Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Jungle me mangal | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | Jungle me mangal | Wow Kidz

Oh my god! I am tired of looking for the wood, I am very hungry. I am also hungry, as soon as the chicken is cooked, we will start eating food. We are also hungry, let us take a lunch break. Please stop, let us finish the work first, why are you all in hurry to eat? Nobody will be as hungry as I am. Oh my lord! Who has eaten all the chicken? Motu, my dear, my brother, we all were hungry, you ate all the chicken. I have not eaten, I am telling the truth, you can ask Patlu. Motu will never change, lets us put some more chicken on the rod. Oh my lord! Motu, are you trying to keep us hungry. Somebody is trying to put me in a trap. I have not eaten the chicken. Patlu, you have to make them understand. You people keep working; we will catch the culprit right now. Idea! Now, we will catch him. I will not let you go, you have fed me chilies. This is Anaconda, if you love yourself then run. Enough, I can’t run any more, let us rest for some time. It’s so fun to sit on this swing. Say whatever you can but we will not get down of this swing now. If you don’t get down now then you will never get down in future. Why are you stammering so much? You had put chilies in the chicken and so my stomach got upset. Now, you both go inside my stomach and stop that feeling of grawling. Sorry big brother, today we are busy in running. Hurray!! Stop singing and dancing, let us go as fast as we can, anaconda can swim in the water. Oh, my god!! Why is the stick not touching the water? It is rowing in the air. I will go to the caves and eat my food; I will enjoy my food, eat and chew them one by one. Is he saying a poetry or is he scaring us? It is fun to scare somebody and then eat. My hunger is increasing. And I don’t feel hungry anymore, where have we landed!! Nobody is going to come and help you, this is my area, let us play a game. I shall shake the boat, whoever falls first in the river, I will eat that person first. Why has the boat become so light suddenly? Very good, these people don’t give up, I will really enjoy eating them. Help!! Don’t scream, we are humans, we should not get scared of any anacondas, let us go together and fight. It is better we all run together. Look there is a tree branch, let us go and push that tree branch and stop it. As soon as the anaconda comes closer, we shall leave the branch. Come, let us go. Where has the anaconda gone? I am here, can I also pull this branch? Today is a special day, it will be called an entertainment day. Oh my lord!! May all the bitter medicines fall into your mouth. My back has broken. Oh my god!! Where have I stuck? Do you all want to run again or should I start eating you all? First I will eat the person who had put the chilies in the chicken. Patlu, my brain doesn’t work while I am hungry, you think quickly. Idea!! King of the jungle, hey cobra, you cannot eat us like this. I am not going to eat you just like that, I will be applying salt and pepper. And listen king of the jungle is the lion and king of the snakes is Cobra, not me, don’t try to be smart. I didn’t meant that way, you have to win the race between us, we will run till the end. If we win, you will not eat us, and If you win then we will not eat you. I always become the referee, ok on your marks, get set. Don’t waste the time, do you want to race with me or should I eat you all ? On your marks, get set go. Something is fishy, if I win, they will not eat me and if they win then they I will not eat them. Then when will I eat? Hey listen, you people are fooling me, isn’t it? They have cheated me, I will teach them a lesson for cheating me. Where am I? Where ever you are, but not in anaconda’s stomach. There is a valley and lava ahead, please stop, you people won’t even feel the pain if I eat you all. But if you fall in that lava, it will be very painful. Help!! Motu Patlu help!! Sorry I was going to eat you all, help!! Please. Daddy!! Mummy!! Somebody help me, I am too scared of fire. Patlu, look at him, he is scared, let us help him. Look, how he is crying for help. Oh my lord!! If you help him, he will eat you. Ghasitaram, if somebody is in trouble and he is asking for help, how can we not help him, come. Come fast, any minute this tree will come out with the root. You people are so nice, thank you very much. What will you all have? Chingam sir, clean the table number seven.

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