Brothers and sisters, from today myself and Patlu are starting a sweet shop. All of you will get sweets made from pure home-made . Our specialty is pure delicious Moti Chur Laddoos. I am requesting Chingam Sir to break the holy coconut and inaugurate our new business. Oh my god! Again Chingam Sir, why always Chingum Sir only? Because you are the caretaker of law and our friend also. John will be don! Who will close down Motu- Patlu’s business? Only me John the Don! Wow boss! Very nice what a good poetry! Leave aside the poetry and hold this bottle. Go to Motu-Patlu’s shop quietly and spray this liquid on their special sweet – Moti Chur Laddoos. Boss, the job is done but what will happen with that liquid? Just keep watching till tomorrow you will see walking-roaming Laddoos in entire Furfuri nagar. Patlu, our business has started on good note. Let me also eat some Laddoos. Beware, a sweet seller never eats the sweets of his own shop. If the sweet is so good then why I cannot eat it? Because I am saying so, If I allow you to eat the sweets then no Laddoos will be left, understood? I understood, why are you getting angry on me? Ok I will taste just one. No!! I cannot eat my own sweet. It feels so good after eating the Moti Chur Laddoos after so much time. Now let me practice for a while. Why am I feeling awkward? I think I ate many Laddoos today, I will stop practicing for a while. Hey, what is happening to me? I didn’t eat so many Laddoos that I should become so fat in one hour. Hey! Motu-Patlu!! The first walking-roaming Laddoo is coming. Start the countdown. Motu-Patlu!! Come out! Greetings brother, why are you so angry? You son of a brother, you are making a fool of me. If I hit two punches than you will come to know who I am. Hey, this is our Boxer brother but what has happened to him? All this has happened because I ate Motu’s special Laddoos. Now both of you will not escape from me. Motu keep your feet on your head and run or else today we will be finished. Patlu it’s impossible to run with the feet on my head, now what do I do? Oh! This is just a phrase, it means run fast. Now all the walking-running Laddoos will make Motu Patlu leave Furfuri nagar. Now John will be Don. Oh my god! What is happening to my body? How am i getting so much weight? Somebody please help me. Hello sir, who are you? Where is Chingam Sir? Why are you sitting on his place? Quickly call Chingam Sir. I am only Chingam Sir. But who are you? I am the Boxer. Yes Mr. Boxer, Please tell me are you from this town? I want to take revenge on Motu Patlu. I also want to take revenge on them, I am your Boxer from your town only. After eating Motu Patlu’s Laddoos I became like this. Oh my god! You are also their victim, now both of them will be our victims. Hey Motu Patlu stop, stop in the name of law. Hey this voice seems to be of Chingam Sir, but who are you? I will show you who I am? Chingam sir, you also became like this. Oh my god! What have you done? I have become like this after eating your Laddoos. Now I will not leave you. I will also not leave you. First I will settle their account. First I will settle. Chingam sir if you want to settle the account let me bring pen and paper. You just wait here I will go and bring. Hey settling the account means these two are talking about beating you up. Run Motu run! Motu-Patlu I swear you in the name of law, I swear you on your motherland, I say stop in the name of law. Patlu quickly do something my brain does not work on an empty stomach. This must be John the Don’s work only to close down our business. Let’s go and ask Dr. Jhatka for some antidote, then we will deal with John. Sorry, Fat brother have you seen our friends Ghasitaram and Dr. Jhatka? Mummy! I am only Ghasitaram, you made my slim trim body into a Laddoo. Motu Patlu I will not leave you. Swear on my patients I will also turn you into Laddoo and Pedas. Motu at this moment it is no use explaining to them, it is like putting water on an upside down pot. It is good that we run away from here, run. Motu-Patlu where are you running away? Both of you will also have to eat Laddoos. Today I am very happy, top of the world. Till now all the walking-running Laddoos must have thrown Motu Patlu out of Furfuri nagar. No 1 bring some pudding, serve me something sweet. Quickly tell me what did John mix in our sweets? I don’t know, truth. If you tell us then its good or else I will beat you up so much. That without eating my special Laddoo you will become like a Laddoo. What is happening to me? I cannot turn into a Laddoo! John you have turned into a Laddoo. Now if you want to turn back to normal then you have to take out the antidote. No I will not remove it, I will never ever remove the antidote in front of you both. Then you just stand here like this only and meantime we will play football. Friends John has done all this to you, he had sprayed some liquid on the Laddoos. And now all of you first settle your accounts with him. Stop, I am giving, I will give the antidote to everyone. Hey, keep some spray for me also, turn me also to normal, please. John, we are going to make you stand outside our shop as a model of world’s biggest Laddoo. No I don’t want to be a model, I want to become a Don. Chingam Sir Help.

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