Murder FORTNITE MYSTERY *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

– So you guys have been asking for it. Fortnite Murder Mystery is back. Biffle has made a brand new
map, this thing is sick. You guys know the rules from last time. There’s six innocent, one killer, (gun firing) his job is to kill all the
innocents and the sheriff. And then the sheriff, his
job is to kill the killer. We’re gonna be doin’ a
bunch of different rounds. The last round we threw in a little
twist, it’s pretty sick. Dudes, again, just like last time, 4.2 million views on this murder mystery with 65 thousand likes,
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Hit that little bell! Hope you guys enjoy Murder Mystery. So you guys have been asking for it, we’re back with some more
Murder Mystery, Santa style. – [Other Players] Ooh. (laughing) – Okay, so we all have
the exact same skins, the exact same pickaxes, one murderer, one sheriff, all
the people. I’m goin’ first, bye. All right I’m gonna take this one. Okay what’s in here? Oh I can’t break it, I
gotta search it, crap! (laughing)
(explosion) – [Another Player] Crap! – Okay, okay I got mine, I’m goin’ in. Okay, somebody else go, somebody else go. – [Gamer 1] So everyone’s
supposed to go next. – [Gamer 2] Single file. – So I just muted Discord. I got, I got, uh … shotgun ammo, just shotgun ammo, so that means I’m an innocent. (whoosh) Dude this map is sick,
Biffle, you did good dude. You did good on this map, dude, I like it. – [Biffle] Thank you man, and– (chatter) – Look at the little crash, what happened to this
train over here, dude? What happened to this train? – [Other Player] Something happened that I don’t want to talk about. – Do you guys think he’s lying? Hey, hey, who are you? Stop. Stop right now, stop
right now going into this diner. Who are you? – [Other Player] Hey, hey, who budged? – Hey, who are you? Oh my gosh, look at all these
people in here, who are you? – [Other Player] There’s so many Santas. Dancing on the tent, who are you? – [Streamer261] Uh, nobody– – He’s Streamer261, I
don’t like Streamer261. Everybody against Streamer 261. – [Other Player] Yes,
if you’re the murderer, you should probably kill him right now. – Round one starting in three, two, one. Hut! – [Gamer 1] Who’s that, who’s that? – [Gamer 2] Who’s that? – [Gamer 1] Who’s that?
– [Gamer 2] Who’s that? – Okay, everybody, meet me at McGuffin’s Book Store right now. – [Gamer 1] Who is this? – [Gamer 2] Uh oh. – [Gamer 3] McGuffin’s Book … Oh. – [Gamer 2] Oh no, oh no. – If you are not the killer, if you are an innocent, you have shotgun ammo, show me your shotgun ammo right now. – [Gamer 1] Are we allowed to do that? – [Gamer 2] You show us your shotgun ammo. – I just did, I dropped it right there, I dropped it right there,
somebody keeps picking it up. – [Gamer 1] Yeah, show us yours, dude! – I’m running out, I only have 25 left. – [Runic] Everyone, I am the
sheriff, get to the middle. Get to the middle. – I don’t know if I trust him, I’m not going in the middle. (chatter) (gunshots) – [Gamer 1] Ah! Oh no! I
don’t trust the sheriff. He’s corrupt. – Okay, so the sherif … So you’re the sheriff. Wait. Who are you? You’re Runic. – [Runic] It’s me, Runic. Okay, everyone get in a line in front of (crosstalk). – Okay, if you’re the real sheriff, if you’re the real Runic, drop your deagle right now. – [Runic] Why would I though? – [Gamer 1] Drop your deagle! (laughing) (speakers talking over each other) – I don’t know. I’m running. Oh yeah, remember the rule. If you die, you have to
mute your mic immediately. Who’s the killer? (laughing) I don’t like this. Oh! (laser blasting) He’s got the shot! – [Gamer 1] Oh no! Uh-oh. (ominous music) – [Gamer 2] Where? Where? Where? Where? – [Gamer 1] Okay. (speakers
talking over each other) – [Runic] What killer would
shoot ssundee first? Huh? Who hates Ian. – [Gamer 1] Let’s think about that. Somebody-
– [Gamer 2] All of us. – [Gamer 1] Yeah. There you
go. We’re all the murderer. – [Gamer 2] Not yet Nico. (laughing) – [Gamer 1] It could have been all of us. (laughing) – I resent that. (laughing) – [Gamer 1] You’re dead. – [Gamer 2] I swear I
can still hear his voice. – [Gamer 1] He can’t speak. (laser blasting) – [Gamer 2] Get to the (speakers
talking over each other) – [Gamer 1] Oh my god! – [Gamer 2] Oh, another one died. – [Gamer 1] That’s him! The bigger one! – [Gamer 2] He just ran
underneath the stairs! (gunshots)
Ah! – [Gamer 1] Move and shoot. You got a hit. (laser blasting) Can we talk about this? – [Gamer 2] Get him, Runic. (laser blasting)
(Screaming) – [Gamer 1] No! (laughing) – [Gamer 2] Nice! – Oh, it was Biffle! (laughing) – [Gamer 1] Wow. – Who killed him? Who got the kill on Biffle? – [Gamer 1] I think it was- – [Runic] I got it.
