Methi Ke Ladoo Recipe । मेथी दाना लड्डू । Fenugreek Seeds Laddu

Methi Ke Ladoo Recipe ।  मेथी दाना लड्डू । Fenugreek Seeds Laddu

Namaskar! Welcome to Today we are going to make fenugreek seed laddu. Fenugreek seed laddu is very beneficial
and can be eaten as a medicine. It is very beneficial for new moms. Eating fenugreek seeds also reduces back pain
and joint pain caused when the weather is cold. Fenugreek seed laddus are not just beneficial, they’re also very tasty. So let’s start making fenugreek laddus. Fenugreek seeds (Methi dana) – ¾ cup or 125 grams Wheat flour (Gehun atta) – 2 cup or 300 grams Jaggery (Gur) – 2.5 cup or 500 grams Desi ghee – 1.5 cup or 300 grams Almonds – ½ cup or 100 grams Gum Resin (Gond) – ½ cup or 100 grams Green cardamom (Chhoti elaichi) – 10 to 12 Black pepper (Kali mirch) – 10 to 12 Cinnamon stick (Dalchini) – 2 inch Nutmeg (Jaiphal) – 2 Cumin seeds (Jeera) – 2 tsp Ginger powder (Adrak powder)
– 2 tsp (This is also known as sonth powder) Milk – 500 ml To make fenugreek laddu, first we will grind the fenugreek seeds. Wash and dry the fenugreek seeds. Put them in the grinder. Fenugreek seeds have been grounded. Boil the milk. Now add the fenugreek powder to it. Boil the milk. The milk is boiled. Cover and soak the seeds in milk for 3-4 hours. Once the seeds mix properly and become
fluffy, we will make the laddus. The fenugreek seed powder is completely mixed in milk. The fenugreek seeds are fluffy now. Now roast the fenugreek seeds in a pan. Add ½ cup ghee to the pan. Let it melt. The ghee is melted. Now add the fenugreek powder to it. Cook the fenugreek seeds till it
becomes golden brown in colour. Cook it on medium flame. Keep stirring the dish after every few minutes and
make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Roast the fenugreek seeds for 20 minutes on medium flame. The fenugreek paste has acquired a shiny texture. It also does not stick to the pan The oil is also separataed from the fenugreek seeds. There is a little change in colour. Our fenugreek seeds are now roasted. Take them out on a plate. Turn off the flame. Now let us roast the gum resin. But before that break it into tiny pieces. If big pieces of gum resin are roasted,
then they remain hard from inside. Break the gum resin into tiny pieces. Break the nutmeg into tiny pieces. After this put all the masala in the mixer to grind. Let us prepare a powder of the masala. Add nutmeg, green cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin
seeds and sonth powder to the grinder and mix well. Now grind them. The masala is grounded. Take it out in a bowl. Now grind the almonds the same way. The almonds are grounded. The gum resin is broken into tiny pieces, so we’ll roast it. Add ghee to a pan and let it melt. The ghee is now hot. Roast the gum resins in medium hot oil. Add the gum resins to the pan. Keep roasting the gum resin till it is fluffy
and it becomes golden brown in colour. Roast it on medium or low flame. Once the gum resins are brown in colour, take them out from the pan. Turn the stove on low flame. Roast the remainning gum resin as well. Roast the gum resin till it is fluffy
and it becomes golden brown in colour. Now add the wheat flour to the leftover oil. Add some more ghee. Add the flour to the pan. Roast the wheat flour on medium flame
till it becomes a little brown in colour. Keep stirring and mix everything well. Cook it on medium or low flame. Make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. The flour is roasted and we will get a little fragrance from it. Turn off the flame. Take out the flour on a plate. It will take about 20 minutes to roast this much flour. Roast the flour on medium or low flame. We have roasted all the things. Now let’s prepare a syrup using jaggery. Add 2 tbsp ghee to the pan. Let it melt. Break the jaggery into pieces and add it to the pan. We are making the laddu using jaggery, but you can also use sugar. If we take sugar then we do not need to make a syrup, we can
just grind the sugar or even take khand and add it directly. The quantity of jaggery and sugar can be as per your requirement. Add 1/4 cup water to it. Cook the jaggery till it is completely roasted and a syrup is made. Till the time our syrup is being prepared, let us grind the gum resin. Put the gum resin in a tray. Press it using a rolling pin this way. Roasted gum resin is brittle, so it will grind very easily. If the gum resins remain hard from inside, then it would be difficult to make a powder. Make sure to roast the gum resins on medium or low flame. The jaggery is completely mixed in water. Let us filter the jaggery, as it will remove all the impurities. Filter the jaggery. Add the syrup to the pan and cook it for some more time. Our syrup is ready. Now turn off the flame. Remove the wok from the stove and keep it aside Now add evrything to it. Firstly, add the roasted fenugreek seeds to it. Mix it thoroughly. Now add the roasted wheat flour. Mix well. Add the gum resins. Add almond powder. Add the masala that we had prepared. Mix everything well. The mixture will have a thick consistency once it is cool. Then prepare the laddu. Mix everything properly. Take out the mixture in a bowl so that it cools quickly. The mixture is now cool so let us prepare the laddus. Pick up the mixture and roll it in a ball. Fenugreek seed laddus are not too big in
size because they cannot be eaten much. Prepare all the laddus in similar way. Prepare all the laddus in similar way. Fenugreek seed laddu is now ready. This quantity is sufficient to make 50 laddus. We have used crushed almonds in the laddus as we have made it for elder people. If we are making these laddus for new moms, the we can
put swmall pieces of almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts. Mix it the same way. We have used chemical free dark coloured
jaggery so the laddu are dark in colour. We can use light coloured jaggery which
will give it a light colour to the laddus. If we use crushed sugar, khand or tagaar then
the laddus will be more light in colour. You can make laddus by using the ingredients
of your choice or as per availability. Keep the laddu in open for 4-5 hours, this will help it set.
You can store it in a container and enjoy it for up to 2 months. Make Fenugreek seed laddus this way, eat them and
also serve them to the old people in the family. Share your experiences with us at We will meet soon with a new recipe. Please do subscribe to our channel.

