MY INTERN ALMOST MAKES ME LOSE TO A 900 | GM Aman Hambleton (ft. Mike)

MY INTERN ALMOST MAKES ME LOSE TO A 900 | GM Aman Hambleton (ft. Mike)

[Mike] Ooh it’s on our side, all right.
We got four plus three fans time format. Let’s see what you got, you Canadian.
That’s what we like to see on stream. All right, all right. I can play this. I don’t have a very large opening
repertoire maybe up to here and that’s about where it tends to end.
Not sure, not sure where to go here. I’m going to do one of these.
Preparing to castle sometime soon. Not sure how we’re going
to continue though. Ooh. Ooh I don’t get it. We’re
just going to castle anyway. I’ve seen this move done a couple times,
we’re going to put the rook on e1, control that nice file. Not open at
all but we still want to control it. We’ve actually given up
the defense of this pawn, that rook was covering it there before. Apparently, we don’t want to
do that anymore, that’s fine. We’re going to keep developing,
get those minor pieces out. Maybe, thinking of bishop over there. Ooh well that’s fine, that’s fine.
That’s perfectly fine. We’re going to weaken our
defenses a little. I don’t mind. Maybe he’s going to bring his queen
out, control this nice diagonal. Not sure, maybe he’s going to exchange.
We’ll have to see about it. What goes on in the mind of a 900?
Sometimes, I actually don’t know. Oh he went for it, helping
me develop my queen. Thank you so much etium, it shows
you’re a Canadian. I really respect it. Missed free pawn. No, no, no, there
are no pawns going on right now. We’re going to pin that knight
because if ever he moves his queen then we can attack the knight and
he has to recapture with the pawn. Well not there but you know,
you know what I mean. Starting to think that maybe the queen
side is lacking a bit of development so maybe thinking one of these
to knock away the bishop and also developed the pawns but
more importantly Aman has returned. [Aman] Doing great. [Mike] We’ve been
instructing the viewers. [Aman] What do you mean ‘we’?
You, what did I do? [Mike] It’s a group effort. [Aman] What did I do?
This is a great position. This is better than I usually do. I don’t want to mess anything up so… [Mike] We’re going to have to keep
going with what I was planning. Hope you thought of the same thing
as me because we’re going with pawn. [Aman] Great okay. [Mike] Chat knows what’s up.
Chat knows what I wanted to do. Thinking a little… ooh. Aman knows. [Aman] Eating a croissant.
Very cultured. [Mike] That’s why I love Montreal,
multiculturalism, all kinds. [Aman] Croissant and chips which I
don’t want to explode actually. Oh he knows what you’re up to. [Mike] Oh he knows. [Aman] You’ve been really instructing, people are actually coming
up with their own ideas. [Mike] Oh yeah. Sending in lines. [Aman] Sending in lines. What
were you going to go with? [Mike] All right, you know what?
We’re going to go with pawn. [Aman] Okay. Right. [Mike] Okay I guess it
wasn’t going to work. [Aman] That’s correct.
[Mike] It’s a good time you showed up. [Aman] Do you think like you might
have just gone for whatever you were thinking of there? [Mike] Yeah I really think
b4 was a good idea. Oh man. What are we going to do now?
What are we going to do? [Aman] I feel like you really slowed
down the pace since I arrived, must be me. I’m sure Michael’s considering
all of these moves. [Mike] Maybe a little rook pre move?
[Aman] Is that the one? [Mike] You’re the brain.
I’m just a hand. [Aman] etium missed his window
to take advantage of a pre move. He had like a good like
5 to 10 seconds there. [Mike] But now, we’re
going to go for the pawn. [Aman] Thank you face
chest for gifting us up. Cmloek or if this was a Dutch stream
cmloek, maybe from the Netherlands. Oh that was barely a
beating, face chest. I’m pretty sure I remember you
got me last stream or something, I recognise the username.
Thanks very much. [Mike] Ooh that’s not looking good. I’m going to go with rook. Pawn. [Aman] Thank goodness that
was an easy one from you. [Mike] Pawn. (music) [Aman] From Holland. That’s
what I thought, buddy. That’s what I thought,
welcome Loek, welcome. [Mike] Bishop. [Aman] Sup hey Jude. [Mike] Queen. (music) [Aman] You’re doing good things.
[Mike] That’s new. [Aman] You’re doing good things. [Mike] I’ve learned. I’ve learned. Maybe
one day, I’ll reach four-digit ELOs. Queen.
[Aman] This is a learning experience. [Mike] Queen.
[Aman] I get to learn from Mike here. He says the move and I
have to correspond that with his high IQ line of thinking. That’s what makes this such
a fun challenge for me. [Mike] What do you think
would be more difficult, predict the move for GM’s or for me? [Aman] Who’s predicting?
[Mike] The average chat member. [Aman] The average chat member?
[Mike] Yes. [Aman] Probably easier
to predict your moves. [Mike] Pawn. [Aman] Multiple choice. Multiple choice.
Yikes that’s uh… that might make it too easy. [Mike] Pawn. [Aman] I’m trying to make sure that
your king is never safe again. [Mike] King safety is definitely
not on the priority list. [Aman] Right.
[Mike] But it’s all right, we have a nice pawn chain. Rook. What’s going on here? Pawn. [Aman] We are spoiled
for choice here, Mike. [Mike] I went with pawn no? [Aman] That’s what I mean,
I’m spoiled for choice. I have so many valid
pawn moves to make. Uh oh the clipboard’s out. [Mike] Oh no. The boss
is doing work guys. [Aman] He’s deciding
which one of us goes. [Eric] This is one of
my favourite songs. [Mike] Queen. Queen. Has that been there for a while? [Aman] That was only there
because the rook moved and took the pawn back and then we
went there. It was blocked before. [Mike] Good thing our
king is well defended. [Aman] Mhmm. (music) [Mike] Rook. King. [Aman] Getting dicey. [Mike] King.
[Aman] Jesus. [Mike] King.
[Aman] That was an easy one. [Mike] Rook.
(laughs) [Aman] I don’t think that like… I think maybe none of the last
couple moves have been right. [Mike] Time pressure,
it’s a serious problem. King. King. Rook. King. King. Queen. Rook? [Aman] Yikes. [Mike] King. King. Rook. King. King. King. King? King. [Aman] At the cost of seven of our
pieces, we avoided his checks briefly. Momentarily. [Mike] Queen. [Aman] I don’t have a
move except this one. [Mike] Queen. It was all worth it.
Queen. Queen. [Aman] Oh thank God. (music) Oh thank goodness. [Mike] Queen.
[Aman] Oh my goodness. [Mike] Queen, queen. Queen. Pawn. Pawn. Pawn. Pawn. Queen. Queen. I don’t think I can go wrong at this
point just saying queen. Queen. All that matters. [Aman] etium, can’t imagine you’re
going to be psyched about that result, my dude. He gave it away at the end. Although, it’s probably also fair to
say that we gave it away slightly. I feel like… I feel like back
when we were up like a rook, back when my backpack
was full of pieces. So what’s the logic behind rook d2?
[Mike] You chose it. [Aman] Right, what do
you think the logic was behind my incomprehensible move? [Mike] I think you’re
blocking your bishop. [Aman] Right and that is really
unfortunate so the next move we could unblock our bishop and that
would satisfy a number of criteria such as blocking check and
maybe also pinning that pawn and getting the queen over
and delivering checkmate, might facilitate such ideas. Let’s fast forward a little bit. Now here. Just anything… anything…
no king again. Okay, just king again. Right, now
let’s fast forward a little bit. King, you’re starting to
get on the good stuff and now sort of like three moves later, you’re back on the
unblocking the bishop. Right okay so then we fast
forward a little bit. Yada, yada, yada, great
chess all round. Okay here, knight goes there, now we start to start to
get in some trouble here. Unfortunately, here we would
probably have had to take it but this is the more advanced move. But then we get to fast forward to here and this is the only mistake
that etium committed, so you made more mistakes
but he made the worse one. That’s why you are a
better chess player. [Mike] Chess is deadly.
It’s a tough sport. [Aman] It doesn’t matter
who makes more mistakes. It matters who makes the last one. Don’t forget that chat.
Good game etium.

