Metal Detecting Civil War Battle Site RARE Relics Found!

Metal Detecting Civil War Battle Site RARE Relics Found!

so I just dug something really cool
that I’ve never dug before I just got a fired confederate bullet all right so Riley and I are out hunting
a pretty cool spot we’re actually up on a hill you can kind of see behind me
it’s pretty intense hunting here but first good target I got I’ll show you
what it is all right so I already got it out of the hole and you can see that
there is a three ringer fired three ringer definitely hit something on the
side here and then Riley also just got one yep right behind right nearby where
I dug it also a fired three ringer yeah you see this one kind of skimmed the ground
you see the rifling groove in it yep there you go we’re already getting good
stuff yeah it’s pretty good considering this
hill that we’re digging you can see is a rather steep so that is a good sign
maybe we’re onto a little hot spot here so we’ll see all right so probably like
I don’t know seven feet ten feet away from where I just dug that other three
ringer I got this three ringer here another fired three ringer
it’s a mushroomed three ringer it’s pretty cool so they were definitely
shooting at each other on this hill it’s told they were charging up this hill it
was very cool I’m sure there’s a lot more right here we’ll keep looking
all right guys so I just got something pretty cool I got this beautiful
fired three right here it’s kind of got a nice little blue tinge to it let’s see
the top it’s pretty interesting there that is a nice find that’s the third or
fourth fourth three ringer today I believe that is a pretty one though
there you go Got a pretty screaming signal and
like an inch down from the surface got this three ringer and it looks like it’s
dropped three ringer or maybe it was I think it was dropped well that’s pretty
cool yeah that’s dropped. It’s in great shape but
never ring around those two definitely dropped it’s beautiful that’s my first
drop three ringer from this site that’s awesome so right up here on this crazy
steep Ridge I just dug a mouthpiece – a bugle and this is super cool on its own but
it’s extra cool because Riley actually dug the rest of the bugle just a little
bit further down the hill just right over there
so this could very well be the piece the mouthpiece to that bugle so we’ll clean
it up bring it back and try and stick it in the buccal you’ve got and see if it
yeah see if it fits that’s awesome very nice all right so just got this or
starting to finish up here and it is a bucking ball so it had little hat with
size calorie one pill a little 31 caliber balls right on there that is
pretty neat right on the edge of a cliff very very steep kind of see how steep
these are there’s still stuff here though that’s awesome all right so I’m out here with Riley and
I just dug something super cool he actually dug one before did you dig it
at the same site yeah so he dug one before at the same site and I just dug
my very own to go with it and we’ll show you what this is here all right so there
it is pewter spoon handle there’s actually
other thought right on the back here right there right there there’s a little
eagle fly down right there not sure they’re gonna be able to see it Oh yep
you can just see it there right there you see the hallmarks going down like
beneath it wow that is cool that is a really great fine yay I’m excited with
that that’s great very happy over here and it is a little
baby pewter spoon handle broken of course but that is pretty cool it’s a
nice old find let’s see where’d I get it here we go that’s very nice goes with
the big spoon handle now we just need to find some bowls for him but that’s great so I just dug something really cool that
I’ve never dug before and it is a Civil War poker chip so they would have turned
a bullet into a poker chip to play with their checkers chess something like that
game piece so that is really cool I have to clean
it up and see what it looks like they scratch some things and do it there so
we’ll clean it up and see but that is incredibly cool that is my first one
ever so I am super duper happy with that that’s awesome we are about to leave and
I just got a great signal and Tuttle pulled a large cent out not exactly sure
what sort of variety it is here but you can definitely tell that it’s a large
cent you can see the 1 cent C states right
there and the United States of America that is awesome
good way to end the day all right so just dug this awesome accent here nice
and old that is very cool screaming signal definitely sounded like
big flat iron but we’re at a pretty old site with a lot of really cool old iron
so figured I’d dig it up and there it is I’m happy with that that’s really cool I
have to do some electrolysis on it clean it up you

64 thoughts on “Metal Detecting Civil War Battle Site RARE Relics Found!

  1. Wow, Maia, some wonderful civil war bullets, coin find, but I gotta tell ya, that mouth-piece for a bugle was absolutely epic! Congrats.

  2. You can still buy or forge your own 3 ringer ,they might be old, maybe not . You can buy 3 ringer for your muzzle loader any where

  3. What can I say.. awesome video as always and nice finds! A
    sincere pleasure to watch every time, Mademoiselle Détectoriste!

  4. most of my best finds were found on steep inclines, you gotta dig where people were most likely lose stuff and stumbling up and down is definitely a good place for that. Cool finds!

  5. I was wonderin what all ya found. Like all of it but that mouthpiece, killer save. Like all axeheads, such variety. Cool spot there, 👍enjoyed my friend.

  6. OMG, I dug that same bugle mouthpiece. CONGRATS. Great to see you two out digging again. Thanks for taking us along. I dug a 3 ringer game piece too. You ate finding some great stuff. And congrats on over 4k subs. I do YouTube live stream interviews with diggers. If that's something you'd be interested in let me know. Thanks Mike

  7. Great video Maia ! awesome relics !that hill looked like a bear to hunt on ! one slip and you got to climb it all over again . did you get a date on the large cent ? looks like a draped bust ! Awesome !!

  8. Excellent finds Maia!!!!! A few firsts & all priceless Historical artifacts!!! Hip's back to around 70%. Retired the walker & use a cane sporadically. Even walk short distances unassisted!!!!!!!!!

  9. Great hunt. What a hill to be fighting on. Love the bugle mouthpiece!! You guys must be part mountain goat to be able work those steep hills. Looking forward to more from you.

  10. Did the mouth piece fit Riley's bugle?? Inquiring minds want to know 🤔☺ Congrats on finding that and on finding that awesome large cent 😀 Digging on a serious incline is definitely made more difficult with those loose leaves on the ground and you did it with some great finds 👍

  11. That was all cool. And it seems the rotten blur is less than in your older videos. As an old fella who HATES blur that makes me happy. You will be a great MD presenter/host,you are good looking,maybe a bit quirky(in a good way),exciteable,knowledgeable,and last but not least,you have a VERY GOOD voice for it. Well done young lady!

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