Most claps in one minute – Guinness World Records

Most claps in one minute – Guinness World Records

Hello my name is Seven Wade
I’m gonna try to break the record um…
of Speed Clapping

4 thoughts on “Most claps in one minute – Guinness World Records

  1. Nine-year-old Seven Wade was scrolling on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel when he found record holder Eli Bishop demonstrating his talent for performing the most claps in one minute. He decided to take on the challenge – and after a LOT of practice, he triumphed! Check out the full story >

    Seven’s dad Chikako told us: "As a parent, knowing that Seven has achieved Guinness World Records status is nearly the perfect kind of honour. It represents so many of the values that are important to us as a family. His particular achievement for most claps in a minute is quirky and fun, lighthearted and free-spirited and yet also a serious achievement that represents months and years of practice, repetition and dedication. It will be something we will be talking and smiling about for the rest of our lives."

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