MkLeo & Mew2King Smash Ultimate Guide | Snake

MkLeo & Mew2King Smash Ultimate Guide | Snake

(machines revving) – [Narrator] He mentioned
something interesting. Cipher is pursuing new research. He claims that what
they’re doing in Africa is the missing piece. A weapon to surpass Metal Gear. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Snake. (upbeat music) (bleep) – Hi, everyone, this
is Mew2King and MKLeo. We’re gonna be talking about the Snake. Welcome to the next episode of Echo Fox Character Guide in Ultimate. We’re gonna be talking
about Snake this time. So what do you think
about the Snake, Jason? Is he nerfed?
(mysterious music) – At first, I thought Snake was much worse than he was at Brawl, but
the more I play the game, the more I realize that
relative to the cast, he’s actually really, really good. I think he’s actually
a top tier character. (MKLeo groans) – Well, I don’t think that
way, so that’s why we’re going to make a video.
– Snake was top tier in Brawl, and then he just
came back for this game. – ‘Cause everyone is here. – Yeah, so he just returned too. – And Metal Gear is like Snake’s game. He’s like, is he like Solid Snake,
Naked Boss, Big Boss? I don’t remember, it’s like Solid Snake, something like that, and so he’s here ’cause everyone is here. Metal Gear is his game,
so we’re gonna be talking about combos with the Snake, basic combos. – I don’t think Snake’s
really a combo character. He’s more of a just win
neutral over and over, and I’m heavy and have grenades and trade with few characters. And kills early.
– Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, he was just–
– He’s not really a combo character.
– Yeah, he doesn’t have any good combos, but the basic combo is like okay, I’m just gonna, I think a good combo at zero percent is like up throwing into–
– Oh, you can up throw to up tilt.
– Up tilt. – Yeah, you can up throw-up tilt at zero. – And that’s like that’ll
only work at zero percent. Like the other combo is like okay, if you get hit by a grenade, I can just punish you that way. – And you can down throw
at 160 or like 158, 159, and then you can get a guaranteed buffered
up tilt, which kills. If you get a grab at like 159,
you have a guaranteed kill. – Yeah, it’s still–
– But that’s about as far as it goes with combos. Other than that, you’re
just spamming grenades and up smashes and all that stuff, and then the explosions combo into other explosions.
– And dash attack. That’s really good.
– Yeah, that’s not, dash attack’s a really good move, but it’s not a combo really. It’s just like a really good move. – Yeah, any combo–
– Standalone. – Every combo that he has
is literally just like, okay, I’m just gonna
hit you with a grenade. If the grenade just hits
you, I’m just gonna hit you right after.
– Yeah. – That’s pretty much everything. Okay, well neutral game. I think that Snake has one
of the best neutral game in the game since he’s just
like throwing grenades. He can just pull out
two grenades at a time, and one is just gonna explode. You can just throw it up, down, front. Like just put it in your hand. Like just be like super safe. If you’re in a high
percent, if you get hit, the grenade’s gonna explode, and you’re just gonna be safe again. That’s a good way to get down actually. Snake’s a super heavy character. So imagine if you were playing,
I don’t know, versus Pichu, if Pichu tries to hit you, so the grenade is gonna hit Pichu, but it’s gonna make 15 damage. So 15 damage for Pichu is like way worse than 15 on Snake ’cause
the thing is gonna kill him at like 150.
– Yeah, it’s because Snake is much heavier.
– And Pichu’s gonna die at like 60.
– The thing with Snake is he’s heavier than most characters. So when he pulls out a
grenade and trades with you, since he’s heavier, that damage, even though it’s the same number, it actually means less to him than it does to a lighter character. – Yeah, in case you don’t have a grenade, you can just do like dash
attack, random dash attack, then there’s run to dash grab and like there’s nothing
you can get out of the grab. You can just throw into
that grenade or something, but dash attack’s actually
like the main thing Snake does besides throwing grenades.
– Yeah, his dash attack’s completely busted, it’s super, super, super good dash attack. – I can’t like–
– His dash attack. – Even if you’re just throwing grenades, it’s still really hard to do. ‘Cause I actually, I used
to play Snake in Brawl. But I didn’t use grenades
so I know like Snake that didn’t even press B. – Yeah, same with me,
I don’t really press B. – So I just don’t know how
to use them, to be honest, even though I know–
– There’s one way. You press B.
– I mean, yeah, I know. Like even though if I
press B and I get hit, like 15 percent, you get 15 percent, unless you’re like super afraid to dash. But still, I’ve used none myself. That’s why I don’t do it.
