Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater History Of The Series

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater History Of The Series

These are the first words we see in Metal
Gear Solid 3. Once more, raising themes of war, battle,
and history. Up until this moment, we’ve seen games from
Metal Gear Franchise in the right chronological order. We could witness how again and again Solid
Snake had to fight back against circumstances and forces of antagonism in order to protect
what he thinks is important. But all those circumstances, people he met
and facts he could find had something in common – Big Boss. One of the most famous and strongest mercenaries
of all time and a personal mentor of Solid Snake himself. In this game, the story goes back in time
to the point where the whole story started. Today, we’ll be talking about Metal Gear
Solid 3: Snake Eater. The game was released in November 2004 in
North America, December in Japan, March 2005 in Europe and Australasia. As we all remember from the previous video,
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty was a huge breakthrough in the technical aspect,
but at the same time, general feedback showed that Hideo Kojima and his team overdid with
the overall plot presentation a little bit. As a result, MGS3 was sold almost twice worse
than MGS2 – only 4 million copies, but you cannot say that this is a bad game by all
means. Of course, there were, are and will be a lot
of people, who like and even adore MGS2 for its complexity. But, that game left a few major questions: Who are the Patriots? Is Vamp immortal? Who is Olga’s child? Is it true that Liquid’s hand took control
of Ocelot’s mind? If you are new to the series, I strongly recommend
you to watch previous videos in this series or even play these games yourself, if you
still haven’t done it. Instead of continuing the plot Kojima decided
to go back in time and not only to give us another playable character again, but also
show us the FIRST episode in Metal Gear Series. Chronologically, this game takes place even
before the events of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake on MSX. And this whole game is dedicated to showing
us who Naked Snake, further knows as Big Boss is. His character, motivation, attitude and what
actually led him to the path we are all aware of. At first Metal Gear Solid 3 was supposed to
be released on PlayStation 3 because some technical limitations didn’t allow Kojima
and his team to fulfill all his ambitions. At least at first. But the release of PlayStation 3 was not so
determined and it was decided to release the game on PlayStation 2. His ambitions were really high. He decided to let people play in a half-open
world. Of course, such an explanation sounds like
an immersive simulator like Dishonored or Prey, but not so complex of course. How is it you might ask? Well, generally it’s a linear game, but
there were several possibilities to pass through segments. Besides, players had to pay attention and
interact with the environment. The game has become much deeper, with more
complex combat, more gadgets suitable for 1964. We’ll discuss all new mechanics, features,
and possibilities slightly later. For now, let’s dive into the plot and get
to know the main characters better. This time we’re playing as another Snake. Naked Snake – a special member of the CIA
forces unit FOX, which is not completely approved and acclaimed by the government. The genetic father of already known Solid,
Liquid and Solidus Snakes. Again, no questions why they look so much
alike. Besides, this time it’s really simple to
identify Naked Snake with Solid Snake since they look so much alike. His attitude and behavior, though, is much
lighter. He is not as dark as Solid Snake and doesn’t
have a dramatic story…yet. He seems like a nice guy but will turn into
a villain in some perspective, and it makes you wonder what experience will turn him into
the best and well-known mercenary in the world. Again, Kojima manages to intertwine his own
vision of a game with real political movements in the world. Caribbean Crisis, threats of nuclear war and
President Kennedy’s assassination. During this mission, this FOX squad has a
chance to prove themselves to the government and be officially reorganized into a unit. At first, their mission seems quite easy. All they need to do is to land in Tajikistan
and capture a certain scientist Sokolov, who specializes in rocket engineering. At first, he was working in the USSR rocket
program and was heavily responsible for the first launch of a man into space. His full name is Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov,
and the prototype for this character was probably a Russian scientist Andrei Illarionovich Sokolov
– a Head of Strategic Rocket Scientists, who created a great number of works dedicated
to rocket and missile engineering, took part in creation of the first satellite and scientifically
proved the proper place to build Baikonur Cosmodrome. After some time Sokolov in the game realized
that he knows too much and his knowledge can be used in order to create massive and homicidal
weapons and asked the United States of America for shelter in 1962. The USA agreed and gave shelter to him and
his wife with a child. As a result, Sokolov and his family were moved
to the USA. Unfortunately, after some time later The Cuban
Missile Crisis, also known as the October Crisis of 1962, struck. I’m not gonna retell every aspect here,
