Nalichi Vaat – Harishchandragad Trek  [Konkankada | Taramati Peak]

Nalichi Vaat – Harishchandragad Trek [Konkankada | Taramati Peak]

Around 125-kilometer scenic ride from Mumbai, took us to a small village Walhivale, in Thane District of Maharashtra. There we found a local guy who can guide us through the most difficult route to reach Harishchandragad – known as Nalichi Vaat. In Marathi language, Nalichi Vaat means the route on which water flows during monsoon season. Hence, finding small waterfalls along the
way was not a surprise. In October, the reduced water level allowed us to try our hands-on over the exposed stone boulders. But the tiresome steep climb forced us to
take few short breaks along the way. The fresh water from the mountains acted as a fuel to the exhausted bodies. As we went ahead, the route started to become narrower sandwiched between horrifying vertical cliffs. Few rock patches were tough and challenging, which I tried to climb with my bare hands and succeeded. The rainwater has made rock surfaces more slippery, due to which my friend ended up hurting his one leg. Somehow we made it to the campsite before night. Next day started with an astonishing view
of the magnificent Konkan Kada, an overhanging cliff looking down the Konkan region. Then we went to the Harishchandreshwar Temple, a marvelous example of ancient architecture, carved out of the black granite rocks. Nearby, there was a huge Kedareshwar Cave having Shiva Linga at the center with broken pillars surrounded by water from all sides. The hiking trail to Taramati peak passes through the forest with beautiful flowers and amazing views of the surroundings. But watch your steps as deadly snakes can show up along the way. Situated around 4600 feet altitude, Taramati Peak offers a 360-degree view of mighty Sahyadri ranges in western ghats. Descend from the west side of the peak, had precarious ladders, narrow trail passing through bushes and rocks. It was fun to drink water from a natural stream, which helps to freshen up weary body and mind. I couldn’t resist myself to go over the Konkankada again, marvel at its grand scale before heading back. The return route was much easier than Nalichi Vaat but has some challenging rock patches in Sadhale Ghat. We took utmost care while getting down over the bare rocks because a single mistake could have disastrous effects. Finally, it was a big relief to walk over
a straight path towards a village from where we started.

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