13 thoughts on “Nakamura wins a Queen and the 2009 Chess Championship of the USA!

  1. Thanks for comment and yes, I just happen to be at the right place at the right time. I decided to head upstairs where the live action is happening and got it all down on Vid.

  2. hi peter,

    thanks for the post!. I just happen to be at the right place at the right time to zoom in at that moment. I did not know the Champ had already seen he had won the game and the Championship!!!!

  3. @maxtheduckar that really was a bummer when naka did not play his queen back to defend and then his is shocked with the Rook takes Bishop move!!!

  4. @IBOUGHTYAMOM well, thanks for your comment. Is Shogi simular to chess or not??? seems like there is a difference viewpoints here.

  5. @IBOUGHTYAMOM Excellent suggestion, never thought to do that and also will try not buyanothermom….no wonder checkers is so popular in usa and bingo!

  6. @maxtheduckar Naka blundered in the 2010 championships and did not play in the 2011 tournament and is playing chess against the world's best in top rated tournaments. He finished 3rd in the Kings Tournament, a tournament Carlsen won and became number one again with a rating of 2800+ Naka saids his chess, well is not his best lately even though he won in st louis agains the Ukrainian Champ…Pom….before heading out to Romania. He did say he feels lucky to be able to travel the world.

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