Mississippi River Boating FUN ♥ BRILLANT Orange Sunset Skies (WOW!)

Mississippi River Boating FUN ♥ BRILLANT Orange Sunset Skies (WOW!)

It’s a gorgeous day to be out on the
Mississippi River. We’ve been spending most of our weekend’s out camping so we
haven’t used our boat much this summer so I’m looking forward to an adventure
out boating. Hi I’m Randi and this is my channel
Randi’s adventures I am so thrilled you’re here and if you haven’t already
done so please hit the subscribe button so we can adventure together! and we are off we’ve got some people
fishing off the pier this is a Mississippi River oh my gosh it’s beautiful we’ve got a barge downriver there’s a big log out in the water
yep there’s something the water right here is 28 feet deep
explain that one we’re gonna do go down here a little bit and find a
place to launch a boat and we did it here Tom take princey not a bad place to spend some time on
the Mississippi River Tom’s getting their handy-dandy ladder
out oh good girl can see look at all the wildflowers here so we think that over
here is poison ivy look at it it’s got three leaves on one branch we think this
is Poison Ivy’s so I think we’re gonna leave this spot all right we’re off the course the importance Minnesota here we go yeehaw look at will be landed and that’s how you anchor a boat and
this is called Sand Point we’re gonna go for a walk along the
shoreline pretty gorgeous huh look at this tree root system that’s a mayfly here’s what’s kind of
special about Sand Point is the fact that it goes on and on into the river oh my gosh there’s a snake ah come on guys
let’s go oh it let’s see how far we can walk and no more snakes please company let’s go we are now leaving Sand Point such a gorgeous night on the Mississippi
River that’s sunsetting Wow oh my gosh just look at those skies we’re heading back there’s Lake City marina and that’s
where we’re gonna pull in you

10 thoughts on “Mississippi River Boating FUN ♥ BRILLANT Orange Sunset Skies (WOW!)

  1. ♥♥♥ I am so thrilled you are here and thank you for watching my video! If you haven't already… please hit the SUBSCRIBE & Bell buttons above so we can adventure TOGETHER! Randi ♥♥♥

  2. What a wonderful day of boating! Thanks for taking us with you! Princess acts like a playful puppy! She is so cute! The sunset was magnificent! Great camera work!

  3. Recently found your channel, I grew up near the Mississippi River near Lake Village, Arkansas… That sunset is just beautiful… thanks for sharing… -Amanda

  4. would so love a boat great video looks so fun looks like princess loves the water. thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Love the water too-! We had a pontoon "party" boat years ago but was a lot of maintenance so sticking with 'land' activities from now on, lol! We have a couple of "friends-with-boats" that we enjoy going out on Lake Cumberland (Ky) with and love it. Question re: Sand Point – would it have been possible to set up a small tent there and stay all night? What a cool spot!
    Safe travels m'dear! ~💜

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