NEW AKIMBO PISTOLS! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2)

NEW AKIMBO PISTOLS! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2)

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to akimbo pistols in modern warfare That’s right guys Infinity Ward, actually listen, they actually saw my videos when I was talking about You know adding akimbo guns into modern warfare But I know exactly what modern warfare is missing that it needs really something that could make the game more fun I honestly just miss being able to dual wield weapons This game needs a Kimbo guns akimbo smg’s or shotguns would be dandy pistols, too Also akimbo riot shield if you log into modern warfare right now You can unlock a Kimbo for every single pistol in the game For example if we look at the desert eagle If you go to the gunsmith and you look at the akimbo challenge You have to get three kills in five different matches using FMJ with the deagle now since this is brand new I’m just finding out about this. I don’t have a Kimbo unlocked for public match quite yet So for this video we’re gonna go back to private match so I can show you all of the pistols with the Kimbo I’ll be checking out all of these for the very first time we have the X 16 the 1911 the 3 5 7 and 19 and the deagle and my recommendations for the pistols are pretty much the same all across the board if you’re going to be using akimbo obviously to start you have To have the akimbo perk equipped try to increase the ammo as much as you can use the lightweight trigger to increase the fire rate use the barrels that will extend the range as far as you can and then Specifically this laser attachment will probably be the best because of its hipfire accuracy the 5 modern warfare laser is better than the one modern Warfare and the TAC laser, you know It only really works if you’re a deicing so that’s not going to happen with the Kimbo pistols My low debts are pretty much the same across the board. It’s the same kind of like formula for every single akimbo pistol class So yeah, without further ado, let’s go test this out on some bots I personally just think it’s really cool that Infinity Ward kind of like secretly did this They didn’t say too much about it But I’ve talked about wanting a Kimbo guns and modern warfare in a couple of videos and stuff and they actually did it So that’s really cool. Oh my god. Here we go. There it is It’s honestly really nostalgic because this whole season 2 for modern warfare is very much So geared to being a lot like modern warfare 2 so the return of the Kimbo missiles is pretty cool Let’s see how good it actually is though You know what that fire rate the holy shit, oh My god, that’s definitely a really slow reload. Oh, but wow, there’s a six-man feed for you. Oh my god Let’s go in again. Do it all over again one Yeah, that’s not bad. I know this is against bots, but that’s still some pretty good potential So yeah, guys akimbo pistols are back But I don’t think this is the first time that Infinity Ward has gotten ideas for me apparently in modern warfare There’s a bundle you can buy that basically has the scar idiot variant that I made. I thought that was pretty cool, too They might have seen the video and decided to make it an official variant Although they definitely did not call it the idiot, but still pretty cool. Alright now, I’m gonna be checking out the m1911 akimbo It doesn’t have as much ammo but it should be a little bit stronger. Let’s see Oh, oh boy That hits pretty hard up close. I say that as I’m still dying though, but it’s not that bad come on, I Don’t know if it’s as good as the x16 cut off. I should do stopping power rounds I felt like that’s unfair. I’m going for it anyway I’m trying to shoot these things as fast as I can I don’t think the M1911 is as good as much as I’d love to be using these online and show you guys how they actually do online This is kind of nice, too because you know we both get to see exactly how good these things are and which pistols might have the best potential for when you Actually complete the challenge and get a Kimbo now. Let’s check out the three five seven akimbo I do want to say right off the bat that I’m using snake shots. So it’s gonna be more like a shotgun This is the closest thing we’ll have to an akimbo shotgun in this game. Oh my lord I know that Infinity Ward nerf snake shot for this. I don’t know how good this is actually gonna be really Don’t give you a lot of ammo though with it I see so they really like nerf the amount of ammo you can have with this three five seven snake shot might not be as Good as everyone thinks it’s going to be it definitely has some really good killing potential but not for like any Long amount of time because you’re so limited with your ammo still strong though. It’s probably gonna be a top contender Let’s take snake shot often. Just see how it is. Let’s see how it just does normally. Oh That is gross I’m definitely gonna try it more than just that one run button. Okay? Okay, not bad They definitely tone down the fire rate for this thing. Even with the lightweight triggers. Oh My god, it’s just not that good. Do you think back to a long warfare 2 and how good the Magnum was on there? Just this is terrible. But now we’re gonna check out the m-19 akimbo This thing has 64 rounds in total akimbo, but I don’t think it’s gonna be that strong With that slight animation with the shots. What’s that was so ugly a Second you start shooting them they get you right back There in the middle now, it should be a little bit easier to get to them The thing with the Kimbo too is that the