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  1. nice recipe your explain it receipe procedure is very good. i have one question please answer me how soft methi laddu after 15 days what ingredients use what the procedure

  2. Hello mam…I like your every recipe…I like your way of talk..mam I wanna ask u, gond Jo aap use krte ho usk or kya kya name hain.use m shopkeeper se kya keh k mangoo… ek to kateera gond hoti hai kya ye vhi hai….pls tell me..I m confused…

  3. Thank you so much Nisha ji, these laddoos are awesome. Hope they help me in my recovery too.The only change I made was because of my gestational diabetes I used less Gur. I used besan instead of wheat flour. Just want to share it with you. The recipe is perfect……, yummy….., out of the world.

  4. Ma'am
    Maine suna hai ki methi k laddu pregnancy k aakhri mahino me bhi kha skte hai… mtlb ki 8th or 9th mnth me….
    Agr ha toh kya mai iss recipe ko follow kr skti hu….
    Mera 8th mnth chl raha hai…
    Pliz rply as soon as possible

  5. mam Nisha Madhulika aapka methi ke ladoo ki receipy pasand aai mai ye janna chahti hu ke mujhe 2kilo ke banana ho to kitna saman lena hoga ye bataye take mai apni bati ke liye banau thank you

  6. Maam u r the best, and my mother prepared these laddus as per your recepie and now I want to ask u a question that can we store these laddus in fridge for a year as my family can not finish them in this winter season and we have prepared them in more quantity .Plz maam suggest the answer to me .

  7. Mam maine yeh ladoo 2 baar banaye. Dono baar ladoo nai ban paya..matter thoda patla ban gaya isliye mujhe usse ek dabbe me store kar k spoon se nikal k khana pada. Jab ki aapne jaisa kaha maine waisa hi banaya. Fir mujhse ladoo kyu nai shape me aya? Aap plz batayenge mam…? Taki me fir banaungi toh ladoo shape me aa jaye

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  10. 2 साल पहले मेथी के लड्डू बनाए थे क्या अब भी खा सकता हूँ

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