mod07 Snakes and Ladders Not on the Board Part 02

mod07 Snakes and Ladders   Not on the Board   Part 02

You saw this game it has very simple rules anybody can follow it and start playing it
immediately, so what you do is you roll a dice and move your pawn accordingly assume
you are on let’s say fifteen number fifteen you roll a dice and you get a five which means
your pawn moves sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty and twenty in case if it’s
a snake you come down a few units if it’s a ladder you going up a few units so this
game is very popular all over the world although it originated in India it is now very well
known in different parts of the world and there are variants for this game as well so
that aside we will now see how we can write a piece of code to stimulate this game, where
two people can simply sit in front of their computer and then play so a word of advice
since you people are beginning to code you needn’t worry s o much about doing the exact
stimulation, putting a board and displaying a snake and ladder may not be required let
us do it with playing text. Let’s see how this can be done.

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