– [Gamer 1] Was it Runic? – [Gamer 2] It was Runic. (laughing) – [Gamer 1] Wow. – Why did you have to kill me first, dude? I was in the bathroom just chilling, dude. What the heck? – [Gamer 1] I get scared
when I go to the bathroom so I just had to just … You know. – [Gamer 2] That’s fair. – All right. Let’s go to round two. That was scary. Good job Biffle. You got two kills. Good job. All right. Round two. Who wants to go first? – [Gamer 1] I’m the first Santa. I’m the first Santa already stand up. – I don’t know if I trust you. I don’t know if I trust you. Go. – [Gamer 2] What if
that’s not even him? Hm? – Is that him? I don’t
know if I trust him. Ooh. – [Runic] Are we allowed to start looking for hiding places already? – [Gamer 1] Yeah, you can hide. – [Gamer 2] You may go. – Wait. Wait. So … Wait, hold on. Sizzles is either the
killer or the sheriff, because he said Ooh. – [Gamers] Oh … – [Gamer 1] You don’t know that. – [Gamer 2] Do we know which Santa is me? – Can I go? Can I go? – [Gamer 1] He might have
200 juju though, dude. – I’m going, I’m going, I’m going. – [Gamer 2] Do I need to purchase a ticket to the subway, or … How about this one? Okay. (explosion) – [Gamer 2] Hello? Excuse me? Hello? – [Gamer 1] Who’s that? I don’t know. – [Gamer 2] Who’s that? – I’m the sheriff. (laughing) Yes! Okay, okay. You guys can
… Somebody else can go. Wait, who’s this teller? Who’s the bank teller? – [Gamer 2] Hello. Hi. Do
you have a subway card? – Hello sir, I would like
to see the movie … Frozen. Can you sing the song for me please? – [Gamer 2] Okay, first of all I’m going to have to ask you to ♪ Let it go ♪ – [Gamer 2] But second
of all, this is a subway, not a movie theater. – [Gamer 1] That was beautiful. – Oh. – [Gamer 1] Wait. I got confused. – Wait, is everybody in here? Is that it? – [Gamer 1] Yeah. – Okay. Game starts – [Runic] Have we started yet? in three, two, one, let the murder commence. – [Gamer 1] This is so scary. (laughing) – [Gamer 2] It’s so dark in here. – [Gamer 1] I know. I don’t like it. – So who’s the killer? If you’re the killer, say you’re not the killer. – [Gamer 1] I’m not the … Wait. – [Gamer 2] Not the killer. Wait. – Oh. There’s two killers so far. – [Gamer 1] What?
(laughing) – [Gamer 2] There’s so many killers. – [Gamer 1] Did I get through? – Okay, okay, okay, if you’re the killer … If you’re not the killer, come to the seats, the chair where you eat. – [Gamer 1] Wait. What? – [Gamer 2] Did you mean
to make that rhyme or was that an accident?
