Metal Gear Rising: MGS2 Solidus Snake Mod

Metal Gear Rising: MGS2 Solidus Snake Mod

[MGS2 OST – Yell Dead Cell] Ready to call it quits? You’re tougher than I thought! Die! Not bad, not bad! Ddiiee! What’s wrong with you? Is that the best you can do? Damn! I’ve seen someone use that box trick before… Damn! You’re in my way! Get out of my face! Get out of my face! GET OUT OF MY FACE! This is where it gets interesting. [MGS2 OST – RAY Escapes] How’s this? Damn! Damn! How’s this? How’s this? How’s this? I’ll let you go out in style! [MGS2 OST – The World Needs Only One Big Boss] [MGS2 OST – Father and Son] This place is buzzing with flies! RUARGH Not bad, not bad! RUARGH Not bad… [Heavy breathing] Not bad, not bad! Damn! The world needs only one Big Boss! Die! Only a few more steps to Outer Heaven…

15 thoughts on “Metal Gear Rising: MGS2 Solidus Snake Mod

  1. I remember seeing this mod on shigu's mgr modding forum, its nice to see it's been released, even if unofficial. Speaking of which, there was a wip mod on there that turned gray fox into Mr.X, do you think you could recreate that?

  2. "How are you still alive!?"
    "After Big Boss stole all my body parts with nanomachines after he died I stole my body parts back and used parts of Solid Snake and Liquid Snake to rebuild me, my son."

  3. Now this begs the question…
    Who would win between Solidus Snake vs. Jetstream Sam?
    Yes, Raiden defeated and killed Sam. But I wonder who'll win in a actual fight.

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