– Yeah, I’m just, we’re not used to it ’cause
we’re not Snake players. The basic idea is you’re
up here and plant, spam a grenade, you have to hit his feet without touching a grenade. And depending on the character,
that might be easy or hard. You can also, when you wanna
like zig zag in the air, when you’re goin’ here,
you press B and right. Wait, let me try that, I messed it up. Wait, let’s zig zag in the air, hold up. See, like that, if you
press B, you can press away, depending on like a one
to three frame window, you just press B and away and
you can zig zag in the air. So it makes you extra hard to hit. So instead of just falling and doing it, where it’s kinda easy to
tell where he’s going, you can just zig zag it yourself. I call it zig zagging. And that’s another way to land. So you have to like predict the zig zag, and then hit his feet, also
without touching a grenade. Otherwise, you both blew up. And that gets Snake out of
disadvantage with a trade, which is not what you want.
(Snake grunts) If you’re a bad Snake, like
me, you can just dash attack. – You can just do dash
attack, and it’ll still be like super safe and win some. – You can just like dash attack. (Mew2King laughs)
– Obviously, you’re not gonna be like beating all players, but even if you don’t know
how to throw grenades, you can just dash attack. And you’re gonna be okay.
– And there’s C4 recovery. – Yeah.
– You can just– – I mean, that’s a trick.
– Oh yeah, that’s a trick. – For Snake’s weaknesses, I
always say Snake’s weakness is like recovery. He doesn’t have the best recovery since he doesn’t have a
hitbox when he’s recovery. And he’s always looking to be in the air. So he’s always trying to recover high. – Yeah, he is really–
– He is, he is– – Well, Snake can also go low like this. – Yeah, sometimes–
– And air dodge up, and that’s pretty hard to cover. A lot of characters can’t. The best they can do is like back air him up against the wall,
like they can do this. But then, like, that’ll either not hit hard
enough or it will hit them, like you can just walk tech. ‘Cause wall tech in this game is easy. He missed it there, but all you have to do is hold the R button.
(upbeat music) So when you do that air dodge
up I just did, like this, it’s pretty, it’s safer than you think, ’cause most characters
can’t get a reliable spike. Like if you have a reliable
spike, that’s different. Most characters can’t reliably spike him, and then the cypher can hit him. So by just doing this,
and then air dodging up, it’s usually pretty safe.
– Game! – But I wasn’t, I didn’t
know he was gonna tech it. – He didn’t react to it.
– So I wasn’t. – He doesn’t know the reaction time.
– No. – I wasn’t even pressing R.
– Jason, okay, Jason– – ‘Cause I wasn’t–
– Mew2King. – I wasn’t fighting you.
– Mew– – I didn’t know you were gonna hit me. – The legendary Mew2King doesn’t
have reaction time, okay. – Yeah, I don’t, I–
– And– – I’m just. The intelligence, the IQ is just so high, it makes up for my lack of
other natural talent areas. I don’t know, I was just like– (phone rings) (intense music) – We can just do a tutorial of the tricks (sighs). I should have taken a shower. Why didn’t I take a shower? I smell so bad, do you want to smell me? (intense music)
(phone zaps) – So Snake’s recovery, you
just do this over and over. And then you recover. – Yeah, even if they–
– And then you hold down. And you hold down, again,
this takes a lot of skill. You hold down and mash B. (Snake grunts) – Even if you have a bad recovery, you can just go super, super low, just throw the C4, down B.
– It’s like actually easier in this game.
– ‘Cause you know, and you just explode yourself
and you get back to the stage. – Yeah, it’s–
– You can just all the time. – It’s so easy in this, I
feel like it’s even easier than in Brawl, you just literally
just press down B first. You hold down and you press B. – There!
– Just be careful ’cause at some percentage,
you’re just gonna start dying, ’cause the C4 is like really strong. – Yeah.
– There! – You’re dying in the 100’s for sure. All you have to do is, you
get this, it’s really hard. You hold up left and you mash R. – Roll. – You got me.
– Yeah, yeah, I’m super smart. That’s pretty, that’s like, I don’t know why. Like we’re just doing all the characters we just don’t know a lot. (Mew2King laughs) – Doesn’t matter.
– Snake wins! – Yeah, it just doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re learning. Gonna say our final stuff.
– Oh, the other thing we didn’t mention: Snake’s really good at a very important part of
the game called ledge trapping, and all you have to do is
up smash over and over. – Stock battle!
– Just up smash. Just keep up smashing. That’s it.
(upbeat music) And now you’re good, now congratulations, you’re good at ledge trapping
’cause you up smashed at the ledge.
– Congratulations, you’re gonna start winning tournaments. – Yeah, that’s all you have to do. – Congratulations.
– If they’re at the edge– – You’re gonna be the next Mew2King.
– You up smash. – You’re gonna be the next
MKLeo in like three years or four, so congratulations. Okay, we’re gonna be
ranking all the attributes for Snake.
