[High five]
Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to! A lot of people have been asking why I call “Agario” and this one “” and I don’t stay consistent – – it’s because when I saw, I didn’t know it was supposed to be “” I just thought it was Agario ’cause that’s how I heard people say it and then I found out it was supposed to be ( or ( ’cause we’re like agars, like floating around like little cells, and then this one came out, and “Slitherio” just sounds wrong, ’cause slither is already a word. and well I didn’t connect that Agar was a word, but – [sips coffee] Shut Up!! It’s fine! we’re – we’ll – we’ll do it anyway! We’ll do it live! So, I got some skins! I… I didn’t know, they were like, “share on Facebook! Share on Twitter to get skins!” and then if you just click and then press back, you can get the skins anyway. So you don’t need to share shit! Uuuuuum Okay, so, I don’t know what to call myself and I’m going to leave my skin as a secret until now or until … Whatever! Oh God, worst intro of a game ever! What should I call myself? uuuum… “Daddy”. Let’s call myself “Daddy”. And my skin – – you can’t see it now cause it´s just two pieces– –there!! Green, White and Gold! The ol’ Irish Flag! [Exaggerated Irish accent] By Jesus, we’re gonna do some great things! Also, people have also been telling me I’m bad at this game, and yes. I am terrible at this game. I don’t have any tact, I don’t have any skill, I don’t have any sort—-the only thing I can do well is scream at the people who kill me. And you know what? That’s fine. That’s all I can – – that’s all I’m good at in life anyway– I am multiple Irish flags. I am going to do this for my country! I am never ever ever EVER going to make the leaderboard and that’s fine with me. I have come to terms with that; I have…come to expect that from myself by now. I’m – I’m not gonna do anything amazing, I’m not gonna do anything great, I’m not gonna be the best at the game ever, but as long as I’m having fun… [snap, snap, snap] why tha–tha–that’s all that matters, man. As long as you’re having fun in yourself and you’re happy about the way you look and about the way you feel, what else do you need in life? Seriously, that’s all you need.
[Laughs] This–this video got off to a bit of a rambunctious start. Let’s slow things down– YEEEEEAAAAHHH!
[Laughs] [Sighs] Right, okay. Settle in! Settle in, we could be here for a while! I–I do–… …S-Somebody is called “Pussyklopfer”… An—OOOOh, mother of f*ck. Do not kill me, bro! D-do not kill me, bro!! I am outta here, f*ck you! Good God–nooO! I’m gonna get killed by accident again! Oh shit! Oh nuts! Get away from that! Cause I–
OH, NO. NO! No! You’re not doing it! You’re a–f… …fffFFF*CK. [Angrily]
See? [tsk]
Aaaaghhh. “Hug me”. Yeah, just “hug me”. I was gonna say “hug me I’m scared”— Aw, I’m terrible! I tried to avoid one, then I smack into another! I’m much better at, when it doesn’t matter— when ALL that matters is the size, and then I’m fine! But this one, you have to think more and I can’t do that! Erm, apparently everyone in the comments is, like, a veteran of this game as well. That’s great! Good for you! I am not, and I am terrible, and I haven’t gotten any better, but it’s just so fun being a slither! Being a little slither-sloo. Also, thank you everyone who sent me pictures from the last episode! The last episode was the one where I said, um,
“Send me a picture of you watching the video or playing the game yourself”
and then tons and tons and tons of people sent me pictures of it on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter, which was so cool. Thank you guys so much, it was awesome. It’s really great to see the faces of the people behind the comments or behind the usernames and the avatars, ’cause it’s very easy to get disconnected from everyone— – god f*ck.—
It’s very easy to get disconnected from everyone when they’re just a username or just a profile picture. And especially if they use me as a profile picture or something. Or something that’s not them. And it’s really hard to identify with them.
Like some– for some people, it’s hard to identify with youtubers who, like, never show themselves – which is fine! The youtubers don’t have to –
But I think…people with facecams, it’s a lot easier to identify with them A lot easier to see–…to read emotion and body behavior and those kind of things.
Umm… Again, if you don’t want to use a facecam in your videos, that’s your choice, you don’t have to. I’m not saying people with facecams are better than those without, ’cause that’s definitely not true. There are plenty of people who don’t use facecams who make amazing videos. And all I’m doing is standing here, screaming at stuff, making exaggerated expressions (and nobody likes me. Why?) Ahhh!
