Metal Gear Solid V: MG2 Solid Snake Mod

Metal Gear Solid V: MG2 Solid Snake Mod

You, too, have known losh. And that losh tormentsh you shtill. You hope hatred… Might shomeday replaish the pain. But it never goesh away. It makesh a man hideoush, inshide and out. Wouldn’t you agree? We both are demonsh. Our humanity won’t return. You. Me. We’ve no plaish to run, nowhere to hide. And that ish why I’ll show you my demon. Follow me, Big Bosh.

8 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid V: MG2 Solid Snake Mod

  1. Perfect scene for this one. Nice work. Would've been funny if you dubbed "snake" over "big boss" at the end with like a Siri voice or something lol

  2. Is there a way to use Sean Connery bosh for targets in the game like a heavy infantry with these guys as guards? I'd love to recreate a sorta mini-boss fight with these models.

  3. You actually edited the audio as well to give him Connery's lisp? It wasn't one of the targets, but that's given this video an extra like.

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