Miama Ŝarko | La Plej Stulte Amuza Ludo Iam Ajn

Hello everyone, this is Evildea, your god. And today I will play “Miami Shark”. Well, according to my friend, it is
a very good game, and I will enjoy it, because maybe it has
sharks. It is strange. He saw a shark game,
and he thought: “Hmm, Evildea should play this.” What? Do I like sharks that much? Not important. I will start the game. Indeed, I truly do not know, what the purpose of this game is, he simply said, that I must play. So “How to play”. Oh good. I can jump on top of the boats, and break things. Great. And bite aircraft… what the shit?! Oh, I must play! Oh good. Indeed, how do I play? In fact, I did not read that. Oh, good, good. I can jump to the.. Oh what? I just caught a helicopter. What else can I catch? Oh, I very much like this game. Oh, Dolphins! No no no no. Oh, can I attack that? I want to eat. I can’t jump. Why not? Oh. Haaaaa, you must jump ON the boats, and then you can eat them. Ha, the helicopter, I just need to attack them, and pull them to the water. Oh, what? Oh, I can capture aeroplanes, yes, I remember now. Come to the water, my friend! I have a gift for you! Is … Oh the air force is here! but are they ready to attack … Evildea … come then! I want to eat the aeroplane! Not aeroplane, army helicopter. Come to the water, my friend. I hope that they can’t shoot me, because that wouldn’t be a good situation. Come to the water, my friend! You’ll find in it … the dead! What else can I eat? Dolphins! No … Oh, I could eat the captain. Eat it! No no no. No! Shit! I couldn’t capture the plane! Image, if really, in the real world, you were in a boat and saw this shark. A flying shark of death! Dolphins! Ha! ha! A pineapple! No no. Not a pineapple. Don’t confuse those words. Pineapples … are fruits. Ducks are birds. But I often make that mistake. I don’t know why. Perhaps because the two words are the same! Oh! a flock of birds! Come … A ferry! Mmm, tasty, I particularly like the your skin. How stupid is this cat! It is awesome. Oh, I must tell my friend, that he’s the best person whom I know to recommend this game to me. and in fact, I want to play again! Can I eat that, in fact? I can even eat the ship, which says that I can start. Oh? What happened? Oh no, I just want to play again. Thanks. Eat the … duck. Don’t confuse the words! A helicopter … come to the water! Come to your watery grave! How stupid is this game. Come to the water! Get in the water! It would be great, if I could change my species of shark to another. “My God, save me!” No one can save you from the Evildea shark! Even the air force can’t! Haaaa shit, I could spend the entire night, playing this stupid game. Imagine how heavy you’d need to be, as a shark, to catch such a big plane. Maybe because I ate the other boats etc. Oh, again an aeroplane. Shit, I’m a good player. Come to the water, and get in my stomach! Shark? No. There isn’t a shark here! Oh no, I want to eat that group of woman, because most likely, they would be more delicious than a group of men. for me, because I’m a male shark. Come here! I want to eat that gigantic transport plane! Oh, a flock of birds, come here! No, I want to eat more birds! Come to my mouth! Get in my mouth! Oh, noooooo … what else can I eat? There is … a pod of dolphins here. No no no no. Don’t end the game! There’s … there’s still many things, which I want to devour. Nooooo … Ferry get in my belly! and you, sail boat. So. I really liked this game. I rate it highly, and you must, at least once, play it, because its … really it is such a fucken interesting game. So if you liked this game, like it, share it around, subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you in the next film, and if you’re not there, I will fly at you, like a flying shark. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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