Eheh. But whenever I see people post pictures of themselves who – either I know their username or know their picture or have seen them around or just the majority of people– –good god, the lag there– Ehmm… Like, when you actually see their face you can just connect with them instantly; you connect with them a whole lot more and you get a better vibe for who the people are who are watching your content. It’s awesome, I love that! I-I love everyone I love bringing people together and I love everyone joining together and doing a cool thing. It’s so awesome– good Jesus, the lag! Come on man!! We can’t be having the lags! We’re not gonna win if we have the lags!! Even though there’s no winning in this game… Even when it—there’s just sustaining! But even when you get to the top, you don’t really win, you get to the top of the leaderboard and that’s it – – you can be knocked off instantly! It–it’s like you don’t WIN! You win for like a few minutes, I guess– [Markiplier-like shriek] Stay away from me! I’mma eat’cha! No! Don’t eat a Jackaboy! I am special that’s for f*cking sure.
[chuckle] ‘Sup bro? ‘SUP BRO?! ha-HA!!! Gotcha! See, I learned the tactic because it gets f*ckin’ used on me all the time and then when other people come along, I’m like Ha-HAA!! F*ck you!! Oh, I could’ve got ’em. I’m too scared to get anybody! ‘Cause I feel like I’m gonna mess it up and then fly into them myself– aAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! NOOO! F*CK! LIKE THA-HA-HAT! [cries against wall] I… dah… I thought I had his face! I thought I grabbed his face! And SMUSHED IT! [deep inhale, preparing for screams] [deep exhale, thinking better of it] I’m fine! I’m fine. Let’s change skin! The skins suck! (As well.) It’s just like a bunch of colors. Let’s be.. d—no! That’s ugly. Uuuuughmmm I don’t wanna be Reddit… I don’t wanna be… White and blue. Awwh.. Phhht [horse noise]— Multi-colored! ๐Ÿ˜€ Yeah!!! Uhm…
What should I call myself? Huuuahhhhhhhhhmmm. [deep thinking] [inhale] Uhhhhhh…. “Snargle”! [laughter-esque wheeze] Snargle the Snake! What a beautiful little snake man. Whaaaaaheheeeeeeeeeeee—
Aw, I ran out of boost already ’cause I didn’t have enough of a tail! That’s a lesson for life, you can’t sprint ahead and get ahead unless you’re ahead already. …
I don’t know. That doesn’t make any sense.
Whatever. Should I–should I try a sneaky tactic? [battle cry] Got him!
[happy laughter because for once he didn’t screw himself over] Oh, that worked BEAUTIFULLY! I guess, in a way, it’s better than like that because – AH! – f*ck…
I wasn’t prepared… ‘Cause people who start off actually have a chance of killing the very biggest dudes or – [giggles] – have a – have a chance at getting in and destroying ASS!
(There, make it better.) Um, “Snugglepuss”…
That’s what I’m gonna be called now. It’s very hard to dodge though! Like, you can take all – you can take some people down very quickly when you’re small – Oh, he’s the same as me! Hello, bro! Hello multicolor bro! But, I feel like people can come off-screen very fast and you’ve no time to react ‘Cause like, going like THIS…is SUPER slow! So that – that’s kind of an annoying aspect to it – the lag in it, the input delay – Whatever. WEEEEE! Haha, you thought you could get me but you can’t! There’s more over here! Get that one – get that! – ah, f*ck. There’s more things over here – yeah! Nommy nommy nommy! WOAH! That are a BIG reddit! NO! Get awa- I wan– NO! I sound like the end of the — the Starbomb Zelda rap “I’m not gonna do it! I’m not gonna touch it! [Mmmpffbbt] NO!” I love that. I’m scared! There’s too many guys around! Let’s just dance to the music. Nobody’ll touch us when we’re dancing. Woooaoh, thingie! Yeah! See it’s cause I was dAAAncing! Yah gotta dance! Get up and dance! Why am I saying it like that? Get up and dance, and you’ll have a – a much better day. Put on a – go – go into your room – or go into your…uh…prison cell or wherever you’re watching this from right now And put on some GREAT music. Put on a great song – a song that you love or something that can get you moving – and just dance to it. Dude, what the f*ck?
[chuckles] Um, just dance to it, and I’ll bet you you’ll feel 10x better in, like, five minutes. It’s – it’s just – dancing is the best! That, or, ye- you might feel very tired depending on your fitness levels.