– Yeah. – Combos, recovery, and we’re
gonna start with combos. – Oh, I did, yeah.
– I will give– – I already gave him a C.
– A C. – He’s not a combo character.
– We already told you everything about that,
about the character. He’s not a combo character.
– His combos are just like the up smash.
– He’s always gonna be– – A grenade hits you, yeah.
– He’s only gonna be able to get grenade into something else. That’s pretty much it.
– Or up smash into something. – That’s pretty much everything. – He’s not a combo character.
– Obviously, at 160 percent, he’s able to get down throw into up tilt. – Actually starts at like 158 and a half. Someone told me.
– Okay, and it’s like a kill confirm, that’s
pretty much everything. He’s basically just
grenade into something. – Yeah, I was thinking once you learn, when you learn how to use
Snake’s Nikita properly, you can edge-guard like every character. But it’s a learning curve, but that move is way too strong. And if you do aim it right,
you can cover their options. So then, even if they
make it back to the ledge, Snake can just up smash to ledge trap. And since we have them
grouped together in this– – So yeah, I think it’s a S. And the same thing.
– That’s why I think it’s this, yeah.
– Side B is like super strong. Literally it doesn’t matter
where your opponent is. The Nikita is just gonna follow them. – Aim it at them, yeah.
– And shoot them. Neutral game, it is–
(upbeat music) Obviously a pretty good one
too, we already said everything at the beginning of the video. Just throw grenades, even
if you don’t know how to throw grenades, just dash attack. You get out of the disadvantage. If in case you’re in
disadvantage, just try to pull out the bomb, and
the bomb is gonna blow you and your opponent and you’re gonna get 15. He’s gonna get 15, but he’s
just gonna be worse for him. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause you’re a heavy character.
– It’s one of his stronger traits.
– Then, you can just start killing them super early percent and keep throwing grenades.
– Yeah, it’s literally just grenades, and then
some characters are, some characters can handle
the grenades and some can’t. So like an example, you’re
fighting a Game and Watch, Game and Watch’s just neutral
can beat Snake’s neutral. But then, some characters like Donkey Kong is not really gonna be
able to do anything, and he just gets blown up. – Okay.
– I think his kill power is S because he has tons of way to kill you. Nikita kills like 100 percent. Down throw-up tilt at 160,
and I know you’re usually not living that long anyway. But Nikita itself killing at like 100-ish, up tilt killing at like 110. He has a lot of ways to
just reliably K.O. you. – Same thing as Jason, literally
every move is a kill move at some percent, so.
(upbeat rock music) One of the strongest
character in the game. – I think move, oh yeah,
I was thinking that too. I was thinking movement would be– – You sure you did it?
– I think movement’s a B. Might even be a C, actually.
– Yeah, his movement is not that good, he’s just–
– His movement is not very good.
– He’s just basically the grenades, if he can, I think I give him a B ’cause
he’s just throwing grenades over and over, but his
movement is not that good. Like he’s only gonna be
able to just dash attack, throw grenades, but he can’t do much. – But he’s also, it’s like, he doesn’t need the movement ’cause he’s always guarding
himself with grenade and shielding anyway, so it’s like– – Yeah, it’s like–
– He doesn’t really need movement, that’s the thing. – Yeah, that’s why I put a B.
– It might even be a C. – ‘Cause he doesn’t need it,
but yes, he’s really good ’cause even if he just,
if he’s not moving– – He’s protected with the bombs. – Yeah.
– I think he’s like low end of top tier, like the bottom
end of top tier, in my opinion. But some people like Salem
and MVD think that like, MVD believes the character’s like top 10. And then, Salem believes the
character has no match ups that he can’t win, so the
top two Snakes right now believe in the character a lot. And I feel like that’s worth mentioning. – I think he’s–
– He also has good results. – Top of high tier, I don’t
think he’s that strong. – I think he’s bottom of top tier. – He’s a super basic character,
so you can just think that version of the character. I agree with edge-guarding the character, he’s not gonna be able
to something, like a lot. It is Snake, we’re done here.
– It’s Snake, we’re done here. No, I can’t sound like him. I only sound like him in my head. I can’t do it!
– I can say it in Japanese. (speaks in a foreign language)
Snake, we’re done here. Don’t put this in the video. Okay, thank you for watching
this episode of Snake video on Echo Fox Character Guide. This was Jason and Leo! So I will see you in the next video. Just let us know what character
you want us to do next. Subscribe, hit the
bell, and don’t forget to keep supporting Echo Fox and us too. (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – [Snake] Colonel, I’m dummy thick. (upbeat music)

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  3. I know this is kinda a beginner guide and they're both really good players but I think they shouldn't give out bad info saying you just put out random explosions he can get punished pretty hard if someone knows how to play vs him

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