Hey everyone and welcome. After analyzing hundreds of replays submitted
by real players just like you looking to improve and climb the ladder, we’ve identified the
most common mistakes players make in each elo bracket. If you’ve ever wondered what you’ve been doing
wrong and why you’re struggling to climb than this guide is for you. We’ve separated each elo bracket into 3 main
sections in this video: Bronze, Gold, and Diamond. Bronze represents low elo, Gold represents
mid elo, and Diamond represents high elo. For each of these ranks, we’ll be breaking
down the 3 most important areas you need to focus on improving to start seeing immediate
results All of the replays analysed in this guide
were submitted by members on our website, Sign up today and get WAY more guides that
are exact same quality as the ones here on YouTube. I also personally respond to all the questions
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this season a reality. – alright, let’s get into it. Let’s first start with Bronze elo. When analyzing Bronze players we found 3 very
important things that were keeping them from climbing. The first, was Champion Mastery. Now, what exactly do we mean by this? Champion Mastery encompasses knowing your
champion’s build, skill order, and combos. We found that over 50% of Bronze players took
the wrong skill order and built the wrong items for the champion they were playing. However, even more alarming, was that well
over 90% of them didn’t know how their combos worked. Not knowing how to combo your abilities results
in you missing out on kills and failing ganks. For example, let’s take a look at a Bronze
Warwick. Now, regardless of your elo, I want you to
watch this clip and tell me what you think he did wrong when it came to using his abilities. Firstly, when he moved in to gank, he didn’t
activate his W, this would have gave him a movement speed boost he could use to chase
down Nidalee so he wouldn’t have to use Flash to engage on her. Second, when he engaged on Nidalee he immediately
used his Q, but the bigger mistake was that he tapped the ability. When you hold down Warwick’s Q ability you
can hang onto the opponent, moving through them, and following them. For example, you can see I use my Q ability,
holding it down, moving through to the other side and latching onto the enemy. This can be combo’d with your E ability. Since Warwick’s E ability will fear the enemy
causing them to run away from you, the optimal usage case is to hold your Q to go through
the enemy, then use your E to fear them so they run in the opposite direction. So when we look at this clip again, we can
see that Warwick should have activated his W ability, activated E, Hold Q to move through
Nidalee, then re-activate E to fear her in the opposite direction. If you’re stuck in low elo then I promise
you, mastering your champion’s build and combos will often be enough to push you to the next
rank. Now, the second most important area to focus
on improving if you’re in Bronze is basic route knowledge for the champion you’re playing. Let’s jump into a replay from a Bronze Kayn. Again, regardless of your elo, I want you
to answer this question. With Kayn starting at his Raptors doing a
leashless opener, what are the rest of the camps he clears in this route? Now, every jungler should know this as Kayn
has been a top tier jungler for awhile now. He should do Raptors, Red, Krugs, Recall,
buy a Hunter’s Machete, and head to his Blue. By doing Raptors his bot lane doesn’t have
to leash, letting them get to lane earlier, giving them an advantage. Following this up by killing Krugs is so important
in the current meta as Krugs are worth the most gold and experience of any camp. By killing them, we get them to respawn faster,
a higher level, worth even more experience. Let’s see what Kayn chooses to do. He does Raptors, Red, but then decides to
invade the enemy’s Blue, where he dies 1v1 to Xin Zhao. It’s this lack of following a standard, solid
route that is contributing to this player being stuck in his elo. Now, the third most important area to improve
on is Map Awareness. Now, I don’t map awareness just in general,
but a very specific part of it: paying attention to number advantages. Let’s jump back into that replay of a Bronze
Warwick. We can see it’s 20 minutes into the game and
Warwick just got a pick on the enemy Tristana. After this, he begins moving to collapse on
the enemies mid. Let’s pause. Can you tell me why this is the wrong decision? All we have to do is look at Warwick’s teammates. Sona is bot lane, and Jhin is in base, meaning
he only has 2 other teammates that are going to help him in this fight. Meanwhile, even though he killed Tristana,
there are 4 enemies still alive. In short, there are 3 players on his team
collapsing, while there are potentially 4 enemies in mid. This is why we know this will be a losing
fight and sure enough, it ends up being a 4v3, and
Warwick and 1 of his teammates ends up dying while losing a mid turret after. If you’re in low elo, you don’t need to understand
every facet of macro and decision making. Instead, just being aware of number advantages
can be enough to get you to your next rank. Alright now let’s move onto the most common
mistakes in Mid Elo, which is represented by the rank of Gold. It’s here you’ll find players are much more
likely to have mastered their champion, building and skilling correctly, while having some
fundamental knowledge of their combos. However, they still struggle with Routes. Let’s take jump into a replay of a Gold Amumu
to see what we’re talking about. So Amumu is starting at his Red. Amumu has a very standard straight forward
route in the current meta. I want you to take a moment to think about
what it is. Amumu wants to hit level 6 and he has great
AOE clear speed. He wants to do Red, Krugs, Raptors, into transitioning
to his Blue Side jungle. Let’s take a look and see what the Gold Amumu
does. He takes Red, Raptors, and then Krugs. So he knew to full clear his Red side jungle
for experience, but did it backwards. Then he moved to invade the enemy’s Blue. However, if we go back to when he started
at his Red, we can see Aatrox showed top early while the enemy bot lane was missing – indicating
the enemy jarvan was getting a leash at his Blue. This is how we know that the invade on the
enemy’s Blue would never work out. Additionally, by spending so much time on