I’ll explain you only important parts. As a result, in order to solve confrontation
peacefully, the USSR, among other demands, insisted on taking Sokolov back. In order to avoid nuclear war, the USA agreed
but decided to interfere and save the scientist sometime later. Sokolov was taken back to the research facility
and forced to continue working on the weapon under KGB supervision. For those who may not now KGB – is a Committee
for State Security. It was the main security agency for the Soviet
Union up until its break-up in 1991. For half of a year Soviets’ been conducting
nuclear tests and, in order to perform another test the heads decided to move Sokolov to
another test field. Usually, such moves are accompanied by lower
protection, so it’s the best chance to get Sokolov back. Snake lands in Tselinoyarsk – a non-existing
city somewhere in Tajikistan. By the way, if you choose “I like MGS 1”
at the beginning of the game, you’ll see Snake right away, but if you choose “I like
MGS 2” in the beginning, you’ll see Raiden, or better to say his mask. To tell you the truth, it can be confusing
to see Raiden in this game several times, but it’s purely a reference. Naked Snake is a great name here because it
reflects the character and game mechanics as well. Weapons, equipment, and food must be found
on site since there aren’t supposed to be any American Soldiers in Russia since it’s
a violation of international conventions of warfare. This is another vision of stealth missions,
although Snake still has some gadgets and weapons with him, but we’ll talk about them
after the plot. Our support team this time consists of Major
Zero, Para-Medic who would definitely make a great career on youtube criticizing movies
and…THE BOSS – Snake’s mentor and teacher. She’s one of the most important people to
Snake, although they haven’t seen each other for 5 years. She’s an excellent soldier, her battle experience
is outrageous. And she even can tell that Snake lost his
weight judging by his voice only. But we’ll be able to see her excellent abilities
several times in the game later. By the way, The Boss concept was supposed
to have a tattoo of a snake on her chest, so when she fires a gun, her chest would shake,
giving the impression of a laughing snake. So people would talk about her: The last thing
you see before your death is a laughing snake. But it was rejected after all. Snake reaches the place where Sokolov is held
and releases him. By the way, it’s possible to kill Sokolov
during the mission, creating a so-called time paradox. Such a thing may happen several times in the
game in various situations that happen to contradict future we already know. Although Sokolov is concerned about a certain
Volgin of GRU with a code name Thunderbolt – he’s a member of army’s extremist
faction and wants power. GRU is the military intelligence service of
the Soviet Union. Let these small video essays to be a bit educational. Besides, it’s much easier to understand
some episodes of the plot if you know such things and organizations. But don’t worry, this one is the last in
this video. I don’t really want to bother you with too
many names, so I’ll just tell you that Volgin – Thunderbolt, wanted to overthrow Kruschev
– an extremely important statesman and figure of that time – and let Brezhnev and Kosygin
take his place. Volgin also possesses different bases much
like we are at now to test weapons. Besides, he wants to take control of a secret
weapon that’s held there. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s another,
almost the first version of Metal Gear. Here Snake and Sokolov meet…Revolver Ocelot
and oh, I do love this introduction. Kojima confessed, that Ocelot is a manifestation
of all Wild West characters, will this self-confident attitude and his tricks with his guns. And if before this element was not so vivid,
now it’s much more obvious. Even the music here gives you the sense of
Wild West. I sincerely enjoy how Ocelot and Snake behave
here. They mutually admire each other, although
they are enemies. They test each other’s nerves, senses, abilities,
and knowledge. They definitely have something to learn from
each other. In the end, Snake manages to fight back Ocelot
and his men and we see this fancy gesture from Ocelot “You’re pretty good”. Snake and Sokolov manage to escape and notice
the thing Volgin Thunderbolt will probably be trying to steal. Another Metal Gear – the Shagohod. (scene) But it’s not fully complete since
they have to complete phase 2 – the weapon’s TRUE FORM!!! That will probably lead to the end of the
Cold War…and the beginning of a world one. And it’s not possible to finish it without
Sokolov. On our way, we meet The Boss and at first
think that she’s come here to help us. But…it turns the opposite way. A swarm of hornets attacks our heroes and
kidnap Sokolov. For the first time, we see Volgin and realize
why he was called Thunderbolt. We are truly SHOCKED to find out, that The
Boss betrayed us and joined Volgin’s unit, along with some presents called recoilless
nuclear warheads – Davy Crockett. Snake tries to fight back, but the Boss is
much stronger than he is so, she breaks some of his bones and throws him into the river
below. I like the staging in this scene, and through
some small details, we see how Boss is actually concerned, although she behaves really tough. Snake wakes up in the bank of the river and
manages to provide first aid to himself, which is met for the first time in the series. Again, all mechanics and features – after