– What? Okay. So you’re not the killer. You’re not the killer. We have three not killers. – [Gamer 1] I don’t feel like
your science is very good. – [Gamer 2] I don’t like this. – What do you mean? – [Gamer 1] Anybody could just go to the chairs where you eat. – Okay, how about you two
at the chairs right now. You two at the chairs right now. Show me your shotgun ammo. – [Runic] Dude, I got the
best hiding spot right now. – [Gamer 1] Me too. Me too. – Okay. Neither of you are the killer. – [Gamer 2] But Ian,
everybody has shotgun ammo. – Who is up in that corner? Who are you? – [Runic] Somebody’s always
on the air conditioner. I don’t know what that is. – Who is up there? (chatter) – Somebody’s dancing on the dance floor. – [Gamer 1] Who is the ven boy? (laughing) – Wow! – [Gamer 2] Somebody died! – [Gamer 1] I heard something. – Who died? Who died? – [Gamer 1] I think it
was down on the track. – It was Runic!
(laughing) – [Gamer 1] Oh no! – [Gamer 2] I can try this
air vent guy. Hold on. – Okay. Air vent guy. Nobody up here is the killer. – [Gamer 1] Nobody
whatsoever is the killer. – I don’t know if I trust you (mumbles). (laughing) – [Gamer 1] Nobody whatsoever
is the killer, Ian. – Please stop following me. (laughing) I don’t like this. – [Runic] Dude, it’s
definitely the AC guy, dude. – No, it’s not the AC guy. – [Gamer 1] It’s not the AC guy though. – [Runic] How do you know? – [Gamer 1] Are you guys like from Norway? – How do you know? Because whenever somebody
died, he was up there chillin’. Get it? ‘Cause it’s AC. (laughing) – [Runic] Oh. – [Gamer 1] There’s two AC guys now. – [Gamer 2] There is. Yeah. – [Gamer 1] You’re funny. You should do something with that. – Hey, stop swinging that pickax. Stop it. – [Gamer 1] They’re breaking things. (laughing) – [Gamer 2] I’m not breaking anything. – [Gamer 1] It’s iron proof. – No! I don’t like this. Okay. That’s Nico. Tell me your name. – [Other Player] My name? – Oh! Oh! Oh! – [Gamer 1] Oh!
– [Gamer 2] Oh! Was that downstairs? – [Gamer 1] Who died? (ominous music) – [Gamer 2] Wait. Was that … That was Sachos and Biffle! – Sachos and Biffle. – [Gamer 1] Sachos and
Biffle are gone. Uh-oh. I don’t see anyone down there. – I think I see the killer. – [Gamer 2] I see- – He’s by the train track.
I’ve just muted Discord. – [Gamer 1] I got more ammo now. – [Gamer 2] Uh-oh. This is the best spot. – What the … Oh!
(gunfire) Oh! Oh!|
(screaming) – [Gamer 1] What’s happening? – Ah!
(gunfire) – [Gamer 2] I’ll distract him. (gunfire) – [Gamer 1] What’s happening? – [Gamer 2] No, he’s reloading. Kill him. Kill him. Kill him.
(gunfire) – Oh no dude go! No! Ah!
(gunfire) (laughing) Who did I kill? I am terrible. Who did I kill? – [Crainer] Me, dude. (laughing) – It was Crainer. (laughing) – [Crainer] Did I almost kill you all? – Yes. – [Gamer 1] Wow. – You are such a little turd. – [Gamer 2] Crainer was the murderer? – Yes. – [Crainer] I think I almost
killed everybody, dude. – Dude, that was so good. Holy crap. – [Gamer 1] I pooped a little
when Crainer killed me and Ossa at the same time.
(laughing) – [Gamer 2] No, I screamed so loud. – [Crainer] You guys were
like talking to each other. I have two bullets, dude. (laughing) – Nico, I’m sorry dude. I’m sorry I let you down. I couldn’t land my shots. (laughing) – [Gamer 1] I was trying
to distract him for you. – All right. Let’s go to the third round, dude. Crainer, you’re a good killer, dude. I don’t know if that’s
a good thing or not. – (Crainer) Thank you dude.
