No Game No Life IN 7 MINUTES

No Game No Life IN 7 MINUTES

Imagine a world where everything is decided by games. War… politics… it’s a world where you need to be good at games or you have NO LIFE! Heh get it , cause, its.. the shows called.. No Game.. N- No Life? Wow, that sounds perfect for me as a shut-in gamer who’s also a genius, socially adjusted, charismatic guy that all the ladies are gonna fall for. ‘Cause that’s totally accurate. And that’s my gamer sister! Who’s not related by blood. Who’s not related by blood! Let me sit on your lap. Did I mention she’s still not related by blood, ’cause it would be totally weird if she were related by blood. So it’s a good thing she’s not related by blood… At all. I am eleven though LALALALALALA I’M NOT LISTENING! -Nightcore NGNL op plays- What’s this message? Real life sucks, would you like to switch server? What is this? Another transporter to a fantasy worrRRRRLDD??! Welcome to my world of games! WHAT THE FUCK?! There are ten important rules to this world. So make sure you listen very carefully! Rule number teh- -CRASH- Did you catch all that? NO! Brilliant! And remember don’t cheat because no one here cheats! Except for that one time where literally everyone here cheats. Hey you! For that bag of coins, I’ll bet you that amount multiplied by the number of women I’ve slept with. Deal! Heheh! Jokes on you. A bag of coins times zero is still zero! Heheheheh… heheh… -sobbing- All right, are you familiar with the rules of poker? Yeah yeah, No items, Final Destination, Fox only. Err That’s nooot- Boom! Royal flush, baby! But that’s over a one in six million chance! How?! HOW?! In my world we have this thing called believing in the Heart of the Cards! (I’m Kaiba and I disagree.) Ignore that! (In the end, Kaiba was right. Take that, Yugi!) Just who are you people? I’m glad you asked! Yes we are the legendary ____. (????) I’m sorry. Did you say something? You know! You must’ve heard of ____. Uhhh, you keep moving your mouth, but not saying anything. That’s ’cause that’s our name. It’s nothing. We just leave our name blank. Can I just call you blank then? I don’t know, I feel _____ rolls off the tongue better. THERE’S LITERALLY NOTHING TO ROLL OFF THE TONGUE! Hi! I’m the.. (pointless fodder character?) Tasteless fanservice character! Come on in! Hey! I’m important and useful, I’ll have you know! I’m the daughter of the former king! Pff… Yeah okay Miss… Stephanie. Stefartnie. All right! I’ll prove it to you! I challenge you to rock-paper-scissors! Okay. To make it easy for you, I’m gonna go rock. *Okay, Steph. That just means don’t go scissors!* FUCK! Ahahahahhaha! I can’t believe that actually worked! (mental insanity) But wait, that means you guys are actually really good. You made me do this by applying that much mental pressure on me! Yeah, no, you’re just a fucking idiot. Yeah, fucking idiot. Jesus Christ, Stephanie. Yeah, Stephanie. I’ve never met someone so stupid. Oh my god. Just tell me what you want. Tell me everything you know about this world. There are 16 total races in this world. And our race is called “Imanity.” (‘Humanity’, dumbass) You mean humanity? No, Imanity. Humanity? Imanity! Humanity? Imanity. HU-MAN-I-TY Imanity. Why do you keep saying it like that? What? What’s wrong with what I’m saying? Okay. What do you call one of our kind? A human. So what’s the name of that as a whole? Imanity! NO! It’s humanity! Imanity! HUMANITY! IMANITY! HUMANITY! Imanity! You’re a useless character! AND NOBODY LOVES YOU! I challenge you to a game! For what? To become king of humanity! Imanity? I will eat your babies. Are we doing this or not? Allright, I’ll agree as long a- And your next line will be, “THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF AN ENEMY STAND!” (cue the JoJokes) I’m sorry. Was that meant to be a reference of some kind? Are you serious? Wait! I got it! THANK YOU! Was that a motherfucking Persona reference? GOD! FUCKING DAMN IT STEPH- We’ll play chess for the crown. This is fantasy chess. But it’s basically like normal chess. Basically like normal chess. Got it. All right, I move pawn to D5. See? The rules are just like normal che- YOU ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD! (yeah, just like normal chess.) WELL I SUNK YOUR BATTLESHIP! (no, seriously.) I ROLL NAT 20! AND CAST MAGIC MISSILE WHILE ADOPTING YOUR GOBLIN TRIBE! (…) I ATTACK WITH MY VANGUARD, HITTING TWO CRITICAL TRIGGERS ON MY DRIVE CHECK! I TAP MY MYR BATTLESPHERE AND DEAL 8 DAMAGE TO YOUR FACE! Uhhhh, isn’t this supposed to be chess? (what the hell else?) Damn it! I’m in a tight spot! Now move your last pathetic piece, Sora! My board has no pathetic pieces! But it does have the unstoppable Exodia! IMPOSSIBLE! NO ONE’S EVER BEEN ABLE TO SUMMON HIM! OKAY! NOW WE’RE JUST STRAIGHT UP PLAYING YU-GI-OH! And that’s checkmate! I lost! I had no idea there was someone in this world this good at chess! OH COME ON! Well that was easy! Who’s next? I’m next! And what do you offer? How about this library containing all the knowledge held in this world? LAAAAME. How about more fan service? DEAL! Another shameless girl to add to the harem. Yaaay. Okay! Let me explain the rules of the game! So, you say out a word and.. NORTH KOREA! -EXPLOSION- (Kazuma: Megumin did it.) As I was saying, The word you say… BEACH EPISODE! OKAY CAN WE STOP? I’M TRYING TO EXPL- TASTELESS NUDITY! WILL YOU SHUT UP AND LET ME EXPLAIN THE RULES?! (screw the rules, I’m a main character.) I win. HOWWWW?! So what now? MORE FANSERVICE! Is there any reason why there’s so much fanservice in this show? OF COURSE THERE IS! THIS IS A MATURE AND CLEVER SHOW! WHAT MORE CAN WE BE MISSING? How about furries? Lemme check. Roll call. What do we got? Vanilla. Succubus. Flat chest. ELF! Jail time. Yeah I can use a fur- Aaand incest. Yeah I can use a furry. Look Shiro. There’s another cute loli in this world! I’m gonna fucking kill you. Bring it on, bitch. The game we will play will be a virtual shooter which will commence in a week. All right brother, what do you think we should do to win thi- What the hell? He just disappeared! Who just disappeared? SORA! Who? My brother. He was right here a minute ago. You don’t remember him? Are you talking about Rem? NO I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT FUCKING REM! I’m back now! Brother! You’re back! Why did you disappear? I literally don’t even remember! And neither does anyone watching this! Let’s just play this FPS already! AND NOW, IT’S THE TIME YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR… LOLI FIIIIGHT! -mortal kombat music- I’ve had enough of this! (Sephirex: Time to CHEAT!!!!) Guys! I think they’re cheating! (not sarcasm) WOW STEPH, DID YOU FIGURE THAT OUT ALL ON YOUR OWN?! IT’S NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WE’VE PLAYED HAVE ALSO CHEATED AT THEIR GAMES! PLEASE JUST DO SOMETHING USEFUL FOR ON- *pew* I DID IT GUYS! I WON US THE GAME! -steph celebrating- Hey, Shiro? Yeah? Let’s never talk about this moment ever again. Agreed. YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD BE OVER ALREADY DID YOU? Look, we’re bored of this. Can we just settle this with a coin toss? Little does he know, if I heighten my senses, I can accurately predict the side it will land on. OH FUCK OFF! Just as planned. No, NO YOU CAN FUCK RIGHT OFF! THIS.. I.. I’M DONE… I’M DONE… I’M DONE -door slams- -more nightcore ngnl op.- If you want to find out what happens next. WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT FOR A SEASON 2 THAT MAY NEVER COME Then you can read ahead in the light novels on Bookwalker! YES! All the light novels are translated in the description below! And you can use coupon code GIGGUK for $5 off! So go there if you wanna read our continued adventures in the world of Disboard! Hold up, is that the ACTUAL name of this world? Disboard? Yeah! D-I-S DIS- BOARD What? So this whole world is like a board game? Like, “Hey! Look at this board!” DISBOARD This board… DIS board. THIS BOARD Imanity! I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU Hey guys hope you enjoyed that video! Thank you very much to, JARED CATEL, whoever’s named themselves as GIGGUK again, VINCENT MOONEY, LAIOKEN And everyone else for helping to support this month and making this video possible. As mentioned if you want to read ahead in the light novel as after this film who know when we’re going to get more No Game No Life, Then you can read ahead on Bookwalker and use coupon code GIGGUK for $5 off your first purchase. All the links are in the description below! And again, thank you so much for the cast who took part in this check them all out in the description, they are very talented people and this would not be half as good without them Anyway, that’s it from me. I’ve been Gigguk, and I will see you all, next time.

