Naagin 3 – 16th December 2018 – नागिन 3 – Full Episode

Where am I? I think I have come too far. Maybe I have lost my way. You are right. You have really gone very far. You have lost your way. Mahir. Thank you, Lord Bholenath. What happened, Bela? Can’t you face me? I can’t believe that
you have found me… …even in this darkness. What could I have done… …as you had kept me in the dark,
Bela. Now I can see everything
in the dark. Did you reach me through this? Forget that, Bela. First let me praise you. You are very shameless. You betrayed me, you lied to me.
You used me. You killed my brother. Even then you show no regret. How could you do that, Bela? You can put any accusation on me. But just listen to me once. Why? Are you still so confident
of my foolishness? Do you think I will believe you? No, I am confident… …that you won’t make a decision
after hearing just one side. You decide after hearing
both the sides. I do. But I don’t listen to a murderer. You know how bad happened… Worst had happened to me, Mahir. Do you remember that night… …when you came to the land
near your mansion? Do you remember when
your drunk brother… …and his friends called you? It has nothing to do with this…
-Do you remember that night? I remember.
So? -What did they say? What has happened here? We have killed a poisonous snake. They said they have killed
a snake. Right? Yes. So? -They had lied to you. Because that night they didn’t
shoot at a snake… …but they shot at Vikrant. What? Vikrant. The same Vikrant whom I… You love him? Right? Your first love. I heard your first love narrate
the story of your first love. I am not talking about love… …but about the attack on him. That night your drunk brother… …and his drunk friends didn’t
just shoot at Vikrant… …but they even tore my clothes. You call me shameless? Your brother and his drunk
friends showed shameless. Everyone watched the drama. Only Bultu and Pratham… …weren’t a part of it. Even that girl Anu
was a part of it. Even though she was a girl… …she was watching a girl
getting molested. When Vikrant came to
save my honour… …they shot him and he fell
from the mountain. But he didn’t die. He is alive. I learnt it later.
First listen to me. He was shot in front of me… …and I thought I have
lost everything. My happiness, my love, my world…
everything was ruined. In spite of doing all that… …they wanted to loot
something else. And they would have succeeded… …if you had not reached
there on time, Mahir. That’s why to exact revenge
from everyone… …I did all this. I met you. I married you. And I came to your house… …and killed them. You killed people to avenge
a murder. -Yes. Because you can’t understand
what I went through. I understand. You are right. So you believe whatever happened
with me… -It was wrong. Whatever happened with
you was wrong. I know my brother and his
friends very well. They can do anything when drunk.
They can stoop low. But what you did was not right,
Bela. If injustice was done, you could
have approached the police. The police and the
court could have… …handled the case in legal ways. You could have come to me. You know I would have
supported you. You know very well I would have… …even gone against my brother… …if he was wrong.
I can’t take side with injustice. But you didn’t do this. You did what you thought
was right. Why, Bela? Because you won’t understand,
Mahir. Explain it to me! When Vikrant came in
front of us alive… …and when he was plotting
against us… …still you didn’t understand. Still you went on
a killing spree. Because he was my first love,
Mahir. I wasn’t supporting Vikrant… …but that night there was
a misunderstanding. When I turned back… …after Vikrant was shot,
the gun was in your hand. So I thought…
-That I am a killer. You thought I had shot him
and for all these days… …you were stying with me
to take revenge. -Yes. No. It’s not so. There was
misunderstanding in the beginning. But after staying with you… …I realized that you aren’t
such kind of a person… …and you can’t kill anyone. So when you understood,
you should have realized… …that I was not doing that… …so why did you go
on a killing spree? You should have stopped
after that. You are getting me wrong, Mahir. Bela, I understood you today. Now I know,
even though Vikrant returned… …why didn’t you tell the police
or me? -Because you enjoyed it. You liked planning murders. You enjoyed killing my feelings. I must say,
you killed others with one blow. But not me. You chose a different
death for me. You trapped me in your love,
so that you can kill me… …slowly and slowly,
and mercilessly. Congratulations.