the plot. Major Zero tells Snake that they will drop
a recovery balloon. And although this fact may not seem so significant,
it actually is – because of the events that will happen later. Meanwhile, Shagohod is being carried away
by Volgin, Ocelot and a certain captured woman, who happens to be Sokolov’s assistant. And Volgin decides to test the new toy he
got from The Boss. Although Ocelot is against it since their
countrymen are still there. But Volgin doesn’t care, because in the
eyes of publicity it will be the American defector – the Boss, and not him. In other words – he sets her up. I will ignore the range of a nuclear strike
here because otherwise, Snake would be dead already. The introduction of this game is clearly inspired
by the most famous secret agent 007. You’ll be able to see a lot of great references
to these movies and these characters, like a good-looking man meets a good looking woman,
and they are both secret agents and all that stuff. Besides, there are even direct references
to James Bond. The music also has vibes of some spy-ish atmosphere
showing camouflage and snakes majority of the time. The narration jumps one week forward. We are told, that Snake is now considered
a traitor, but the FOX unit has a chance to purify its name. But how did everyone know that there were
Americans in the first place? That’s all because of that aircraft that
was noticed by Russian’s radars during the nuclear strike. THE AIRCRAFT, that was sent to rescue Snake. But still, everyone is sure now, that the
person who decided to launch the bomb, was the Boss. So now, Snake and his unit have to prove their
innocence and prevent the start of another war by completing 3 conditions: Rescue Sokolov – the man, responsible for
the Shagohod creation; Find out what’s happened to Shagohod – an
early prototype of Metal Gear and; Eliminate the Boss – a worldwide known hero
of the Second World War and one of the highly praised soldiers in the world. The operation is called Snake Eater, in order
to achieve these goals Major Zero tells us about Adam and Eva – Snake will have to
meet them and have support. Speaking about support, now, the Boss’s
place is taken by mister Sigint, also known as Donald Anderson. You may ask yourself, where you might hear
that name. He will become the DARPA Chief in future and
will play his role in Shadow Moses incident in Metal Gear Solid. On his way to meet Adam, Snake meets the Boss,
where she, once again, shows her supremacy. *scene* Still, Snake continues his mission and meets
Eva, although there was supposed to be Adam. Eva is a very seductive young lady, who is
clearly interested in helping Naked Snake. By the way, she doesn’t even try to hide,
that she’s trying to seduce…khm…Naked Snake, if you know what I mean. Eva gives Snake a gun and scientist disguise
in order to infiltrate a laboratory where Sokolov is being held. Sexual tension rises, but Snake has to take
a break. In the morning Snake realizes that they’ve
been surrounded by Ocelot and his men. Once again, we can see the chemistry between
Ocelot and Snake. They enjoy being rivals, but they don’t
actually want to kill each other, they just want to test each other’s limits and skills. Even when they have a chance to kill Ocelot,
Snake stops Eva from doing it. After some wandering, we meet Ocelot again
and have to duel him. We can use the environment in order to reduce
his health and stamina. But your aim is your best helper here. While fighting you’ll be able to consult
with your supporter Sigint in order to find out more information about the guns Ocelot’s
holding and how to beat him. Swarms of hornets show up and our heroes have
to retreat. Snake jumps into the river and finds himself
in a cave. It’s really dark there, but you can find
and use a torch. BUT Snake’s eyes will eventually get used
to the darkness inside. That’s another interesting detail about
this game, and there are still dozens of them, but I’ll only mention them further as the
text goes. We meet the pain, that guy who controls hornets. Actually, this boss fight is not something
unique, in my opinion, you just hide underwater, and shoot your enemy when he’s not covered
in bees. After defeating him we see Sokolov under custody. We learn that the woman we saw earlier in
the helicopter was Tanya, or Tatyana – Sokolov’s helper. She has a strong resemblance with another
woman we know, don’t you think? And the game desperately tries to take clothes
off her. After eliminating the guards Snake enters
the laboratory and finds a certain man called Alexander Leonovich Granin, who used to be
one of the most famous and important scientists in the USSR, who created dozens of different
weapons. He shows Snake the blueprints of a revolutionary
bipedal battle machine called Metal Gear. But it turns out that Granin’s project was
terminated and Philosophers’ Legacy was handed over to Sokolov. Here, for the first time, we hear about a
certain Philosophers’ Legacy. And this Legacy is a big, better say, enormous
sum of money, that ended up in the hands Volgin’s father. This Legacy allows to create new weapons and
execute tests without the support of any government. Snake also learns, that the final test with
Shagohod will be conducted the following day in the weapons factory and the main base of
Volgin called the main fortress of Grozniy Grad. Granin also wants the Shagohod to be destroyed
and decides to help Snake. And although the fortress seems impenetrable,
Granin claims that there is a tunnel under the fortress that will allow Snake to enter
