Naagon Se Panga – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Naagon Se Panga – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

I am in trouble, my house is full of snakes. How can this happen? So much of snakes are not there in whole of Furfuri town. Till date I have not seen any snake. Some body, must have given some party invitation to the snakes, that’s why they must have come. Snake!! Why are you getting scared as if the snake is under our table? Motu Patlu, why you both are getting scared? Snake has come in his house, not in our house. Snake!! Table!! Hey, what is wrong with you people? Snake has come in his house, and you all are scared!! Hey what happened to you all? Snake has come in his house, why you people are scared? What happened to you all? As if snake bit you. Chingam sir!! Everywhere there are snakes. I know, I am tired since morning I have been giving milk to these snakes in my house, in my office everywhere! Oh my god! What to do? Catch everybody and put them in jail. There is no law for snakes, I cannot arrest them. I cannot tell them, that it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Motu whenever there is a problem in the Furfuri town, you have always saved us from that do something Motu. I will play the lyre and take the snakes out of Furfuri town. The snakes will bite you, don’t do such things. I will give Motu a spray, and from the smell of it the snakes will not come near him. Long live! Now see the way I play the piper. Stop it!! We cannot dance like this anymore. Why are you torturing us? You all leave from this place and go inside the jungle. No! we will not leave the town and go in the jungle, here we get lot to eat. People get scared and leave their food and runs away, we will not go! I will make you all dance till you all not go to the deep jungle. We will bite you so much that whenever you drink water it will be like a fountain. Now you see how the spray works. Oh my! What a bad perfume he has put, it is impossible to go near him. How disgusting, so bad Now, what we will do boss? We will have to call Pachpan tikli, only he can stop him. Pachpan tikli!! Before meeting Pachpan tikli you have to meet two and three tikli. How come a good snake came to bad snakes house, tell? Tell why did you come? Since you have come then tell the reason also? Two tikli and three tikli this is not the time to have fun, where is Pachpan tikli? The work which I came for, only Pachpan tikli can do that. Oh is it? Then we will call the snakes Don, tell us who is it? Pachpan tikli!! Came to know that one man is playing the lyre and making you all dance. He is one man and you all are so many, still got scared? Feed me with milk, rats, chicken eggs etc How can I get all these things? If not then just get lost from here, and let the air come in. You go I will come after having egg roll then I will take care of him. Enough, I cannot dance any more. Everybody run from here, let us try to run from here. We will be able to escape ourselves if we keep running. Silence!! Hey stop playing the lyre, and look through the binocular. In front of you Pachpan tikli is standing. Oh I think I will have to play a different tune for you. Hey two tikli, three tikli, tell him we have come to talk, then why is he playing the lyre? He will not stop, you will have to do something brother don. Don’t forget to feed me with milk, rats, chicken egg etc. Now you see what I will do? His lyre will be in my hand and his destiny is in your hand. But don’t forget to feed me with milk, rats, chicken egg etc. What? What is happening? You all got still time to leave this place and go to the jungle. Heard when I was child and read in the books, that “unity is strength”. So all the snakes be with me and together we attack on him. Ok, get ready steady and attack!! You are saving or hitting? Quickly throw here. Sorry!! Oh my god! What are you doing? Snakes dances in the tune of a lyre not a human being. Oh sorry! Motu!! Help!! Empty stomach my mind doesn’t work, you think of something. Idea! Still you have time to agree with us or else Motu will eat more samosa and he can play the lyre whole month. And imagine how long you all have to dance. I have lost it! Now nobody will feed me with milk, rats, chicken eggs etc. My friend whenever you want to have it you can come to me, but the way you all are harassing this town is wrong. Here take this agreement and sign on it, so that you not come to the town and harass the people. Bye! friends, my house is always open for you all. Whenever you feel like coming you can, I will play beautiful tunes for you. No! Not any more!

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