Hello! In today’s video I want to show you how I made this cardboard table that you can Use as a side table or tea table. Stay that we started! In this tutorial we are going to focus on the structure since the decoration always goes To the taste of each one. Let’s start with the legs of the table. We need 4 pieces 50 x 60 cm. We grab one of her and we’re going to roll it around the bigger part, it’s say, where it measures 60 cm. Sometimes it costs a little so we help ourselves with some object to shape it, as I show you here. As we roll it up, let’s go squeezing as much as we can and we will stick it with hot silicone. To reinforce this union, I use paper tape. We have to repeat this step with the other pieces to get the 4 legs of the table. For the tabletop, we need 8 pieces of 30 x 30 cm. I’m using cardboard of double channel and also of simple channel, to take advantage of the cardboard that it had saved. You do not necessarily have to use it, you can use the type of cardboard that most it suits you and adapt it to this project. Now let’s put all the pieces together yes. First I apply white glue for wood in the center and then I put some silicone hot on the contour. In this way the pieces do not move and I can continue. I put some paper tape on the sides and I continue with the next piece. If you prefer, you can use only white glue, but you’ll have to wait for each joint to dry or work Be careful not to lose the pieces. Repeat this step until you reach the eighth piece. Before gluing it, we are going to make a 2 cm frame. Then we will mark the outline of the legs. To help me, I use a glass that has almost the same shape, I do not care make it bigger because later I’ll fill it out. We cut with a cutter these holes and now yes, we will stick the piece to the rest of the board. We take advantage to cover all the joints of the board and thus reinforce it. Then we are going to stick the legs. I put enough white glue and also hot silicone for that remains subject to the moment and does not lean. And now I show you how I filled and reinforced This space of the legs. For this I used a thinner cardboard, a box of cookies. In my case, with these measures, 20 x 5 cm. But before cutting the cardboard check your sizes. Then, you just have to stick it with hot silicone, in this way, fitting it between the leg and the hole that was left in the eighth piece. If you did not have any holes left, just stick it next to the leg as we need it for the next step. Now I use this roll of cardboard, the ones that come with the paper of aluminum, which are quite robust. This roll will be stuck on top of the last piece what we put I put it to the side and I mark what I should cut. It has to be that fair, pressing a little to fit. If everything is correct, we will stick it with silicone hot and we will reinforce with paper tape. We repeat this step on all sides. We will also do it at the other end. I scored 20 cm from the end of the leg, cut the rolls in the same way, and right there I hit the piece. Although you can stick it to the height you want. Now it’s time to make the chart. We mix white glue and water in equal parts. If you do not handle well with the card, I recommend you put more amount of white glue. I use my hands to remove wrinkles and smooth the paper more. Take this opportunity to remind you that you can consult my basic course of cardboard furniture by accessing from the link you will find in the video description box. At least we will give two layers of letterhead. The more layers you have, the more resistant it will be although also heavier. Let it dry well and then we can decorate it. As I said at the beginning, the decoration is left to the taste of each one. I what I did was to paint everything white to start with a homogeneous color. On the legs I painted color light gray and then, once dry I painted it dark gray, with the technique of dry brush The cardboard rolls were covered with a jute cord and I stuck it with silicone hot. And for the part of the board, I used this adhesive vinyl. Finally, to protect the legs and not in direct contact with the ground, I cut a piece of eva rubber and stuck it underneath on each leg, with hot silicone. And now comes the question that repeats itself, how much weight does it hold? Well look, here you I put a water jug ​​of 5 liters and then another of 8 liters. And I did not keep putting weight because it is a table and I do not think they are going to put such heavy things. And this table is already finished that you can use as a decoration, as an auxiliary table or tea table. I hope you liked this tutorial, that you support me with your comment and sharing it, since that encourages me to continue. See you in the next video. Ciao!


  1. Hola linda, que bien ha quedado esta mesita auxiliar, excelente trabajo, eres la Reina del cartonaje. Muchas gracias por compartir. Mil besos

  2. Has vuelto y con una gran idea , muchas gracias por compartir, te ha quedado espectacular 🤗🤗🤗🙋🏻‍♀️

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