Never Play h3 against Mikhail Tal

Never Play h3 against Mikhail Tal

hello again everyone the next game I’m about to show is well one of my absolute favorites played by Michael Tao this was played in 1967 so it championship and it was played the vocal teacher Ganesha is white and the nickel towel is black and let’s hit this game at West lady for Knight to f6 c4 c5 towel place the Ben Oni defense d v e6 Knight to c3 e takes on b5 C 1025 d6 Knight to f3 g 6e for Bishop to g7 Bishop to e2 black castles this is all standard theory white castles towel plays rook to e8 nights – D – nice – a six I just like to mention that capturing this night with a bishop – double black spawns isn’t good for white because this bishop is a good piece and well capturing here will lead to a Banco type structure which is OK for black so white goes rook to e1 top ways Knight to d7 a4 and now b6 and if you’re an only player you should remember this b6 move because I know that black wants to play here a 6 and b5 but if you play a 6 then white will play a a 5 and you’ll no longer be able to play v6 for the rest of the game so after a 4 you should remember this and play b6 and only then a 6 and b5 if white allows it of course so white plays Queen to c2 and this is the most important moment of the game this is a where you can really see how far tells imagination goes it’s also that when white plays Queen c2 if you left this rook on a1 undefended and although this rook is so far into White’s camp and none of the black pieces are actually able to attack it tau find a way so that plays nice to g4 and here gurgenson knows that he’s playing against McHale and he doesn’t really want any complications it’s okay for whites to capture the night here with Bishop captures energy for but what doesn’t want to part with this bishop so why thought that the towels idea is after h3 just ring maneuver tonight’s the e5 but this is why I named this video don’t play h3 against nickel towel here you’ll see what style has in mind Tom plays Knight captures on f2 and here you have captured the knight or you’re just worse so King captures on f2 and now Queen to h4 and this is where you can see that towels idea of this undefended rookin II one comes to place now the White King can go to g1 where it’s safe he has to go to f1 to defend this rook anyone so King to f1 and now some place Bishop to d4 here tall is threatening checkmate on f2 and there’s really not a lot of ways you can stop this the only move White has to stop this checkmate is to play nice to d1 and here it’s like sacrificing the knight on f2 wasn’t enough of a shock for your Ganesha here top waste quintic Queen takes on h3 and this is a very very hard to play for white if the queen is captured is then Bishop takes h3 checkmate you see how those two bishops or slicing the position nicely and if you don’t capture the Queen well Palace present Queen to h1 checkmate so white has to stop this somehow white plays Bishop to f3 and the tile plays Queen th two nights the e3 f5 that wants to break open the position Knight to c4 f takes on e4 Bishop takes on e4 and now Bishop to a6 and now this knight is pinned the since the king is on f1 top with a Gorgon is a place visual to f3 rook the e5 this knight is pinned like we said so the rook cannot be captured Rho 2 a 3 and now rook to e8 doubling up Bishop to d2 and now Knight captures and defy and this night can be captured with the knife because if you play nice captures and defies then simply go into h1 is checkmate so after Knight to d5 White’s right the bishop takes at five but here Tao plays rook captures on f5 and on d5 and again the route cannot be captured because of the mace of the Queen on h1 so white rice King ke to and here at our place fish up to e3 rook captures on e3 and our Bishop captures on c4 and in this position wife resigned if you capture the bishop because it’s checked then simply Queen captures on g2 check King to d1 and Queen captures on d2 this is checkmate and the other variation is even more fun because if you don’t capture the bishop and play something like for example King to d1 tal would play rook captures only three row captures any 320 g1 checking the y king and after rook to e1 play queen to f2 and in this position black has no defense against this Bishop to b3 move if the Queen captures the bishop then Queen to d2 is checkmate so any move white plays if he even has a move for example g3 then Bishop to b3 is coming painting the Queen and if the Queen moves then Queen to d2 is checkmate so yeah this is like I said one of my all-time favorite games played by Michael towel and now on to the rules of the quiz I have planned for Saturday the quiz will be formed with the 60 questions and you will have one minute for each of those questions if the question is answered sooner then we’re going to the next question before one minute has passed and at the end of the well the trivia the one who has the most points will be the winner and will be awarded the chess set I still haven’t decided as to what chess set it will be able to post this tomorrow so if there will be a tie at the end then we will an elimination round with a couple of more questions until well the winner is chosen so the tournament will be held at Saturday at 9 p.m. but that’s 9 p.m. considering my time zone in the description below I will put a timer so you can all see the exact time it will be played considering your time zone well from wherever you’re playing and I will also schedule a live stream so you can also pre-register for the tournament although no pre-registration is required you can simply just join the stream and before the tournament starts you can join and even if the tournament has started you can also join but then your chances of winning will be well somewhat lesser so I think that’s about it thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this game Michael Tao played in great style and I will see you soon so farewell [Music]

100 thoughts on “Never Play h3 against Mikhail Tal

  1. I think you have super star potential as a broadcaster …poker boxing…anything….you have a deadpan cold flat pulse that would be great!!!!

  2. At 5:20, after RxE3 by Tal, qxC6 is the est option since the white queen doesnt have an immediate check thus losing tempo. Qh4 becomes necessary for white but then again, its Tal

  3. "Hello again… everyone" – archival footage of how Antonio developed idea of "hello everyone" to "hello everyone".

  4. You missed a very interesting line in the end (the moment white resings). White queen c3, black bishop b3, white king c1, black queen grabs rook on e1, white bishop has to take back e1 and black rook d1 checkmate!!!

  5. It would be better to play h4 without moving your g pawn in future moves, so if he would capture h4 pawn that wouldn't be a sacrifice. And without sacrifices he almost didn't win any game.

  6. this is now one of my fav's…Tal is the Eddie Van Halen of chess! Or Eddie is the tal of the guitar…one or the other. Genius…and flair…I love that combination!

  7. 5:30 if white played queen to c3, then black plays bishop to b3 check, white plays king to c1, black plays rock to d3, white plays rock to e7, not sure if black can handle the next move queen to g7
    Btw i'm new to chess don't go harsh on me 😀

  8. Actually……..why not Rook E8 check……at least to screw a bit black's! (and actually, you can even win if black blunders)…..also if you move then your king to C3, you can extend the agony.

  9. It's nice to watch some old videos from Agadmator because we can clearly see how he evolved in his videos.

  10. Seems I'll agree with you. I'll make this game one of my favorite too. In fact I watch it twice. It's a complete route for Tal.

  11. I think you missed queen to c3? Is best and perhaps even pawn to b2? Both work to prevent and King can just move to c1 to escape pin whilst defending?

  12. 05:45
    Kc1……how black can continue his attack?
    Im actually asking 🙂
    Nevermind i checked the position with a machine!

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