the base. On his way to the mountains where entrance
into the tunnel is situated, Snake meets the Fear. And, apparently, he’s the master of eating
yogurts without a spoon. The Fear uses a stealth camouflage, bet Snake
can use his gadgets in order to detect and defeat him. Eva contacts us and informs that the entrance
to the tunnel is sealed and Snake needs a key to get in. She offers to meet, but first, Snake has to
fight through the End – a legendary sniper. By the way, you can kill The End even earlier
in the game. In this case, this boss fight will be replaced
with Ocelot Unit. And if you only injure him, he will have less
health during your battle. OR, if you save your game before your fight
with the End and come back a couple of weeks later, the End will die from his old age. If it’s too hard for you to find the End
you may notice his parrot on the level, and, after catching and releasing it, it will fly
towards his master, revealing his current position. Snake finds Eva. She tells Snake that Shagohod is about to
be completed soon and gives us the key to the tunnel. In order to get into the lab, Eva offers to
disguise himself as Ivan RAIDENovich Raikov. As obvious as it is, this one is a reference
to Raiden. But this is just a reference, just like at
the beginning of the game and has no connection to real Raiden. On his way to the laboratory, Snake meets
the Fury, another boss. His origin is quite simple, after coming back
from space he wanted to see the world in flames. And the flamethrower he’s equipped with
generously helps him with that. But again, Snake deals with him and manages
to infiltrate the laboratory. Snake finds the real Ivan Raidenovich Raikov,
takes him out and puts on his clothes. Snake finds Sokolov and sees that he gives
Eva something that looks like an audiotape – this is all of the experimental data for
the Shagohod. Instead, she asks him to tell her about The
Philosophers’ legacy, but Sokolov replies, that no one but Volgin knows about this legacy. Besides, Shagohod is almost complete. Now it’s almost ready to launch a nuclear
weapon from any point onto the United States. And Volgin will be able to perform massive
production based on this prototype. In order to prevent that and save the world
from a nuclear war, Snake decides to destroy the Shagohod and the whole facility along
with it. Then Sokolov starts a monologue about a theme,
I’ve never really thought about. All those scientists of past and present,
do they really want to create weapons to kill people? Sokolov wanted to build space rockets, explore
space, but instead, he was made to create weapons of mass destruction. You can call me narrow-minded, but I honestly
haven’t even thought about it. We are all people, and we all have something
and someone we care about. And, if you are lucky, you have someone out
there who cares about you. At war, if you don’t do your job, you’ll
be destroyed and someone else will take your place. So, does it make any difference for such people? You are screwed up this way or another. Volgin exposes us in a very specific manner. Have you noticed how many men around want
to touch Raiden character slightly below his waist? But the Boss interferes and captures Snake. In the process of…khm…interrogation Volgin
mentions that the Philosopher’s legacy is in his possession right there – in the underground
vault of Grozniy Grad. During this torture, Volgin demand Boss to
prove her loyalty and asks her to cut out Snake’s eyes, but Tatyana, I mean Eva, protects
Snake. In the end, Snake still loses his right eye,
it gets shot by Ocelot. After this mess Eva tells us that she’s
prepared an escape route, meanwhile, Snake will be kept in a cell. And there are several ways even to solve this
problem. You can use your codec to open the gate. There is a possibility to get out of the cell
if you throw some food at the guard 3 times. He will confess that his name is Johnny, just
like Snake. This one is an obvious reference to Johnny
in previous MGS games. Then in the process, you’ll be able to notice
the code to unlock the sell. Besides, if you throw some rotten food at
him, he’ll run to the toilet, just like previous Johnny in MGS and MGS2. OR, Johnny himself will give Snake his cigarettes
back. But that is actually a gadget with sleeping
gas in it. You can even rotate the model of Snake in
Survive menu and he will puke. Did you even know he could do that? I’m saying all that just to show how such
a small and simple episode provides you will so many options to pass through this segment. Snake escapes the laboratory and gracefully
jumps into the river. On his way, Snake will witness visions about
fire, rain, and people he killed. I mean literally, all people you, as a player,
killed in this game; the more ghosts here will attack you. This is the Sorrow’s doing. He’s been present in this game all along,
because he possesses powers of a medium, although he died two years ago. All you have to do here is to walk through
the river and…die. And it may take several times before you realize
that in order to continue you have to take a revival pill. Oh, I haven’t told you about this one yet. In this game, you can fake your own death,
but if you stay in this condition for too long, you’ll die for real. In order to bring Snake back to life, you
should take another pill that revives our protagonist. Eva contacts Snake and tells him that she