You have succeeded. Because now I can’t live… …and I can’t even die. -Mahir. You have given me death without
even killing me. Amazing! -No, Mahir. No, Bela. Enough. Don’t cheat me anymore. People don’t even trust
their own life, but… …I trusted you more
than my life. But no… It’s my mistake, Bela. Bela, when you got married
and came home… …and you were sad, I used to
wonder how to keep you happy. I wanted to do something to
bring smile on your face. I wanted you to be all right. I used to think about your
happiness, not mine. I did what you said. I used to live for you, Bela. I dreamt of living with you. But you always tried
to ruin my life. That’s the difference between us. You did this and I… I am a fool, Bela. In front of my eyes,
you used to fool me everyday… …and I could understand
your ruse. I am ashamed of myself. Why couldn’t I understand?
And you thought… …he is such a fool that
he will never know. It’s not so, Mahir. My feelings for you were true. That’s not true. Mahir Sehgal is not a fool. I will get to the depth
of your story. I will ask Pratham and Bultu
about that night. If I find any truth
in your words… …I won’t do anything
against you. But you will stay out of my life. You can’t come in my life. And Bela Sharma,
if all these are false… …then remember… …I will take you to the police… …and get you severely punished. But even then… …you will be out of my life,
Bela. I will never forgive you. Mahir,
you can’t leave me like this. Please, Mahir. No.
I can’t endanger Mahir’s life. I will handle them once
he crosses the road. You can’t run far. Police and court… …are for humans. Common people ask for
justice there. But I am not human. You… you are a Serpent. A Serpent who can change forms. Where is Vikrant?
He isn’t in Yuvi’s room. I wonder what the family knows.
What did Mahir tell them? I don’t understand anything. I just hope they didn’t
find anything. Did they find out everything? I don’t understand what’s
happening here. Mom. I had been trying your
number for so long. Where were you two? We went to Bela’s parents’ house. Mom, why are you whispering? Tell me, where were you? Please. Mom, don’t lie to me. Even RJ doesn’t lie to me. Surely something is amiss.
Please tell me. Rj,
do you have Rehan’s phone number? Just call him. Yes, I have. In fact I too have been calling
up Rehan for a few days… …but his phone is switched off. What happened? Mom, dad. What is the matter?
Please tell me. Please. What is it? Tell us. Kuhu, for the past few months…
-Simi. Please. -Andy, what’s the point
of hiding the truth? It will create more
problems for them. At least,
let’s tell the truth to the kids. Mom, please come to the point. Mom, is everything all right? Kuhu, just relax. It’s nothing.
We don’t have a solid proof. But whatever has happened
in this house… …people have disappeared
without any contact. We are just worried about that.
You just relax. Yeah, you are right. -First
Daksh, then Rehan, even aunt Polo. They all went on a
vacation suddenly. In fact, Yuvi too went abroad. But thankfully Yuvi returned,
but what about the others? Exactly. So strange. So weird
that this has happened. What’s weird?
What are you saying, guys? Please tell me clearly. Kuhu, listen.
-You come and sit here. No, mom. I don’t want to sit. First tell me what
you are saying. I want to know.
Where is everyone? Kuhu. Mahir says that… …whatever happened with us
in the past few months… …it was done by someone to exact
revenge from our family. And that person… …is not anyone else but… …it’s Bela. What? That’s why all the people close
to us are disappearing… …like Mrs. Mittal, Anu… Oh… Saw? I was always right. Brother Mahir was right to say
that Bela is doing all this. Bela is exacting revenge from us. But why? Be quiet. -Maybe they don’t know
that Bela is a Serpent. They only know about the revenge. Karan is in coma.
He is still in the hospital. This is… Oh my God. Polo has not reached Kolkatta.
She never reached home. Where the hell is this?
-Even Daksh hasn’t reached. His friend sent a message that
he never had an accident. And Daksh didn’t meet him. It means brother Mahir
was always right. Bela is doing all this. Why is Bela exacting
revenge from us? I don’t know why. -Kuhu. Mom. Didn’t I always say
something is wrong with this girl. Anu too died saying this. God. Where are our friends? If they aren’t where they ought
to be then where are they? Why is Bela exacting
revenge from us? What have we done? -Kuhu. Kuhu, just calm down.
Please relax. Relax? You are telling me to
relax in this situation? Where is Bela?
What’s her next plan/ Who is her next target? We don’t know anything about
that criminal girl. What are you saying? You are talking without
any proof like Mahir. Mom, do you still want proof? Can’t you see all this? Okay, tell me. Where is Bela? Where is her sister Juhi? They learnt that they are
going to be exposed… …so they ran away. And…
-Kuhu… -On whose side are you? I always knew… -Kuhu. Kuhu. -Kuhu. RJ, get the car. Kuhu, are you okay?