reload time is like a lot higher but wow, this is actually pretty good I think overall with all the akimbo pistols your ammo starts to get very limited Obviously the addition of any akimbo weapon is gonna change the balance a little bit So well all these pistols might be pretty strong akimbo. You don’t get a lot of ammo Oh and it’s our I didn’t get to test the deagle. How can I start a new game? I gotta say though I’m really glad Infinity Ward decided to do this anything they can do to make this game a little bit more casual and fun I think as a step in the right direction. I’m so kind of undecided on what the best akimbo pistol is We got the akimbo deagle now. I’m curious to see how good this is gonna be Doesn’t seem like it’s that strong the shots with the deagle are just abysmal man like You’re trying to crouch just to get the shots to line up a little bit more It’s not that good Hope it only reloaded the left one. Oh got some more ammo. Come on. Wait, let’s put stopping power rounds in come on Wow, dude, are you kidding me? This bot is not chill. I Mean up close like Point Blank this thing is going to destroy people It’s got some serious range issues like it’s not gonna be that good if it’s not on shipment I don’t know it. I mean as far as it goes for which pistol might be the best I can bow This is a tough call. I’m kind of waiting to go back to the first class with the x16 I feel like that was the best all around. Yeah, I don’t know there’s just something about this if it feels like it’s the most consistent like You have to shoot a lot though, but you also get a lot of reserve ammo too. So it works out pretty well I don’t think any other akimbo pistols gonna be able to top this man like that. That is just too good Look at that range – it might be very cool into soldiers to get to 3 5 7 and a deagle akimbo But just for my first impressions of using the akimbo pistols, my personal favorite is the x16 But definitely leave a comment letting me know what your guys’s favorite akimbo pistol and modern warfare is so far and which one you think? is the best – I feel like the akimbo pistols are gonna be really good in hardcore because you know You don’t have to aim you can just hipfire. There’s definitely some serious potential with the x16 akimbo as well But yeah, let’s play online and see if I can start unlocking at Kimbo. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna want the x16 first Let’s see. What kind of challenge we have to do 3 kills and 5 different matches using sleight of hand. Ok, that’s easy Let’s do this. I can start unlocking some more attachments for it as well I don’t even really have that many attachments for the x16. Oh Ok, how are core Dom on rust? This could be a ridiculously amazing if it’s a good lobby Come on piss afid. Oh My god that was disgusting Dechaine my pinky toe got hit by that thermite though I’m pretty sure just like the crossbow challenge you won’t be able to cheese by like leaving games and then just going to new ones I’m gonna assume that you get put on the cooldown for unlocking akimbo If you try to leave matches now, this is a trash lobby who’s using the jet someone’s using the javelin on this That’s great and kind of upset right now cuz I want to leave this lobby just cuz it’s terrible not because I want to cheese The challenge but if I knew that then I won’t be able to get in Kimbo unlocks. Oh, oh Come on the kills you check my quad feet Holy Sh Why this point why people there what the fuck yo that was crazy now honestly with this whole like akimbo pencil discovery I don’t know if I’m gonna post this before all of the other videos have recorded today if you guys can’t tell by the same Shirt and same hat. I’m recording a lot today. So This is why I never try to go to the top of rest, I’d rather just run around and shoot people I don’t care about trying to get to the top of the map One innit Dan What was the hets that was the worst display of modern warfare I’ve ever seen ever since I joined this lobby these enemies had no Chance they went from spawn trapping our team to us. Just spawn trapping them It was crazy drop 56 kills using the new install rifle and the pistol randomly That’s that spawn which is so terrible for them. I feel so bad But yeah, hopefully those pistol kills counted towards the challenge for a Kimbo I’m just curious to see I wanna make sure that it actually counted if we go over here. Let’s see, okay Yeah, it counted so I just have to do that four more times and then I’ll have a Kimbo unlocked So that’s gonna do it for this video. I thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me showcase the new akimbo pistols on modern warfare If you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see me unlock akimbo pistols and use them online Make sure to drop a like and I’ll see you guys later

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  2. “One modern warfare”

    “Five modern warfare”

    Tfw milliwatts aren’t the unit of measurement of light power anymore

  3. by the way the Smith and Wesson revolver in pronounced "three fifty seven" not "three five seven" my heart dropped and i bout cried when I heard "three five seven" just helping you out. <3

  4. If you add the same caliber primary as your secondary akimbo the ammo will be added together and be used in both of em.

  5. When using the akimbo, don’t forget to have a primary with the same ammo type to get more reserve! Just putting this out there since Merk has more ammo in the X16s because he had the Striker (both weapons are chambered in .45 ACP)

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