knows the perfect place for their meeting – in a cave down the river. And…well, you know…Eva finds a transmitter. Although their sexual tension is at its peak! Eva and Snake decide to split up and plant
bombs onto Shagohod and the facility itself. In the process Eva and Snake get captured,
it turns out that Eva was actually found in the underground vault, sneaking around. And Volgin, being a good boy and just like
all villains of the 60s shows them the Philosophers’ legacy and explains to them what it is. Or, the microfilm, that contains all necessary
information about this Legacy, to be specific. If you put it in one sentence, this is an
enormous sum of money. This sum of money consisted of finances from
3 great countries: America, China, and the Soviet Union. This money was to be used in order to provide
funding for research and military operations to overcome crisis and war. After the war, this legacy was divided back
between these 3 countries. Volgin’s father was one of the men in charge
of managing the Philosopher’s legacy divided it into several parts and performed various
transactions in order to help The Soviet Union to have the whole sum of money. All those transactions are recorded on this
microfilm. And Volgin inherited this microfilm along
with the legacy. Another battle begins. This time with Volgin. And, what a surprise, Ocelot even decides
to help us, he gives us a gun and a knife. The best tactic against Volgin is to use CQC
and avoid his attacks, obviously. But since the bombs were planted we don’t
have too much time. In short, Snake and Eva manage to escape and
destroy the Shagohod and the facility. In the end, we have one last boss to fight
– the Boss. Just like at the beginning of the game she
shares her thoughts about what it means to be soldiers. That there is no absolute friend and absolute
enemy. She tells us about the history and how easily
it can sometimes be manipulated. She tells the story of the first Earth satellite
and the first human in space. And how she was chosen as a test subject secretly
sent into space. About how all these politics, economics and
the arms race are meaningless arenas for competition. And honestly, I cannot say anything here and
stay silent at the same time. Just think about it. In the last century, humanity lived through
2 World Wars, Cold War and nuclear strikes. Was it really necessary? Wasn’t there any other way? I don’t really know. But aren’t people just tired of fighting? Tired of killing and blood. In the end, one has to kill another. There will be only one BOSS fight left. And Snake completes his mission. Before her death, The Boss gives him the microfilm
with Philosopher’s Legacy she received from Volgin. Snake has to kill a person, who’s been a
friend, a teacher, a mentor, a mother to him. This one another extremely strong episode. And it will even receive more value in the
end. Snake and Eva try to escape on the plane,
that was prepared by Eva earlier. But Ocelot is not done with them yet. Luckily, it doesn’t last long. The level of direction here is outstanding,
in comparison with games of that time. Just look at this. And this is the game, where various cutscenes
may be triggered based on your actions. The most vivid example is this choice whether
to shoot Ocelot, to be shot by him, or intentionally miss. There were more, of course, but this one is
the most representative one. This way or another, Ocelot decides to part
friends and jumps off the plane. Snake and Eva manage to escape. After an extremely not passionate night, Snake
is left alone with an audiotape from Eva, where she reveals all her secrets. First of all, she confesses, that she wasn’t
sent by KGB, she was an agent of the Republic of China. After all, she didn’t answer the question
“Who are the Patriots?” Besides, she won a jackpot, not only did she
steal the Philosophers’ Legacy, but she stole the nuclear missile launch data from
the Shagohod. The only one she couldn’t fool was the Boss. Besides, they knew each other, from a long
time ago. And the Boss made Eva promise her, that she
wouldn’t kill Snake and would send him a message. The Boss didn’t betray her country. She sacrificed herself. She let Snake kill her and finish his mission
and stop the beginning of a nuclear war. In such an unstable political situation, the
nuclear strike from another country, people of which were not supposed to be there, could
start a nuclear war. But the Boss didn’t allow that to happen
and let everyone save the quo status. For everyone around, the Boss will be remembered
as a traitor. No one will ever know about what path she
had to go through, to make things the way they are. No one will know how much pain she had to
endure, how many lies she had to tell and how many people she had to kill. How her child, Ocelot by the way, was taken
away from her right on the battlefield. How she had to kill the person she loved – the
Sorrow. I think the Boss represents the whole situation
about unnamed heroes of war. There were probably many noble people, who
died for their countries, but will be forever buried under a thick layer of dust and ash,
lost in the oblivion. For everyone who says that games are just
a childish way to kill time, let them play this game. It definitely has something to say and questions
to ask. I do enjoy games, which make you look at things
at a different angle, or make you ask questions you never would ask yourself otherwise. Although this is all a fiction, it helps you
open your eyes towards the objective reality. Yes, it may sound silly, and not for all people,
