Nautical Chess Set: Making the Pawn

Nautical Chess Set: Making the Pawn

in this video I’m going to be making one of the pieces from my nautical chess set in this case it’ll be the pawn I made a few in the darker wood and I’m starting to make some of the lighter wood the darker woods cherry this is the 1 inch size so it’s actually a little hard to find wood in that size I tried to I was going to make it out of maple but I couldn’t get a piece that was the right size without buying a whole very expensive board of it rough cut so I came across this at one of a local hardware store it’s basically by the double section there was some lighter color wood that simply listed as hard one it’s fairly heavy somewhat dense and light colored with some reasonable grain and if so it should work out pretty good I’m going to I already get the pattern attached I’ll cut it off and cut one out I’m going to have the whole gel to do the smaller interior cut so I’ll proceed that way we’re making these I like to try and leave a little piece on the top not cut so it kind of holds everything in place until you pet the final side so I’ll cut one half pull the blade out cut the other half once you have to cut out we’ll take a bit of clean up with some beta files or even fingernail file works pretty good to surfaces like the flat area here and to be a bit of a problem then you little fringes to clean up with a little work and get it all cleaned up they come out pretty nice make a little tiny ship for your chess set

19 thoughts on “Nautical Chess Set: Making the Pawn

  1. Sorry I am not sure I understand the question. It is the intersection of the cuts on the front and side that result in the finished piece. The order in which I do it is simply what works for me. Sometime I can leave a small portion uncut to hold things in place until it is finished.

  2. Really nice design and execution. do you have a store? i would like to talk with you about a project and get a quote from you. thanks!

  3. Can u make a whole chess set just the pieces and u can send it to me anke u can tell me the cost you will sell them at and I'll send a money order to you

  4. ola amei seu trabalho gostaria de sabe se vc manda os moldes queria tentar fazer também obrigado parabèms

  5. hi , where it's possible to find the plan for the pieces of chess ? thank you for your answeres

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