-I will call the doctor. Come on. -Mom, I think… Come. -Let’s go. Get the car quickly.
-Be careful, dear. Mahir. Now don’t try to stop me. Today if I am turning
my back to you… …then it’s not because
I saw your real form… It doesn’t matter
if you are half… …human and half Serpent, Bela. I loved you, Bela. For me,
nothing was bigger than that. For me my love matters. When a person is in love… …nothing is greater than love. It wasn’t for me either. I would have accepted this
truth of yours also. I would have accepted everything.
and made you mine. But you betrayed me, Bela. You lied to me. I don’t accept that. My heart can forgive
all your mistakes… …but it can’t forgive
your betrayal. Be careful, dear. -Easy. RJ, open the door. Go. Careful. Please. -Come, dear. Be careful, Kuhu. Hello. Hello, Vishakha. Vishakha, everything is over. Mahir has found out about me. Everything is over.
He has abandoned me, Vishakha. I called you up to say that. Don’t go home. Mahir may reach there… …and tell the family that
I am a Serpent, so… …you don’t go home. Come on. -Yes. What happened, Vishakha?
Is everything fine? Where are you? My sister-in-law is
in labour so… …we are taking her
to the hospital. RJ, drive the car.
What are you thinking? Should I come there? -No. There is nothing to worry about. We aren’t taking the ambulance. We are in the car. There is no point in staying in
the house in such a condition. It means, you are saying
I shouldn’t come there. Yes. Right. The baby’s real maternal
uncle isn’t here. And even the fake maternal
uncle isn’t here. Vikrant. -Yes. Correct. By the way,
it’s nice talking to you… …and to know that
you are all right. You had fever. Right? The weather is also
very terrible. So save the one you have to. I understood. Kuhu, are you okay? Are you all right? It’s okay. Don’t worry. Where is Vikrant… And where is Mahir? No, doctor. How is it possible? My Viyong can’t die. He can’t die. He was all right.
I had checked on him. It’s not possible. Viyong. Sorry, ma’am.
He died because of heart attack. Maybe he had recuperated
completely. If you want to call someone,
tell us. We will inform them. I had only Viyong… Mom. Kuhu, calm down.
Everything will be fine. You were wrong, Sumitra.
Now nothing will be fine. Because of you,
I have lost my Viyong. I have lost my son. You will have to pay
a price for that. Someone please call the doctor. I will get the doctor.
-Please call the doctor. -Yeah. Forget doctor,
even God can’t help you now. You won’t survive. First I had to only snatch
Divine-pearl from Bela… …but now… now I will snatch
everything from her. I swear by my dead son… …I will avenge his death
by killing you all. Does Bela thinks only she knows
how to change forms? You all will die. Is she okay? -Everyone go out. Please wait outside. Please.
-I will complete the formalities. Okay. -Please go out. Please. Why hasn’t Mahir come yet? He should have been here. That Vikrant whom… You love him. Right? Your first love. Police and court are for humans. Common people ask for
justice there. I am not human. You are a Serpent. Where is her? Yes… -I need your help to
fill the details. -Okay. I will try Mahir’s phone number. Come. Yes? Bultu, I am very tense. What is the matter? I got your
message. What is it about? What were you saying about
the snake? -Because… Maybe she has come back. I don’t know the complete
details, but its true. All the incidents that happened
in the past few days… …whatever happened with Karan,
and Yuvi going to abroad… …and disappearing… …and then Rehan disappearing… …Daksh and Anu too disappeared.
All this… Didn’t I say she will come back? You don’t listen to me.
-You be quiet. It’s not important now. -The
point is, inform all the survivors. Who has survived?
Only you and Adi. Bela, I will hide the
Divine-pearl in a safer place. Only you and I will
know about it. As you deem right. Anyway, nobody can protect the
Divine-pearl better than you. I will take your leave now.
