mod07 Snakes and Ladders   Not on the Board   Part 01

mod07 Snakes and Ladders Not on the Board Part 01

Six, that will be one two three four five and six. You will get another chance, oh! Six oh oh ok right one, that’s a one you
are on thirty seven that perfect, four, one two three and four. So the game that we are playing is called
snake and ladders the game again involves a whole a lot of randomness and there is no
place for logic or thinking so the idea is very simple, you start with two pawns as you
can see, I am red and she is blue we start with one and this is a dice where I roll and
then if it’s five I start with keeping I start keeping five so let’s say for example
we both are here and I roll this it is two and one two and then she rolls, can you roll
bhawana? It’s three and she puts three and whenever
we encounter a ladder we climb up and whenever we encounter a snake, a snake bites you see
we come down to its tale and then continue you see assuming I climb up like this and
finally come here finally come in here just in case I put two from here the snake bites
and I may have to come down to twenty three so that’s the rule of the game, the point
is anyone who reaches hundred wins the game. So bhawana where were we I think I was eighty
one, you were on eighty one, I was on eighty seven ok yah perfect and I should I play maybe
I play once more, I think you were about to getting bite by snakes so let’s go, but
I was explaining the game I think I should get a second choice. No no I don’t think in this game you will
get a second choice hey come on I am not a cheater cock so let’s continue from here
one two ok fine I will accept that it was two!

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