Mystery Box Challenge: Snake Or Puppy

(puppy barking) – Alright, whatever animal is in my box, is it looking at my hand right now? (ominous thump)(upbeat music) – So today we’re gonna
put our hands into boxes and one of the boxes has a puppy and one of the boxes has a snake. – I don’t know which is the reward. – I might be more scared of
puppies than I am of snakes. – Oh, cuz I guess they nip, right? – Yeah – What kinda snake is it? It’s not a, it’s not gonna be a…right? Whaddaya mean, medic?
Hold on, talkin’ about… – No! No. No. – Why do we need a medic, yo? (laughs) – Excellent – Oh god. The velvet and the
hole and the way that this is. (both laughing) – No, I don’t wanna do this. – Any striking?
– Any striking? – Okay – How do we decide? – Oh, I’ve already decided.
I’m going with this one. – Do we have to close our eyes? – [Producer] No. – I wanna close my eyes. Fuck it. – It’s cool, I’ll close my eyes,
too. It’s kind of a yeah… – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fuck it, fuck it. – Lemme just make sure I can
reach this. Alright. Ready? – 1, 2, 3
– 1, 2, 3 – (laughing) I don’t want to. – (sighs) God, this is worse
than I thought it would be. – There’s something really scary about just sticking your hand in an unknown… – Yeah, I’ve never done.
Oh my god! So, oh my god. – What, what, what? – It touched, whatever it
was touched me (laughing). – Putting in slow. Again, please alert us if there’s any striking occurring. – I’m so scared. – If I was a Slytherin,
then this would be fine. I don’t wanna do it! – I don’t feel “soft” yet. I
just, Ohp, those are whiskers. Snakes don’t have whiskers, do they? – Oooooooh, there’s nothing yet. – Oh, I got a snake I think. – I got a… – I touched a little thing.
I’m not going any further. (laughter in background) – This is a dog’s butt. (laughter) – Oh yeah. Hi! – Oh, I have a, I have the reptile. (exclaiming and laughter) – Keep going Ryan. – Okay, that’s a snake. That’s
a snake. That’s a snake. That a snake in that goddamn
box and it touched my finger. – This is great. I love this. – Was this a setup? Did you know? – Oh, I don’t have to pick him up? I thought you wanted me to take him out. – Should we take a look? – (gasps) Hello. – Holy mother of god,
that is a snake all right. – That’s a real snake right there. – Take the top off. Oh fuck no. – Whoa, look at you, buddy. – He’s got beautiful skin. – Yo, puppies are boring
compared to this shit right here. – Yeah, do you exfoliate? – Like facts, man. – Overcome your fears. – Hello, sir. How are you? I touched it. – You see that? It’s danger. – You’re so cute, look at this little bow. – You’re so cute, look at
you’re little patterns. – Imagine you were sleeping
in your bed at home and all of a sudden an enormous (laughs) strange hand comes from the ceiling. You wouldn’t take a nip? – I might take a nip. – Oh this feels great. This is
like, you know wrist weights you wear when you’re
workin out and walkin? It’s like a neck one.

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