-But where are you going? -Home. Mahir must be there. Look, dear. You are surely Queen
of Serpents… …but I have always considered
you my daughter. I know. So I want to know… …is it important… …for you to return to Mahir? You know that he will…
-I know he won’t accept me. But at the moment, I don’t want
to think what he will do. I want to see what I can do. And you know I love Mahir… -Yes. I know. But love should be reciprocated
with love, not hatred. But nobody will know this there. You will get only punishment
there for your love. Your heart will be broken. We are very different from them. They are humans, and we are
Serpents who can change forms. They are no match for us. Why do we want to compare
them with us? We don’t compare people in love. It happens in the contest
when we have… …to find a winner and a loser. I have already lost
my heart to Mahir. I don’t want to win
against Mahir. In front of his good virtues… …I have already lost. I only want to love him. I want to fulfil the obligations
of love, just like him… …without any conditions,
without any expectations. I want to see him happy. I want to be around him,
so that I could see him smile. In return for my love… …I only want Mahir’s happiness. I forgot that nobody
can win with you. In love there is neither
winning nor losing. And you know… …he didn’t reject me because
I am a Serpent… …but he rejected me because
I lied to him. He isn’t angry as I
hid my identity. He is angry as I hid the truth. So you tell me… …how can anyone not
love such a man? May God protect your love, dear. May you get your love,
your Mahir. I will pray for that. I will go now. Vikrant, what do you want? Why don’t you answer? Hello. Yes, Vishakha. -Is
everything fine? Is Kuhu fine? Yes, she is fine.
What could happen to her? I couldn’t talk to
you in the car… …because family was with me. You tell me, are you fine? And Divine-pearl? Divine-pearl is safe. Priest has hid it safely. Has Mahir come there? There is no news of him. Even Vikrant isn’t answering
his phone. I don’t know where they are. You should try Yuvi’s phone. I tried his phone too. No response.
They aren’t answering. I don’t understand anything. Vishakha,
in which hospital are you? Bela. -Hello, Vishakha. What’s this misbehaviour? I have not misbehaved with you,
sister-in-law. Leave my hand or else, I… Don’t make this mistake. I have your Lord Bholenath’s… …shield. Listen to me carefully. I have understood your game
of snakes and ladders. First you wanted to harm Bela.
-You became her enemies. After that you became her friend,
and then foe again… …and now you are
her best friend. Just get to the point. Sorry. The point is… …I have all the proofs
against you. And I can expose you anytime. So don’t try to hiss and kiss. You don’t know who are with me… …and what they can
do to the Serpents. Like this… We can crush you and your Queen
of Serpents like this. Understood? Why did Vishakha disconnect
the phone suddenly? I hope everything is fine. Mohan,
where are the family members? Ma’am,
everyone went to the hospital. Why? -Ma’am Kuhu is in labour. Which hospital they went to?
-City Hospital. It’s good you brought Mr. Mahir. Ma’am was worried. Mohan,
don’t tell Mahir I am here. It’s not a big deal… …it’s just the usual tiff
between husband and wife. Don’t worry. -Okay. What is the matter, Mohan?
Where is everyone? Sir, they went to the hospital. Why?
-Ma’am Kuhu went into labour. Mohan. Tell Mahir to call as everyone
is concerned. Okay. -Whom are you talking to? No…
I was just talking to myself. Sir, everyone was trying to call
you. Please phone them. How did you know I was looking
for a phone? -I just guessed it. Thank you. Mahir, I know everything. I know what goes in your heart. After all I love you. I am coming… …to make you all my prey. I am coming. Congratulations.
A baby girl is born. My God. Wow. Wow. Congratulations.
-You can meet her. Please. Heartiest congratulations,
brother-in-law. Come on, let’s see the baby.
Come on. Dad. It’s good I brought dad’s
phone or else… …I couldn’t have talked to you. Anyway… …how is everyone there? -Is Kuhu
fine? Did she deliver the baby? She did. A baby girl is born. And she isn’t like Kuhu.
She is very sweet. Mahir must be very happy. Right? He would be happy only
if he comes here. Mahir hasn’t reached here.
I wonder where he is. What?
If Mahir isn’t in the hospital… He left long time back in front
of me to go to the hospital. Where is he? Mahir! Hello. -Bela. Mahir. Mahir,
open your eyes. Talk to me. Mahir. Mahir, get up. Mahir, get up. Get up! Get up! No. Mahir, get up. Mahir, get up. Who is it? Who is there? I asked who is there. Whoever it’s… …you don’t know whom you
have tried to harm. Right now… Give the Divine-pearl. Give the Divine-pearl. You will never get
the Divine-pearl. But in return… …you will get death. Why did you hide? Come in front. I know you are a Serpent
who can change form. Only one of us will live now. Today your death is certain. Come in front. Why are you hiding in the dark?
Come in the light. Let me see who is the traitor
from the Serpents. Instead of protecting
the Divine-pearl… …you want to steal it. You want to snatch it from your
own Queen of Serpents.

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