[chuckles] Do you lose size by just BEING? By just existing? I don’t think you do – I think your size is – oh wait, it kinda does go down. 973.1… is it gonna go up or down? …No So you could just fly around and exist forever! There’s no incentive – WOAH – woa- aw, man. There’s no incentive to go after others — Get ’em, get ’em, get ’em—YES!! ALL MINE, ALL FOR JACK! Oh, glory be the day! Glory be the day that Jack slayed… That Jack slayed ALL THE BITCHES– YEEESSS! SLAY THEM ALL!!! F*ck yeah, that was awesome! Makes me feel like a BEAST. WOOOO! Shit got real, real f*ckin’ fast, bitches. Ya’ll ready for dis? I’m gonna get taken out really fast all of a sudden. I have a feeling that somebody’s just gonna dick me over and I’m not gonna be ready fer it. Don’t do the dicking! I am the one who dicks! I–there’s a banana coming after me. WAA-hoo-hoo! Yeah! Got ’em! Got that banana! Oh, they give you so many! D’OH YEAH! Oh shit. There’s two of em though–oh, I don’t like this! I don’t like the stuff the stuff that’s happening over here all of a sudden! No, I wanna stay away from him He knows what he’s doing – he’s quite big. He’s quite large If I go near him, I will not be in charge. Unless – could–could I take him down? COULD I take him down? Downtown! Hmm, I don’t know. So staying inside yourself is a good tactic ’cause nobody can hit you in here. I thought he was just gonna run into me all a sudden. Ah, ah, ah, ah stayin’ alive stayin’ alive— Oh, oh, oh, OH! I did it! I got him! YeeeeEEAAH BABY! That was the giant dude who was next to me! *growly voice* GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR POWER! Noooo, f*ck! Oh dude, dude I think you’re gonna run into me, are you? Am I – do I have him surrounded? No, not even f*cking close. Jesus. *yelp of fear* Six thousand, baby! WOO! Yeah, yeah, yeah, get him! Get him! Oh god, we’re just neck and neck; I’m just losing stuff by doing that. That’s not a good idea. WOO! Feelin’ fresh n’ funkalicious, baby! OHHH twisty nipples! This is what it’s all about! This is the slither I know! The slither i.o. …Haaaaaah! I’m in a good mood now! Wait ’till you see me f*ck it up VERY quickly! Look at all the colors! All the colors and the balls! Oooh…I LOVE BALLS! Shit. Shit. Shit. Oooh, this is a mess of a s-situation in here! Oooh, no you don’t! No you don’t [singing] I- I got to get away! [singing continued] I wanna flyyyy awaaaaay [(whispering, slowly getting louder] Yeeeeaaahhh, yeeeahh, yeeahh! F*ck yeah, bro! Okay, stay inside myself, I’m good. SEVEN THOUSAND! I think this is the biggest -YEAH! – I think this is the biggest I’ve ever been on my own, right? Without like, shitniss? Noo, god no. GOD, no—YEAH! Shit’s going down in here, baby! WOOO!
[sing-song] No, no, no, no, no! [Sing-song, higher pitched] No! No! No! No! Oh, f*ck. OH, f*ck! I might be dicked. I might be dicked! No, n- OH I GOT IT -NO!
[crying onto wall, again] Oh, I had it! No! I had it and I threw it all away! I threw it in my basket of kittens and I said no! [fart noises into hands] That’s the best I’ve ever done I should just retire on that I–[groans] I cornered myself! I went – I – somehow I cornered myself on a round map I went in and lots of people were everywhere and I said “this is a nice place!” “There’s lots of food to eat in here!” And then everyone started to circle in on top of me and I was like, “ooh, this is less nice. I don’t like this anymore.” Aww, man. Kay, well, I’m gonna leave this video here cause I don’t think I have the energy to get back in – The energy or the motivation – *gasp* I had eleven thousand – that was awesome – that’s almost leaderboard quality! I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get in and do another round as good as that right now so, we’re gonna leave it there. We’re gonna leave it there and maybe do something better next time. Anyway! [clears throat]
[deep voice] ANYWAY –
[normal voice] Thank you guys so much for watching this episode! If you LIKED IT, PUNCH THE LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE, LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all around! [high five noise x2] Thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes…
IN THE NEXT VIDEO! Oh, there it is. Oh, there it is! The prep for conventions! The voice starts to go. When you’re recording BILLIONS of videos every day, you just can’t do it, but whatever. This was a fun video to record, though; I feel so bouncy and lively right now! YEAH!

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