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  1. I forgot to mention, Bookwalker have some free NGNL Zero posters to give away for the new movie, so if you get a light novel and use the Coupon Code you will have the chance to get one!

  2. Oh and one more thing……Fucking idiot imanity Humanity! Imanity Humanity! More Nudity! Yu-Gi-Oh isn't this meant to be chess? Loli Fight! No I'm not talking about fucking remember! Guys I think there cheating! Wow ste-fart-ny did U figure that out all by yourself! Imanity Humanity!………Nudity! North Korea! Beach episode! Ah now I'm done thanks gigguk!!!

  3. Best girl =
    Shiro like
    Stefartnie reply
    If you like jibril buy all the bombs in the world and nuke north Korea

  4. And now it's the time you've all been waiting for……. ….. LOLI FIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT ×MORTAL KOMBAT MUSIC PLAyS×

  5. that moment when you realise that almost all lolis in anime are legal because the age of consent in japan is 13

  6. "This is just like normal chess"
    "Got it just like normal chess"



  7. "Did I mention shes still not related by blood because it would be totally weird if she were related by blood so it's a good thing shes not related by blood at all"

    "I am eleven though"

  8. Humanity emanity Humanity emanity Humanity emanity Humanity emanity Humanity emanity Humanity emanity Hu-man-nity E-manity

  9. alright, jojo reference? Check! Re: Zero Reference? Check! Danmachi Reference? WHERE IS THE DANMACHI REFERENCE???

  10. Myr Battlesphere – 4/7 – Artifact Creature – Myr Contruct – When Myr Battlesphere enters the battlefield, put four 1/1 colorless Myr artifact creature tokens onto the battlefield.
    When Myr Battlesphere attacks, you may tap X untappted Myr you control. If you do, Myr Battlesphere gets +X/0 until end of turn and deals X damage to defending player.

  11. They're playing chess I was like cool and like 20sec later NOW WE'RE JUST STRAIGHT UP PLAYING YU GI OH (disappointment)

  12. O i did not know she was not related by blood with his brother.
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    Let’s see she will make perfect hentai mang… hey what are u looking at im talking to myself!?

  13. I USE MY GUN AND SHOOT IT TO YOUR FACE,100000000000000000000000000000000000000000×99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999966999 Damage

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