying a baby in her arms. She asks the fishermen or anyone who passes
by for help. When the prey approaches, Nure Onna will beg
you to hold her baby for a moment so that she can rest. If the person accepts and takes the package,
it quickly becomes as heavy as a rock and the victim cannot move. That is when Nure onna attacks her helpless
victim, drawing blood from her long, serpentine (sérpentáin) tongue. In other versions, nure onna daughter catches
her victims pretending to be a drowning woman. When someone approaches to try to save her,
she attacks. Nure onna often appears alongside other yokai
like Iso onna, as they live in the same environments and share the same diet. Iso-Onna, also known as the Beach Woman, is
a dangerous vampire spirit that wanders the western coasts of Japan looking for fishermen
and travelers to eat. The legends don’t agree on her appearance,
though mostly she manifests herself as a beautiful woman who has just come out of the water. Her hair almost reaches her feet and is tangled. She has attractive eyes and usually wears
a light white nightgown. From the waist up her appearance is feminine
but from the waist down her body becomes blurred and transparent, showing her ghostly nature. When Iso onna appears before humans on sandy
beaches, they are shown as beautiful beings staring at the sea. If someone approaches and tries to talk to
her, they turn around and let out a deafening scream that stuns the victim. Then they rush with their long hair and drag
their prey towards the sea, where they draw blood with their hair. On rocky shores with no sandy beaches, Iso
onna sits on the cliffs and calls passers-by with a hypnotic voice that makes them walk
directly towards her. Both Iso-Onna and Nure-onna are found mostly
during Obon, a Japanese holiday that honours the spirits of their ancestors, and also on
New Year’s Eve, when the limit between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead
can be easily crossed.


  1. Back to the Japanese legends! Did you like this #scarytuesday, tiktakers? Hope so! And also we hope to see your drawings in our Instagram contest! ☺️

  2. Can you make more scary videos because I want to see more scary videos but if you can't make any more videos it's okay.

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