– Not bad, Crainer. – [Runic] You’re saving the city, dude. – Man, I’m protecting the city. All right. Who’s gonna go first? Who’s going first this round? Ready? Go. Ready, go. – [Gamer 1] Anybody who wants to go. – Oh, he’s gone. Who is that? Who are you? – [Gamer 1] That was swag. Awesome. – Who are you? – [Runic] Just like flew away, dude. – That was me. That was me, by the way. – [Gamer 1] Wow, that
was a very handsome move. – [Gamer 2] It wasn’t that good. – Aw. Okay I’m going. – [Gamer 1] You cannot. – There’s so many floating umbrellas. I want this one.
(explosion) Okay. Okay. Got it, got it, got it. Okay. Somebody else can go. So I’m the innocent again. Dang it. I want to be the killer at least once. – [Gamer 1] I know dude. It feels bad. – Can I have a donut?
– [Gamer 2] Ticket? – Can I have a donut? – [Gamer 2] We sell tickets. – Uh, can you … Can you
make a donut out of a ticket? – [Gamer 1] Next person can go. – [Gamer 2] Hm … Let me check. No. (laughing) We cannot. (laughing) – [Gamer 1] What’s happening over there? (laughing) – That was the stupidest thing. – [Gamer 1] You’re weird. I’ve ever witnessed. All right, so, everybody’s here. In three, two, one, murder begin. – [Gamer 1] Murder begin. – Murder begin. Okay, okay. – [Gamer 1] I will sit here on this roof for the entire duration
of this murder run. – [Gamer 2] Will you? – Is that you? – [Gamer 1] Murder mystery. – Wait, is that you Crainer? Crainer? Crainer? Crainer, do you see me? I’m crouching. Crainer, I’m crouching. Crainer I’m crouching. – [Gamer 1] Do you have a name? – [Runic] Where are you dude? – I’m crouching. – [Gamer 1] He’s the one crouching. – [Runic] Oh, hey dude. – [Gamer 1] That’s not him. – Don’t throw your puck at me. – [Gamer 1] Sigil’s here muted. – Oh yeah, no, I wouldn’t say, huh, what? – [Sigil] Oh, I pressed
the wrong button. My bad. – [Gamer 1] No worries. – [Sigil] I was like, why
can’t you guys hear me? I was yelling. – Oh. Hold on here. Oh, hold on here. Wait, wait, wait. So Sigil’s is muted. Oh! – [Runic] Oh wait. – Uh, uh, uh. – [Gamer 1] What is going on? – Who just died? Hold on. Let me open discord. – [Gamer 1] It was so quiet. – Nico died. – [Gamer 2] So confused. – [Gamer 1] No! – [Gamer 2] Nico’s dead. – [Runic] This is the killer right here. – [Gamer 2] That’s him. – No, no, no, no. I’m not the
killer. I’m not the killer. Listen, listen, listen. Here, here. There’s the shotgun ammo. I just dropped the shotgun ammo. – [Gamer 1] Uh-huh. – [Gamer 2] Is that how
that works though, or? – [Gamer 1] So convenient. – Oh gosh. I just vindicated my name. – [Runic] So the killer isn’t downstairs. – Wait, did you say
there was a gun on an AC? – [Runic] Unless one of
you guys are lying to me. – [Gamer 1] That doesn’t
seem like something any of us would do. – Nico was the killer! Or Nico was the … He was the sheriff! – [Gamer 1] Oh.
– [Gamer 2] No. There’s been a murder. – [Gamer 1] Oh no. Oh no. – [Gamer 2] We have a murder. – I am now the sheriff. I will protect this city. – [Gamer 1] What if Ian’s the sheriff and the murderer at the same time? I’m really uncomfortable. – Where are you guys? Who’s right in the middle? Who’s right in the middle by blue chairs? – [Gamer 1] Yeah, who’s by blue chairs? – [Gamer 2] That’s me. That’s me. – I don’t know if I trust you.