but I really think this way. And the worst part of all this, since the
Boss, was never a traitor, the heads knew about it all along. It was the ultimate order. Such hypocrisy. In the end, the FOX unit gets officially acclaimed
by the government, but in 1970 Major Zero disbands FOX, but one year later, Naked Snake
a.k.a. Big Boss establishes FOXHOUND, carrying on
the traditions of Major Zero and his FOX unit. Also, the game answers one of the questions
that were raised in MGS2. In 1970 The United States accumulates the
remainder of the Legacy. The U.S. branch of “Philosophers” changes
its name to the “Patriots”. In the end, we hear the voice of Revolver
Ocelot. Turns out, that the film Eva supposedly stole
was a fake and the United States has the most part of the money. The KGB though may still have part of the
legacy. Besides, he speaks about Granin’s research
about Metal Gear, since the Shagohod was destroyed. Besides, it turns out, the Ocelot was ADAM,
Snake was supposed to meet in the beginning, and he is a triple agent! In 1972 “Les Enfants Terribles” project
is complete. The sons of Big Boss are born. But this is another story. That’s been the almost complete story of
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. “Almost complete” because I intentionally
missed some details, that may be not relevant to the plot in my opinion. Still, there probably will be people in the
comments section, who will be able to reveal some important or interesting details about
this game and I definitely don’t mind! The game was very positively acclaimed by
both critics and players. Even now it has a very high rating on Metacritic. Many players say that this is their favorite
part in Metal Gear series. And I cannot disagree. Even if you played this game as a child or
a teenager, it may be interesting to replay it now, with all that knowledge and experience
you have behind your back. For now, let’s talk about mechanics since
some of them changed dramatically. Right from the opening theme, we notice, that
this game clearly has some James Bond vibes. Kojima said that he and his team clearly got
some inspiration from there. The chemistry between Snake and Eva also has
this feeling that everything is going to end up well, just like in every James Bond movie,
until the awful truth strikes. You’ve probably noticed that the setting
is different. Now all the action takes place in Tajikistan
or some parts of Siberia. For those who don’t know, *with laughter*
it doesn’t look this way. There are no jungles in Russia, Siberia or
Tajikistan at all. I get it, it’s a creative interpretation,
so why the hell not. Those signs in the game are still better translated
than in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. Of course, it was hard to get rid of close
and plain rooms and switch your attention to jungles, since there are grass and many
ridges. It wasn’t easy to make Snake’s movement
look realistic in this environment. Yes, there may be some rare bugs and glitches,
but in general, I think, that developers made a good work here. Well done. I think the setting was presented in such
a way in order to use a brand new camouflage system. You see, in this game, players could switch
clothes and makeup of Snake in order to blend into the appropriate color patterns of the
environment. There is an indicator in the right top of
the screen, that allows you to monitor how well you can be noticed by your enemies. The closer your numbers are to 100% the better
you are hidden. But if you let guards get closer to you or
you draw somebody’s attention, you’ll be noticed for sure. The combat system was significantly improved. According to the plot, The Boss along with
Naked Snaked developed a so-called CQC – Close Quarters Combat. Sometimes it’s much better to knock down
your enemies than to kill them. Using this combat system Snake could throw
his enemies down, knock them down by choking, slit one’s throat, use enemies as a human
shield and even threaten them to get some useful information. In this game, just like in previous ones,
Snake has a tranquilizer gun. And in my opinion, it was slightly too overpowered,
since you could put down to sleep the whole area. This time game developers decided to show
a different approach which, by the way, would fit and look authentic for the era. Besides, this tranquilizer gun and some other
weapons received silencers that could wear out and had to be replaced. This whole game received the element of survival
since everything you use has a tendency to wear out or run short. The system of health points and healing was
changed as well. You see, Snake has two bars this time. Heath Bar and Stamina meter. Stamina meter reduces with time – based on
what actions Snake is performing. For example, if Snake was running upwards,
not only would he run slower, but his stamina would run out faster. That’s a nice little touch if you ask me. The more stamina you have the easier it is
for Snake to aim, attack, and heal himself. Yes, in this game you will rarely be able
to use anything that will HEAL you straight away. Instead of that you’ll have to wait so Snake
could regenerate, and it’s not some kind of regeneration like Wolverine from X-Men
has. Here you’ll have to wait for about 5 minutes
on the normal level to recover your health from zero to hero. You can refill your stamina by eating food. If your stamina reaches below half, your stomach
will start to growl. And this is one of the most interesting innovations
of that time in my opinion. Hunting. After killing an animal it will turn into
