mod07 Snakes and Ladders   Not on the Board   Part 06

mod07 Snakes and Ladders Not on the Board Part 06

SNAKES AND LADDERS – NOT ON THE BOARD 06 Alright, till now we have coded the snake
and ladder game we have split into various functionalities for easier understanding I
hope you had revised it, you had gone through all the functionalities you are clear with
what each functionalities is doing, now let us run and see this. The board has been displayed and here you
are supposed to enter your name so maybe let me say abc is my first name, my first player
name is abc and second one let him be xyz, abc this is your turn you have to continue
or you have to quit? I want to continue the dice showed six and
see the initial points was zero abc score is six now because the dice showed six and
there was no snake and ladder at that point so the score remain six only now this is xyz
turn if you want to continue or quit, I want to continue, dice again showed six so currently
both are in the same status, you want to continue yes the dice showed three so I am at nine
I want to continue yes both are at the same place, yes I want to continue it’s getting
interesting I want to continue wow now here the player two has an upper hand this is going
interesting you can play on and on the whole day good luck. You have got great pass time now great guys
now let me quit this but I am gonna play this tonight, I won’t think that I will sleep
tonight this is so good I am so happy with this, I am gonna play this I hope you guys
too enjoyed this thank you for watching, have a nice day.

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