I don’t know if I trust you. – [Gamer 1] Blue chair.
Come to the bathroom. – Whoa! Crainer just died. – [Gamer 1] Oh no. Where? – [Gamer 2] Oh no. – [Gamer 1] I heard it somewhere. – It was north. It was north. – [Gamer 1] Careful. There’s somebody on the
train tracks behind you. – Oh, that’s where it is. (laughing) – [Gamer 1] No, I just got here. – Who’s this? Who are you? Who are you? Crouching right here. – [Gamer 1] It’s a silencer. Hi. It’s me. – [Gamer 2] Wait. What? – [Gamer 1] Don’t go in
there. Don’t go in there. (screaming) – He’s in there! – [Gamer 1] Oh no. – The killer is in this room. Who is it? Who is it? – [Gamer 1] Oh, I see them. I see them. – [Runic] Over there.
They’ve got a sniper. – Oh! Who is it? (laughing) (gun firing) – [Gamer 1] Oh no!
– [Gamer 2] Oh no! Oh.
– [Gamer 1] No, no, no, no. – Hey killer, we have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up. – [Sigils] Never take me alive.
You’ll never take me alive. – It’s Sigils! Sigils, come out with your hands up. Come out with your hands up. – [Gamer 1] No, no, no. Oh no. – [Gamer 2] So close. – Okay, guys. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re all gonna rush him at
the exact same time. Ready? Oh no! Three, two, one, go! (screaming) (guns firing) – [Gamer 1] Help, help – [Gamer 2] You killed me! (gunfire) – We got him! (laughing) Oh my god. – [Gamer 2] Sheriff, you killed me. – I’m sorry. – [Gamer 2] I’m so confused. – [Gamer 1] I think you killed me too. (laughing) – That was so good. Let’s go to the final round. Or not final round. Let’s go to another round. All right. You guys ready? Next round. Okay, we’re doing it. – [Gamer 1] Let’s do it. – Whoever’s dancing in front, go first. Orangejusticefree. Who just cut in line? – [Runic] Not me. – [Gamer 1] Not me. – [Gamer 2] Rude. – Get out of here. Okay, I’m going. I’m going. Okay, don’t want that one. Don’t want that one. – [Runic] I always go last. – I do not want, I want this one. I want this one, I want this one. (explosion) (horn sounding) – [Gamer 1] I want to go. – [Gamer 2] My turn. – Okay, I’m gone. I’m done, I’m done, I’m done. I’m the murderer. (laughing)
(whooshing) okay, so I can only have
three sniper bullets. That’s the rules. But I have unlimited shotgun and I’m gonna drink this really quick. (laughing) who the heck keeps going onto the AC unit? Who is it?
(laughing) Who is obsessed with that? – [Gamer 1] Dude, isn’t
it Nico every time? – Always Nico?
(laughing) – [Gamer 2] Last time it was not. – Okay, okay. If you’re the killer,
if you’re the killer, kill Nico first, okay? – [Gamer 1] Can I go? – [Gamer 2] I’ll kill him right now, dude. I’ll do it. – So you’re the killer? Biffle’s the killer. – [Gamer 2] No, I’ll … I’m the pickaxer. – [Gamer 1] There goes the killer. – Let the murdering commence in three, two, one, murder! (laughing) – [Gamer 1] Oh no, dude. – [Gamer 2] I’m scared. – Okay, okay. If you’re the sheriff, say it. – [Gamer 1] It. – Oh, Sigils is the sheriff. – [Gamer 1] Oh, it could be anybody. – [Runic] What about we all
just like get in a group and lay down our ammo, dude? – Oh, yeah, yeah. We can … You guys want to see my shotgun ammo? To prove I’m innocent? – [Gamer 1] What? Who are you? – [Gamer 2] Yeah. Show me. – [Runic] Which one is he? – Right there. I’m dropping
my shotgun ammo right there. – [Gamer 1] Where? – Right there. – [Gamer 2] That’s not … – [Gamer 1] Oh, right there. – [Gamer 2] Yeah. What are
you going to do with that? – [Gamer 1] Throw your shotgun ammo down? – What do you mean, what
am I gonna do with that? – [Gamer 1] Is that you? – [Gamer 2] Dude, what? – [Gamer 1] Throw your shotgun
ammo down, if you have it. (other gamers making nonsense sounds) – [Gamer 1] We look
like a flock of turkeys running around gobbling right now. – [Runic] Every time. – [Gamer 1] What are you on about, Runic? – [Gamer 2] I don’t think
I want to follow you. (gunshot) – [Gamer 1] I’m wrong
about everything dude. – [Gamer 2] (gasping) – [Gamer 1] I saw that! – [Gamer 2] Someone got … – [Gamer 1] Oh, someone got … – [Gamer 2] Oh. Was that the killer? – [Gamer 1] Was that the
death rattle of Nico? – [Gamer 2] What that Nico? – [Gamer 1] The killer
is behind the open sign. This building. – [Gamer 2] Where? Which
building? Which building? – [Gamer 1] Where was it? – [Gamer 2] Uh-oh.