food, although variations of food recover a different amount of stamina. Besides, with time Snake will get used to
the taste of products even he doesn’t like and it will be recovering more and more stamina. The food in your inventory may also rot, but
even this food can be used. You can throw this food at dogs and after
eating it they will not attack you. Poisonous food can also be used, just like
in the fight with The Fear, but dogs won’t eat it. The process of hunting is performed schematically
and grotesquely, some may say, but in my opinion, it’s enough for a game. Besides, I should remind you, that this game
was released on PS2, so even this amount of technical possibilities is impressive. In the game, you can full your stamina up
by listening to some radio songs. You get the frequencies interrogating some
guards. The frequencies change according to the game
difficulty level. Speaking about frequencies, you can find out
different frequencies from the guards, in order to discontinue the state of alert or
call for fire support. Besides necessity to eat, Snake had to avoid
injuries, obviously. But, if Snake encountered enemies, he could
get injured; those injuries could prevent Snake from regaining health and stamina, or
even start reducing it. For example, while wandering through the swamp
some leeches could stick onto Snake’s body. In order to get rid of them, players had to
use cigars to burn them. If some of Snake’s bones were broken players
had to use bandages, use the ointment for burns, and apply stitches for cuts and bullet
wounds. This healing process is performed instantly;
I mean you won’t have to wait for half of the game when Snake’s bones heal or something
like that. This resource management is rather tough on
higher levels, so players had to be extremely careful. The famous Soliton radar, that was presented
in MGS and MGS2 was transformed and separated into 3 gadgets: Anti-personnel sensor, that
vibrates when an enemy approaches you; motion detector, which detects only moving objects
in a certain radius, which is good for detecting patrols and active sonar. When you use it will light up every living
object within a certain area. I mean EVERY living object, including animals. This was a great solution indeed. Your gadgets are authentic to that time, although
they keep the functionality of gadgets of the previous games. It adds more depth into gameplay by showing
new features and it reflects the time Snake was at that time. All gadgets Snake possesses use batteries,
which also run out with time. You don’t have to recharge them, though,
just stop using them, wait for a while and they will work perfectly. One more interesting…gadget if it’s okay
to call it this way was the pill that could cause artificial death. This death could fool your enemies and even
some bosses for a while, but if Snake stayed in this condition for too long, he could die
for real. To prevent that Snake had a special pill to
revive. The staging improved as well, Eva on her bike
alone is worth seeing, but at some point, it all became slightly more cartoonish in
some cases. Some say, that this was done on purpose, to
underline some truly serious moments and make players lull the vigilance. And I cannot disagree, it really works. Right here and now you think that you’ve
completed your mission, and literally 10 minutes later your perception changes completely. Shyamalan is nervously smoking in the corner. The game smoothly jumps from funny and sometimes
even ridiculous moments into serious and intense scenes. Speaking about staging I cannot forget about
music that helps you dive into the atmosphere of espionage action. Harry Gregson Williams, the main composer
of the previous game we talked about earlier, received an offer to make another soundtrack. For MGS3 this time. Harry said that he wouldn’t do it if there
were another Oil Rig, but he would really consider creating a soundtrack if the game
took place in Amazon jungles or something like that. But Kojima had this concept in mind long before
this talk, so, Harry Gregson Williams took the job. I really like his music. There was another composer for the MGS series
– Tappi Iwase. But not so many people now, that he got his
inspiration for the main themes from Georgy Sviridov a Russian neo-romantic composer. Just listen to this. Some people, including Kojima, were not so
happy when they found out about it, but nevertheless, I personally do love when creators are able
to bring new life and modify forgotten melodies. But still, this melody will not be heard in
future games of the series, unfortunately. Just like previous games, this one is full
of minor details, but they definitely work on immersion. For instance, you are able to shoot enemies’
limbs and it will be more difficult to use them. They will start shivering as well. Also, after some time, these guards will start
healing themselves. You can rotate the model of Snake for some
time and make him vomit. And…this can work out as a tactic. If you kill someone who’s supposed to live
in the following games, you will create a time paradox, and the game will end. You can throw some poisonous food at guards
and poison them with it. OR capture an animal and throw it at guards. You can put a book on the ground and make
guards read it, just like in the previous game. Variety and experiments are great! And it’s great for any game. All I have to mention now is that there were
several releases of this game. The first one – for PS2 consoles. Since it was supposed to be the trilogy, Kojima
