NEW OBSTACLES REVEALED: Tough Mudder 2018 | Tough Mudder

NEW OBSTACLES REVEALED: Tough Mudder 2018 | Tough Mudder

2018 is here, and it’s coming in hot. We are Tough Mudder, and
obstacles are what we do. Every year, our team
of bad-ass engineers design the biggest, boldest
obstacles on planet Earth. [MUSIC PLAYING] We don’t just talk tough, we build it. And this year, we built the best. [MUSIC PLAYING] Meet Kong Infinity, the
beast of all beasts, designed by mudders for mudders. This bad boy stands 18 feet
tall and is a barrel of fun. You’re having to take
your entire body weight, and push it not only
forward but up, which is why I’m stoked to try it
out here with Tough Mudder. Everyone dreams of a Happy Ending,
and yours just might come true. It’s big. It’s bold. Towering at 25 feet tall,
it’s the most massive obstacle in the history of the universe. A human pyramid on steroids. And when you finish,
you finish together. You climb up the pyramid,
and then you get to the top. Now I’m going to slide down. The probably one of my
my favorite obstacles. It’s bigger and badder
than I’ve ever seen. Last but not least. Introducing The Vault.
For the first time ever, Tough Mudder is unleashing
unrivaled obstacles from seasons past making surprise appearances
at events around the world. Experience them before
they’re gone forever. [MUSIC PLAYING] Get ready mudder nation. Gather your team now. What are you waiting for? [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Wow I wish I was 18. 2 more years and I’m doing as many tough mudders as I can. I’m gonna beat what ever comes in my path. 16 right now but I’ll train for the toughest obstacles you guys can make.

  2. Yeah if only I lived near here but I do have one near me dedicated to a young boy who died in a school shooting RIP Daniel Bardon

  3. Im doing every full tough mudder in the uk this year for help for heroes charity, im also documenting my weight loss and overall fitness for it.

    Im also going to be recording each event with my go pro, along with my training sessions.

    Any support on my channel would be greatly appreciated mudders.

    Stay awesome.


  4. Kong infinity was insane at London West, the rings twisted 360 also, not just backwards/forwards, not many got across!

  5. I can't wait to do these next month in Boston and then in July at Long Island! 😀 I'm excited!

  6. "Biggest obstacle in the universe." Go run through a land mine-filled street in Syria. Imbecile Americans.

  7. I would love to do this but I'm only 15 and don't know anyone who would want to do this with me 😭

  8. Kong Infinity wasn't in Atlanta. Neither were any of the new obstacles mentioned in here. Was a little misleading and overpriced for only 3 upperbody obstacles, but still fun. I'll do it next year but it better have more actual obstacles.

  9. I just got back from tough mudder, JESUS IT WAS HARD ;-; but one of the best obstacle courses out there man! ( I'M ALSO JUST 14 )

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