– Wait. Where is he? – [Gamer 1] Did he just escape? Wait. – Wait. Who died? Oh, Nico died.
(laughing) So the killer listened. Good job killer. You did good. – [Gamer 1] All right. It’s got to be Ian. It’s got to be Ian, right? He said kill him first, and then he died. That’s got to be … That’s like- – Wait, why would you blame me for that? They just listened. – [Gamer 1] You said, if you’re
the killer, kill him first. – [Gamer 2] That’s something
a killer would say. (gun firing) – Oh! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who’s the killer? – [Gamer 1] Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. Who is it? – [Gamer 2] That was right
by me, and I resent that. – [Gamer 1] Stays down here, dude. – [Gamer 2] Are we hiding? – I’m hiding, dude. Get out of here. Get out of here. No. This is my hiding spot. (speakers talking over each other) Get out of here. This is my hiding spot. – [Gamer 1] I don’t like
anyone being so quiet. (gunshot) – [Gamer 2] What kind of
map builder didn’t make- (gunshot) – [Gamer 2] Oh!
– [Runic] Who did that? – [Gamer 1] Oh, Biffle’s dead. Oh, oh. Okay. The murderer’s up here. I see him. I see him. He’s following me. – [Runic] He’s downstairs. – [Gamer 1] He’s in hot trivial pursuit. He just came down the stairs. It’s this guy. – [Gamer 2] The sheriff is
dead! The sheriff is dead! – Wait. The sheriff? – [Gamer 2] It was
downstairs, not upstairs. – Wait- – [Gamer 1] Pick up the gun, pick up the gun, pick up the gun. – Wait. Let me get the gun. – [Gamer 1] Oh. – Who picked up the gun? – [Gamer 1] Too late. Nobody. – [Gamer 2] Okay.
– Okay. (speakers talking over each other) Everybody disperse. Everybody disperse. I’m outta here. I don’t like this anymore. – [Gamer 1] Anybody want to play hockey? – I want to play hockey. – [Gamer 2] I want to play hockey. – [Gamer 1] All right.
Let’s play some hockey. – [Gamer 2] Who was downstairs
when the person died? – [Gamer 1] I was upstairs. – [Runic] Somebody was down here. – But who was it? Who did it? – [Runic] I don’t know. Who done it? (gun firing) – [Gamer 1] Oh! Oh! – [Runic] I saw that, I saw that. – [Gamer 1] Was it you? Is it you? – [Runic] No, it’s not me. It’s not me, it’s not me. – [Gamer 1] Drop your shell. – [Runic] It came from that way. (speakers talking over each other) – Wait, who did it? – [Runic] From the … From the McGilley’s or whatever it’s called. – [Gamer 1] Is it you? – [Runic] Guffins.