100 thoughts on “MY INTERN ALMOST MAKES ME LOSE TO A 900 | GM Aman Hambleton (ft. Mike)

  1. This guy is a twat. A grandmaster streaming himself playing some drunk guy who's playing chess while waiting for his bus to arrive. Making fun of HIM??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU MIGHT BE GM BUT YOU STILL THE LOSER 'BRAH'

  2. Whenever I watch this gm, he is always eating something. Its so annoying and Im so tilted now Whenever I see him ı feel annoyed. Even though he is fun wished he didnt eat all the fucking time. Then ı Could have watch him. Well anyways bye

  3. 12 50 black queen takes white queen and he would remain still black horse. he made a mistake . easy win would be by 899 rankers.

  4. Only you can make yourself lose lol. Now if you're intern is a hot chick and she was wearing her birthday suit and walks by then yeah.

  5. The pure confidence with which he gives horrible suggestions, only to be confused when Aman does not play the blunder he was planning. It's a special window into the mind of the amateur chess player.

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at 11:30 after White plays Qc8 isn't Qh4#? That seems like the biggest mistake by black all game!

  7. There are already 2 white queens at the end game and the idiot still saying queen and queen like a retarded parrot.

  8. All you chess brah wankers will never come even close to greatness, 'cause when were Canadians good at anything other than hockey?

  9. Aman: "what was the logic behind this move" – mike: "i think you blocked your bishop"… Hahaha can't stop laughing

  10. So, the guy who made the most mistakes, is somehow a better a player than the guy who made the worst mistake? Don't get me wrong, I've punished many bad mistakes myself, and just as much been punished, but no, you are not a better player because your opponent made the worst mistake. Consistency is a key factor in damn near everything. If you are consistently making mistakes in a game, as opposed to the one big mistake made by the opposition, who played a consistent game up until that blunder, you are not the better player, but intlstead won out of luck. No go take a shower, I can smell your Axe scented egos through my phone.
    Also, good game. I did enjoy it, and it was a close one.

  11. 01:27 'what goes on in the mind of a 900'….improve your game Mike and soon you should be able to answer this question.

  12. Superb bro….in the last you teach really a very good lesson to me, once again thanks bro ❤ for making this awesome video

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