Mikhail Tal interview for Serbian TV (Chess Olympiad Novi Sad, 1990)

Mikhail Tal interview for Serbian TV (Chess Olympiad Novi Sad, 1990)

PIRATE FROM RIGA Tal in fluent Serbian: Until 1960. I was a big fan of Botvinnik First time I was against
him was in 1960s 🙂 But Botvinnik plays different chess than me and probably better chess as you know, Botvinnik is a chess art and me, I am a chess gamble 🙂 I was born on 9th on November 1936. When I was 4, my cousin who was 5 years older, came to Riga we were competing in everything, and of course, in chess too and that’s when my first official chess game was played game ended in four moves, I got checkmated with most simple mate For some people chess is creativity For others, it is art For some of them, it is sport And all of them are right ! For me, chess is a cocktail 🙂 And every man mix it for himself Some like more logic Others paradox That’s why chess is universal drink 🙂 I will answer very shortly, Tal was my role model when I begun to play chess He is fantastic player, I have played against him recently, it was amazing experience Mikhail Tal created something new in chess and that is legality of material sacrifice That was considered as adventure, but he made it regular method of fight over the board and enriched the game of chess with it When I was too young I used to sacrifice the queen later, when I was a little older I used to exchange the queen know I am married, so I keep her 🙂 I always liked literature, so when I finished high school I studied and graduated Russian Language and Literature I have favorite wife, favorite son, favorite daughter, favorite grandchildren But I also have favorite chess player There aren’t limits in chess, yes there are only 64 squares and only 32 pieces but for me chess is limitless. Mikhail Tal was one of the most brilliant chess players ever he was in such a run that he smashed all competition But because of his wide meaning of life he maybe left improvement that he reached in his best times Tal translated my book to Russian, for me that was incredible He came to my home and tell me that he was told that he would need 7 days to translate 250 pages ”But for me one hour should be enough” 🙂 So he took one small glass of Votka and translated the whole book on tape recorder And his translation is much better than my original Brilliant player, he’s enhanced game of chess He was a good chess player I feel perfect I have never played a chess game to lose 🙂 I’m very conservative, and by now I cheer for GM Tal 🙂 IF YOU LIKE MY VIDEOS, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. THANKS!

44 thoughts on “Mikhail Tal interview for Serbian TV (Chess Olympiad Novi Sad, 1990)

  1. The great Wizard. Not only a technical, also a romantic player.
    Please could you add the songlist?
    Thanks for sharing this interview.

  2. Perhaps much better than Fisher in playing style. Fisher himself considered Tal a great competitor. Kasparov lost to Tal in one rapid chess when the latter was so ill.He is remembered by his constituents not only as a chess genius but also gained great admiration on his character off the board. Great mixer, very respectful, friendly ….etc towards other players. The only player who despised his playing style is Botvinik during there rematch in the Chess World Championship.Botvnik commented Tal as a player without regard to other pieces, referring maybe of sacrificing materials to gain advantage and lead to a king capture. At any rate he is entitled to his opinion on his comrade. Botvinik is a World Champion too and his contributions to chess school in Russia was enormous producing World Champion like Kasparov who ruled the chess world for 20 years. But Tal has a completely different style and difficult to copy. Even modern players could easily be a prey. If he had not been sick and still be around a lot more interesting games to see. The magician of Riga was long gone but his immortal games still remain in records

  3. Really great to see the man in his own element, honored by his own people. Thanks for sharing this video with us.

  4. "When I was too young, Iiked to sacrifice the queen. Later, when I was a little older, I liked to exchange the queen. Know I am married, so I keep her." lool

  5. Prelijepo ste ovo uradili svaka cast, za mene je ovo legenda šaha i stvarno je on osvjezio šah i mnogi su zavoljeli šah bas zbog velikog mihaela talja… LEGANDA ostaje da zivi…

  6. You got to give chances to create chances. Too many players nowadays, including Magnus Carlsen, are content with a draw. Look at the 2018 World Championship: all draws. Tal is rolling in his grave. Chess should be about taking chances, about "gambling" as the Magician from Riga said. Not fruitless sacrifice of pieces, but maybe a piece sacrifice every once and awhile! Unfortunately, we have engine lines into known draws. There's not enough incentive to create brilliancies anymore. Its a shame. Tal was the last of the chess romantics

  7. I learned to value position over piece worth from him. His pieces could ALL be equally dangerous. What a MIND !!!

  8. The greatest attacking grandmaster ever lived with his own style that no one in this world an copy for ages… The longest unbeatable streaks…. The legend… My hero… GM MIKHAIL TAL

  9. Really I love him more than the another chess players. I enjoy to see the analyze the games from Mikhail Tal. Thanks for this video.

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