McGuffins? – [Gamer 1] Ran at me pretty fast. – [Runic] At McGuffins. – So it was upstairs. Did he die? Who died? It was Sigils. Oh, Sigils died. – [Gamer 1] Sigils died. Sigils died. – Okay, he died upstairs, so
the killer was confirmed up- – [Runic] Who’s this? Who’s this? – Whoa. Put the shotgun away. You killer. – [Runic] Who is that? – [Gamer 1] This guy is insane
at being the killer, dude. – He had attack shotgun, dude. So Biffle, Nico and Sigils are dead. Who is this? Who is this? Who are you? Who are you? In the bookshelf? – [Runic] Runic. – Oh, there’s so many people. Get away from me. (laughing)
I don’t like this. – [Gamer 1] Who’s this? – Go away. – [Gamer 2] I think it’s one of you two. – [Gamer 1] Is that you Ian? – What?
– [Gamer 2] Hello? – Who? – [Gamer 1] This. Are you looking at me? – No. I’m upstairs. – [Gamer 1] Crainer, don’t look at me. (gun fires)
No! They’re downstairs! They’re downstairs! They’re downstairs! – [Gamer 2] Okay. Okay. It’s not Crainer. – Wait, so who? Who’s all alive? Oh my gosh. Everybody is dying. – [Gamer 1] Is this the
way to get upstairs? – [Runic] Four people in
total are alive right now. – [Gamer 1] Hang on. So, Crainer, me and you are up here. – [Crainer] Yeah. – [Gamer 1] And we were up
here when somebody died. – [Crainer] Yeah, yeah.
That’s what I’m saying. You guys stayed up there. – [Gamer 1] There’s only one other person. – [Crainer] You sty up there. (gun blast)
– Oh! (laughing) – [Gamer 1] Oh! You got him! (laughing)
– No! – [Gamer 1] You got him boys! (laughing) Oh my goodness. It was Ian all this time. – [Gamer 2] It was Ian? – [Gamer 1] Yes. – [Gamer 2] Oh my god. – [Gamer 1] Of course it was. – Dude, I got so many people. That sniper is so good. Oh my gosh. – [Gamer 1] We should have
known when he killed Nico. We should have known when he killed Nico. – That was so good. (laughing) – [Gamer 2] I said it,
and everybody judged me. Because I’m the sweaty. – All right. I don’t even know how
many people I killed. That was pretty good. I like that. That was fun. – [Gamer 1] You killed a lot of people. – [Gamer 2] You killed half the people. – [Gamer 1] That was good. – Okay, okay. Let’s go to another round. All right. Final round. What we’re doing this time, we’re doing two sheriffs
and two murderers. (laughing)
You guys ready? – [Gamer 1] What? – Okay, okay, okay. I’m going, I’m going, I’m going. Okay, okay. I’m gonna choose … I think this one. I’m gonna choose this one.
(Explosion) – [Gamer 1] Don’t choose it. – [Gamer 2] Hm … – [Gamer 1] Choose it. – Okay, I’m done. I’m
done. I’m done. I’m done. I did it. I did the thing with the thing. – [Runic] Who’s dancing up
here by the disco thing? – Wait. Who’s dancing? (electronic dance music) – [Gamer 1] What’s wrong with dancing? – [Gamer 2] Is it Nico? – [Gamer 1] I’ll have you
know, I’m a Navy Seal. – I give him props on this dance. I like this dance. It was
a good dance right here. – [Gamer 1] You guys like that? – [Gamer 2] That’s a good dance. What about one of these? (microphone hitting the floor) – [Gamer 2] Uh, what?
– It’s a good dance. – [Gamer 2] Did you just
knock your microphone over? (laughing) – Who just punched their microphone. Wait, is everybody in? Is everybody in? – [Gamer 1] I think so. – [Gamer 2] I think so. – Okay. – [Gamer 2] Who’s looking- – Final round. Two
murderers, two sheriffs, in three, two, one, hut! Fight! – [Gamer 1] Uh-oh. (laughing) – [Gamer 1] I’m watching you Cancer. – [Runic] Two murderers. Wow. That’s a lot of kills. – Okay, if you’re a sheriff, if you’re a sheriff, you
know where to meet me. – [Gamer 1] Wait. Are you a sheriff? – [Runic] You’re a sheriff. What? – If you’re a sheriff,
you know where to meet me. – [Gamer 2] That does sound
like a trap, doesn’t it? – [Gamer 1] That does sound way trappy. – [Gamer 2] I bet Ian is the killer. I bet it right now. – [Gamer 1] Hm-mm … Yeah, it checks out. (laughing) – [Gamer 2] I feel like
Crainer might be one. – [Gamer 1] Yeah, I think so. – [Runic] No. (speakers talking over each other) – [Gamer 2] Right away. – [Gamer 1] What’s going
on with this guy? Here? – [Gamer 2] Me?
