Metal Gear Solid V: MGS1 Solid Snake Mod

Metal Gear Solid V: MGS1 Solid Snake Mod

Welcome to Outer Heaven. …break the curse of my heritage… …first, I will kill you! We have rules around here. Never draw a weapon on a fellow soldier. You got that? Anyone here can use a knife or a gun. What you’re going to learn is how to use your head. When you get that under your belt,
then you’re free to leave. The female sniper… “Quiet.” Cipher’s assassin… Finish her. She’s one of the Skulls. Hurry up and kill her. No – killing her would be a waste. Bring her back here. Boss! Boss! Slipped the line, huh? Shame… She’s one of a kind. Fine by me. We don’t need her type. Boss, we need to talk. Get back to base.
Everything else can wait. Where is he? I told you, your father’s not here. They’re back. Yes, they’re back. But don’t get any bright ideas. Your quarters are under full surveillance,
your weapon privileges suspended. No more uprisings for you. Did you really think it would be that easy, “Commander?” You’ll get your boys back, see the Boss, too. But first, I need to know what you sent them to do. They wanted to leave. To their homelands? They wanted to go home. That’s all. So, they were just homesick then? Not quite… Militia warlords, PFs, the armies
that murdered their families. Cousins, brothers, parents… They all had someone they wanted to kill. I told them, “last chance to
face the world with no regrets.” Last chance…? You’d better be ready if
you’re dragged back here. Ready to face the world as enemies. No! I’m not like you! Goodbye, Snake.
I don’t need you anymore. Was Ralph really an accident? Or did Eli just rig it – to stir up the boys? Either way, he had to have
been planning for this all along. Bidding farewell to the world.

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  1. Oh my God! The Modders got Snake's MGS1 Design right this time.
    Now if only we can get the belt straps on his back. Then it'll be complete!
    I would like to see a Leon S Kennedy from Resident Evil in this game someday. 😄

  2. Modders still putting in work, props 😎

    Imagine if konami threw the source code out there like remedy did with Max Payne 🤔

  3. Important note:
    The cigarette atm doesn't replace the phantom cigar in the cutscene, but I can rectify this in the 2.0. I'll let y'all know when it's done.

  4. I can’t tell if this mod keeps Snake’s mullet.

    I really love some of the subtle editing we see throughout this video. Like hearing Liquid’s lines when he’s about to attack Solid Snake, or when we faintly hear “The Best is Yet to Come” when Solid Snake is hesitating to shoot Wolf.

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