Mikhail Tal’s Pac-Man Pawn

Mikhail Tal’s Pac-Man Pawn

you hi everyone it’s Jerry let’s have a look at a brief game played by me Kyle tall in 1969 this was during a cyma like pieces his opponent in this one is Veera dog I don’t have any other info about this player this is a brief game and yeah purely for entertainment only an 18 mover and the opening on board it is a Sicilian open Sicilian and we get to see the dragon variation tall ops for the Yugoslav attack so in this one tall ends up castling queenside black on the other hand doesn’t castle this seems like a pretty standard position King be one the usual follow up after you Castle queenside over protect a two in this case rook c8 is very sensible after g4 the typical pawn storm g4 or h4 this is where black now goes astray on move 11 trying to prevent g5 with h6 but this only invites h4 move played in the game in an eventual breaking open of the Kings side so this was not a good decision in blacks follow-up move of a6 is far too slow Bishop b2 simply completing development now that the rooks are connected what is able to get on with g5 and is ready to have an open is ready to have the H file open up so here we go 95 g5 hits der takes recapture rook takes rook pop-quiz to you what move would you play as white feel free to pause the video okay here we go the title gives this one away I realize pawn takes Knight no immediate recapture in the corner after rook takes rook what do we do here one more pop quiz feel free to pause the video okay this time we can’t take we’re in check how to recapture the rook here’s the star move of this game well kind of here we go Knight takes rook see what just happened here Queen is under fire after Queen takes Queen now what do we do feel free to pause the video okay here we go pawn takes Bishop game over you don’t recapture the Queen this is a hungry pawn this guy is now unstoppable white will and get a queen and there’s nothing to be done best in this position is in the computer’s eyes to just run white could then just get a queen take a rook and then recapture and be up two minor pieces it’s a sneaky recapture really at this stage Knight takes rook I wasn’t that was the eye opener for me just releasing an attack against the Queen and the in-betweener F takes G game over anyhow that’s all I have for you I hope as usual you maybe found this one mmm enjoyable not sure how much instruction there is with this one anyhow feel free as usual to leave any feedback to this video in the comment section below and yeah I hope you enjoyed it that’s all for now take care bye you

98 thoughts on “Mikhail Tal’s Pac-Man Pawn

  1. I love how in the position after Qxd2 all the minor pieces defend each other. The bishops protect the knights, and the knights protect the bishops. Perfect harmony allowing this great fxg7 move. Thanks for sharing Jerry!

  2. You could analyze one of your viewers games. That could be fun. You could do it at random with increasing levels of play.

  3. When I play the Sici I always go for 2. …Nf6 after 2. Nf3. Of course, since Tal's opponent played 2. …d6 and lost, we can all assume that that is a terrible blunder!

  4. Misha might be my favorite professional chess player of all time. What a distinctive, dynamic style he had! What a pleasant personality! Thank you for this upload Jerry – even if it's not terribly instructive beyond "don't play h6 in this line", it was still a lot of fun 🙂

  5. Imagine a blitz chess simul where Jerry plays against several people who have just learned the rules of chess and he only has his king and pawns

  6. Why isn't 18 … Qxd1+ 19. Bxd1 Kd8 just better? seems like you would only be down a bishop as black, instead of 2 minors?

  7. I'm going to my first classical chess tournament, and rn I'm unrated. and just 1800 at chesscom. can anyone give me any tips for my first classical tournament?

  8. I just discovered Mikhail Tal through your other video's today. Absolutely love his tactical play. The fact that you uploaded another game on the same day shows it was meant to be <3 Thanks, Jerry!

  9. the entire pacman song from the beginning of a game went through my head crystal clear when i saw that pacman. what a game at the time.

  10. gg!
    I had a pretty good Sicilian game tonight too where I won in about 30 moves, I beat a 2000 player (he used to be 2200 but at his floor now)
    I didn't play the end of the game perfectly but my USCF rating is only 1670 at the moment (but after this tournament since I've beaten 2100, 1900 and 2000 it should go up a lot).

  11. Tal accurately calculate the tactical pressure point in this game.but jerry make a longer video of tal.thanx

  12. When Jerry didn't hope you got something out of it at the end of the video 😭😭😜

  13. Great game .excellent commentary.hello Jerry .that other day I was watching one of your videos and it din 't have that signature noise of yours at the beginning and I felt cheated.stay chesnenwork.love you man

  14. Can you please upload more of these and stop uploading alpha zero games?
    Im so addicted to your channel and to your videos, but i hate computer vs computer analysis, id like to see how chess prodigies would think..
    It feels more "natural" to watch human games rather than cpu games..
    And thanks jerry for everything you do, your good at this.

  15. This was interesting: I am a regular (free) member at Chess.com, so I get 2 tactics exercises and 1 "chess lesson" per day. Fifteen minutes ago (before I checked YT notifications for Jerry's upload) I proceeded with my preset study plan and went on to solve a puzzle of the section called "The Amazing Combinations of Mikhail Tal – Part 1". Now you guess what position was today's challenge… What a coincidence!


  17. Jerry is not only a good teacher but also have a great creativity, otherwise who would think it as a Pac-Man pawn?

  18. You should stop putting -er to words like "In betweener" because you sound like basic YouTubers who make moves with water bottles.

  19. Well, it was educational for me. I learned to look. When a capture becomes possible, look for a parallel attack move. The capture can wait. It can make possible a stratetic move otherwise blocked.

  20. Love this video style. Quick and fun showcasing that while chess is of course extremely technical, not every chess video has to be. Definitely hoping for more of this same style in the future to complement the typical in depth analysis videos.

  21. This is amazing! Thanks for posting this one, when you see it laid out like this everything looks so clean and simple but everybody who plays Chess knows what kind of genius mind must be behind such a style of play.

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