– [Gamer 1] Is that you? – [Gamer 2] I’m throwing the ice puck. – [Gamer 1] Yeah, yeah. Okay, it was you. You’re just standing there. It just didn’t look like
there was a lot going on. (gun firing)
– Whoa! – [Gamer 1] That was him right there. That guy’s the killer
right there on the roof. (gun firing) – I got a killer! I killed a killer! (laughing) – [Gamer 1] I told you the
guy on the roof was a killer. Wait. Ian, are you a sheriff then? – No, no. I’m not a sheriff. Wait. I’m downstairs. – [Runic] Oh. – [Gamer 1] Wait. So who shot this guy? – [Gamer 2] Who’s upstairs right now? – [Gamer 1] Nowhere. – Oh, Swagtoo died. Oh, he was a killer. – [Gamer 1] Poor Swagtoo. – [Gamer 2] He was a killer, dude. – [Runic] Are you kidding me? (laughing) – Okay, okay. I’m going to hide. I just muted discord. I’m gonna hide and reset my, so nobody knows that I’m the sheriff. – [Runic] Who’s the murderer? – [Crainer] Hi.
– [Gamer 2] Who are you? – [Crainer] I’m Crainer.
– [Gamer 2] Oh, hi. (gun firing)
– Whoa! – [Runic] Someone shot … wait. Someone shot a sniper from upstairs. – Who died? Biffle died. – [Gamer 1] Biffle?
– [Gamer 2] Oh no. – So there’s only one killer
left, and he’s on the loose. – [Gamer 1] Wait. Guys. Come upstairs. Come upstairs. I know where he is. – Sigil’s awfully quiet. Sigils? Whoa! – [Gamer 1] Oh! Someone just died inside that house. somebody just died inside of that house! The killer is locked inside of that house. – [Gamer 2] Okay, he’s
in there. He’s in there. – What house? What house? There’s a lot … There’s
no houses down here. This is a subway station. – [Gamer 1] Over by the … The gold guns. – Upstairs, dude. – [Gamer 1] Go the other way. Guns. (exciting music) – Oh!
– [Gamer 1] I see him! I see him! Sheriff- – [Gamer 2] He’s locked in there. – [Sigils] You’ll never
take me alive, sheriff! – Sigils is the killer again! (guns blasting) – [Gamer 1] No!
– [Gamer 2] Oh no! Oh no! (guns blasting)
I got him! I got him! I got him! – Oh! Got him! (laughing) – [Gamer 2] I got him! (laughing) I think I got the other killer murdered, because I shot from underneath him- – [Gamer 1] You did. – [Gamer 2] and you all accused him. (laughing) – Oh, you guys were … It was
… That is so good, Sygils. (gun firing) – [Sygils] Crainer just
called me out right away. I didn’t shoot anybody. (laughing) – So it was just a good guess. – [Gamer 1] Oh, that’s hilarious. – [Gamer 2] I just know things, okay? – Good job, Crainer. You just know things. So you’re tele-pathetic. I like that. (laughing) – (Crainer) I am, dude. – [Runic] I saw that bullet come and I was like, oh man. – Dudes. If you guys have
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(bell ringing) I think I’m having a
mild stroke right now. – [Gamer 1] Ding!
– [Gamer 2] Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ba-ding! Ding-Dong! Ding-Ding! (all other players making nonsense sounds) – You guys can literally
stop whenever you want. (exciting music)

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