Mikhail Tal beats Kasparov in 17 Moves – 1 Month before his Death

hello everyone this this game I’m about to show you was played in the Moscow blitz tournament in 1992 and well Michael Tao is playing with the white pieces and Garry Kasparov is playing with the black pieces so it’s quite a match and although there’s a lot of controversy to this game well I wanted to know one thing that well Michael tile came straight out of his hospital bed just to play this tournament and so let’s see this game between these two great players Michael Tao is white and Casper is black so Michael table is efore c5 Knight to f3 d6 Bishop to b5 check Knight to d7 d 4 we have Knight to f6 doll castles because power plays a6 Bishop captures on b7 night temperatures on d7 Knight to c3 e 6 Bishop to g5 attacking the Queen Queen to c7 rook to e1 because power of casters on d4 and tile captures with knight on d4 Knight to e5 top plays f4 and cause power plays h6 attacking the bishop so tile plays Bishop to h4 and to the spiral plays g5 and here tau plays F captures on e5 a very sharp move because power plays G captures on h4 and now south plays he captures on d6 and Bishop captures on d6 and in this position a Michael Tao plays Knight to d5 so Kasparov captures he captures on d5 he captures on d5 with check from daruka me one and power plays King to f8 and in this position mikata played Queen to f3 and in this position power of didn’t resign will rather the time on his clock ran out and why I said that there’s a lot of controversy to this game a lot of people say that this game didn’t last only 70 moves that it lasted longer although there aren’t any evidence to this claim and another thing is that well because param is actually better in this position but what you should take into consideration is that Kasparov uh well he had to spend a lot of time to find the right moves to review stout ideas and as part of himself said in an interview after this game that well even though he retaliated in the second round and even though Apsara won this tournament this game against McHale tal is the only game he lost and he said that even though he calculates it extremely fast pal simply doesn’t have to calculate foul just sees what move has to be played and so this is the one last great game by Mikkel tau well I say great because he made the the reigning world champion lose some time so this was Garry Kasparov of 1992 the reigning world champion and well we could say that this was Kasparov in his prime and even he wasn’t able to stop me caught out with the white pieces so yeah this and well maybe some of you don’t know this but one month after this game was played Michael Tao died so yeah a very nice game to remember and a nice piece of chess history and well that’s it for this game I want to thank you all for joining in on my streams I started streaming some games well every day since I’m on vacation now and there were a lot of you in the stream almost 100 people and I hope I managed to play at least each of you once and for those of you who are interested tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. I will be holding a tournament for subscribers on Regis oh you’re welcome to join in on that so this is the game last game played by Michael Tao a less grey game against Garry Kasparov and I hope you enjoyed this game as short as it is but it again until this illustrates nicely the style Tao Tao always played in and this is style he continued to play for the rest of his life so as usual you can check two of my previous videos here and see soon

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