new leaked dlc for chess

new leaked dlc for chess

GUYS, GUYS! I have some top secret news, I have leaked
information straight from the headquarters of Equifax alright my sources for these leaks
have never been wrong. They predicted Joker in Smash Ultimate, microsoft
acquiring minecraft, the stock market crash of 2008,and shovel knight as a playable fighter,
they’ve never been wrong. It’s interesting for Equifax especially
after their publicity stunt to finally decide to make some changes to their game after so
many years. Equifax has decided to create a fighters pass
for their hit game chess. The bard is the first piece in chess that
instead of being used for attack it can be used as a support. The bard can move 2 spaces in any direction
and when it is adjacent to any piece it buffs their movement. So like a pawn can move 2 spaces instead of
1 space. I think this will be pretty interesting to
see how players will position this piece in order to make crazy setups for checks or checkmates
or get better positioning. The Jester is a piece that is very interesting,
The Idea of piece is that it can move in any direction, much like the queen, however how
many spaces it moves is determined by what you role on a standard 6 sided die at the
beginning of your turn, So while some turns it can move 4 spaces or more, there are turns
where it may only be able to move one space. This form of randomness will add another factor
for your opponent to have to adapt too. Randomness has always been popular in all
sorts of top sports like Competitive poker or Hearthstone so its interesting to see Chess
embrace randomness in their game. I think this will add a lot of new kinds of
strategy and intense moments for spectators to enjoy. Equifax decided it would be a good idea to
jump in on the new craze and really be ahead of the trend game. Really try and put out some content for the
kids to enjoy and get back into playing chess. So they added everyone’s favorite, the battle
bus. When you play the piece, you first role a
4 sided die in order to figure out how many people are going to be “squading” up as
the kids call it. Then you simply role two D8s to determine
the XY coordinates and then flip a coin for each squad member and it’ll create one of
two pieces for each roll, the John Wick Piece, which is like a queen but it can also “build”
over pieces, and the default piece, which just dies. I actually got my hands on this one early
its the moat, as you can see it’s just a glass of water and you can just pour it on the board
and oh shi- This final piece is a pretty good option,
what it is is it’s a piece where it’s actually you the viewer, it functions exactly like
a pawn because you are all just a pawn in my plan for world domination. You are nothing but pieces for me to take

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    It is called the Gad. It represents a whole 37 cents. This will allow certain stores and machines to only accept Gads in order to boost the use of it to allow it to flow in the Economy. No longer will there be 25 cent machines, there will only be Gad machines. This will also make it difficult for people to get change for a 1 dollar bill since it is impossible for a person to get an even sum of 100 cents by using Gads alone. The true evil plan here is that our Governments are planning to slowly take away all of dimes, quarters, and nickels, and replace them with just Gads. This will allow them to repay the debt that their expenses has built up over the years. There will be no joy, only Gad.

  2. They should’ve put the piece from Sorry, but no, let’s add another anime character, Moat. Fuck you, Eqiufax.

  3. I really wish this was family feud dlc instead of chess chess is cool but what would have been really cool is family feud

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