wanted to use the same camera as in the previous MGS games. But, considering the area of action, it didn’t
look too well, although it could be more convenient in some cases. In HD Collection You can switch your camera
mode on the fly, by the way, by pressing R3. Or the right analog stick, if that’s more
convenient to hear. At the end of 2004 as a result of the reorganization
of Konami, Kojima Productions was born. This studio was still working under the protectorate
of Konami, although it still could be called an independent branch, where Kojima could
freely create everything he wanted. In 2006 the version called Metal Gear Solid
3 Subsistence was released, where players could find a modern camera, online mode (still
really raw, but nevertheless), and a secret theatre. The secret theatre is a mode where you could
watch some funny cutscenes with an alternative course of the plot. Also, Subsistence could be proud to have 2
original Metal Gear games. Not Metal Gear SOLID games, but Metal GEAR
games that were released on MSX at first. Six years later the game was ported to Nintendo
3DS. It’s hard to say for sure whether it was
a good or bad decision because 3DS is a portable console after all. FPS was far from high, the overall quality
of graphics was rather low, the camera was not free, but fixed, online was removed, some
materials were removed, and the amount of food was lowered. This way or another, it was still a playable
Metal Gear Solid. In 2011-2012 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
was released. The port was performed by Bluepoint games,
probably the best studio, responsible for ports of games for other platforms. Recent Shadow Of The Colossus is their doing,
by the way. Also, you are able to play this game on PS
Vita. Just like previous games, this one has a very
concrete and specific theme, pointed out by Kojima. The “Scene”. The moment, place, and time. How presence at a certain moment of time and
place can either turn the world upside down or save it. The Boss in this game is a manifestation of
this word and theme. This theme can be applied not only to soldiers,
although The Boss explains to players several times what it means to be a soldier. It can be applied to your own experience and
how you should find your own meaning and passion in life; how both body and mind synergize
together and give power in the most difficult situations. How points of view, place and time of even
uncontrollable events can change everything in the world. Everything is changeable and nothing exists
on absolute terms. Today’s good can become tomorrow’s evil. Today’s enemy tomorrow may become your friend. And vice versa. They say that one person cannot change anything. But is it completely true? Looking back to our history can you sincerely
say, that ONE person is just a pawn on the battlefield we call life? Some may say, that The Boss was a lifeless
and careless woman. And on the one hand, I cannot disagree with
this statement. So many times I asked myself why couldn’t
she simply tell “no”? But, this is what being a soldier means, you
cannot disobey the order, you are not allowed to have free will…only complete and unquestionable
dedication to your country and the orders of the rulers. Sometimes there is a job only you can do,
a job only YOU are good at. In my opinion, Snake suppressed the Boss not
because he managed to defeat her, but because he chose to think with his own mind, fight
for what HE believes is true and face the consequences of his actions and decisions. It’s been Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. I’ve told you almost everything I know about
this game. Well, probably except the fact, that there
is a novelization of this one, but anyway. I’m really glad, that there are people interested
in this kind of stuff. And I’m really thankful to you if you’ve
watched this video to the end. If you liked this video, I would really appreciate
if you could leave a like, comment and share this video for at least a couple of days. It really helps. Of course, if you haven’t subscribed yet,
feel free to do it. Thank you for your attention, ladies and gets. See you in several weeks. If you start a game with “I love MGS 1”,
then the game will call our protagonist is Snake. But if you start a game with “I love MGS
2” the protagonist will be called as John/Raiden. Now, although the levels are still linear,
players received much more freedom in their actions. In the beginning of the game we could see
somebody’s corpse, that was Sorrow, who was killed 2 years ago. You are able to shoot enemies’ limbs and
it will be more difficult to use them. They will start shivering as well. Also, after some time, these guards will start
healing themselves. While fighting the Sorrow you’ll be able
to meet the ghost of people you’ve killed while playing this game. If you haven’t killed anyone, there will
be nobody there, besides the Sorrow. The way of fast travel just like in Metal
Gear Solid 1 can also be found here. You can rotate the model of Snake for some
time and make him vomit. And…this can work out as a tactic. Versions of the game with worse and better
cameras. At first Kojima didn’t want to create such
a setting, because it was difficult to make animations realistic. Scene – central theme. Or time and place. Charismatic characters. There is a novelization. Kojima does exactly the thing – playing
the contrasts. Time Paradox

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