the bottom side of the map it opens him up to be invaded at his Blue by the enemy Jarvan. We can see Jarvan place a ward, and even though
he has priority in top and mid, he doesn’t choose to punish Amumu, which would have happened
in higher elo. Now, the second most important area mid elo
players need to improve at is ganking, specifically recognizing gank opportunities. I want you to take a look at this clip and
see if you can spot the gank opportunity that Amumu missed. Amumu is level 6 and near full health Red
Buff. Looking at the minimap, what is the gank opportunity
that he missed? The answer is diving bot lane. We can see the enemy bot lane is pushed under
tower and we’re in position to react and dive them. Shortly after, we can even see Twitch recalling,
indicating he’s low on health and needs to get back to base. Without even having to move our camera, we
can see the potential gank opportunity bot lane that was missed. When a bot lane is being pushed under tower
there’s always a good chance that they’ve been getting poked a lot – you always want
to be on the lookout for possible dives when this happens. Now the third most important area Mid Elo
players need to improve at is Macro: specifically playing around their laners that have a lead. For example, we can see Amumu gank bot, killing
the ernemy, and getting the turret after. With this bot tower destroyed, he’s going
to want his bot lane to begin rotating around the map pressuring the other outer turrets
while following them. Instead, once he recalls, you can see Vayne
heading bot while Amumu heads top side. He wants to move with Vayne, and help her
push out the wave, and then ping her to rotate towards the Rift Herald. We can see how by not playing around his winning
lane that it results in Vayne getting caught by herself. Yes, it’s Vayne’s fault for getting caught,
but this is Gold elo and your teammates aren’t going to be playing perfectly. You have to play around them and guide them
to the proper macro plays. Alright, now let’s move onto the most important
areas for players to focus on improving for high elo, which is represented by the rank
of Diamond. The first most important area is consistency. What do we mean by this? Well, typically high elo players will know
what the correct play is, but will struggle to consistently make that correct decision. Let’s hop into a replay from a Diamond Sylas. He executes an early gank on bot lane that
helps get them ahead. And then follows this up with a repeat gank
getting a double kill and getting the enemy bot tower below half health. It’s clear now he should continue to focus
snowballing his bot lane, get the turret, and free them up to start rotating around
the map. He makes the correct choice to gank them again
getting a kill on Rakan, but then decides to walk away instead of helping pushing with
his bot lane to take the bot turret and threaten a dive on Twitch. This results in his bot lane trading 1 for
1 due to an Ekko gank. Again, we still want to focus on pressuring
bot to take the turret and free up our winning bot lane to pressure the map. Instead, we can see that even though Vayne
is heading back to lane, Sylas doesn’t look to gank bot, and is instead taking a fight
on the top side of the map. We can see that his bot lane even wins a fight
2v2 without him, but then again is prevented from taking the turret by the enemy Pantheon
ganking them. He had the right idea to focus bot lane, but
then started to become inconsistent with his strategy as the game progressed. Now, the second thing high elo players need
to focus on improving is the finer execution. Let me show you what I mean by this. We can see Sylas starting the game with a
very standard route of Red, Krugs, Raptors, into Blue. He clearly understands his routes unlike the
other elos. Additionally, he recognizes a potential dive
opportunity top side as a wave is building towards Pantheon’s tower. All of this is correct high level decision
making. I want you to pay attention to the execution
of this dive though and see if you can spot what he did wrong and what he should have
done instead. The answer is, he forced this dive way too
hard. When you build a big wave that crashes into
the enemy tower, you can take your time walking directly at the enemy. You don’t do any damage to prevent taking
tower aggro, both of you just walk close to the enemy to prepare to dive him. We can see Sylas flashes early, which is unnecessary
as he can just walk into melee range against Pantheon and save his Flash to get out. At the same time, he damages Pantheon too
early, pulling tower aggro when Aatrox isn’t in position. As you can see, Diamond players can often
be aware of the correct high level play, but then struggle with the finer elements of the
actual execution of it. Now, the third thing high elo players need
to focus on improving at is their macro. Now, high elo players will typically understand
fundamental macro concepts. However, where they struggle, are again, in
applying them consistently. They have a tendency to lose their focus during
long macro sequences. For example, let’s jump into a replay of a
Diamond Olaf. Olaf groups and takes a winning fight where
they get a pick on the enemy team. Taking a look at the minimap, what is the
correct macro play? The answer is to take the mid outer tower
as the first step in mid game macro is take all the outer towers, and we can see Olaf
recognize this and hover around the mid tower. Now, let’s pause again. Looking at the minimap, what’s the next macro
goal for Olaf’s team after they take this mid outer tower? Again, we want to take all the outer towers,
and that top outer tower is sticking out like a sore thumb. There’s absolutely no reason for Olaf to be
playing so aggressively in the enemy’s bot side jungle. We can see, because of this inconsistency,
that he ends up dying, in the meantime, we can see that Pantheon pushed the top wave,
which gave us an easy opportunity to rotate off of taking mid tower into taking top tower,
which Olaf ended up missing. Alright, that’s going to do it for this video. Did these points match up with you? Or do you think there’s a different area you
struggle in? Let us know in the comment section below,
as well as any questions you might have. As always, good luck, and have fun, on Summoner’s

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