Mega Man 1 – Part 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Hello! My name is Nathaniel Hoover, I am a staff writer for, and this is a video review/walkthrough/showoff video of the original Mega Man, which, if you were paying attention at the title screen, is Rockman. That’s because I’m playing
the Japanese version. But, aside from the title screen and the
name change, there’s really no difference. I’m starting off with Guts Man,
who’s not necessarily a normal place to kick of the game, but
certainly a good place to start. The most difficult parts of Guts Man’s stage are really in the first portion of the level. For starters, you’ve got these line-guided
platforms that, when you least expect it, will suddenly dump you out into oblivion. Well, when I first played the game I didn’t realize that there were breaks in the track that indicated where the platforms were going to
dump you off; I just assumed the platforms were possessed,
had a mind of their own. So, every time I came through here, I
would jump like a madman, keeping my fingers crossed that maybe, MAYBE this time I’d be able to make across safely. And perhaps that’s why I’m playing Guts Man’s stage first: really bad memories of days gone by where I’d play through all of the other stages, get to Guts Man’s stage, and find I can’t beat it. And then of course you’ve got the miners, throwing their lovely pickaxes at you, and I’ve found that the best way to fight them is not to dodge the pickaxes, not to mess around with any special weapons, except maybe Ice Man’s weapon, but to just slowly advance towards them, moving under their pickaxes as they fall, and shoot ’em up with your regular
weapon. Now, some people might use a turbo controller here,
but really, I’m not that kind of a cheater. In fact, in going through this entire game, I didn’t use any turbo controllers, I didn’t use any kind of slowdown, no cheat codes, I didn’t exploit any glitches, and most of all, I did not use save states! Oh, well, *sigh*, that’s technically not ENTIRELY true. I did use save states… …but… …I didn’t use save states. You’ll…you’ll see what I mean; I’ll explain it later. But for the time being, rest assured that what you’re watching so far is a
completely, 100%, unadulterated, straight run-through. No save states. Yet. So we’ve got this boss hallway leading into the
boss battle, where you’ll find enemies, which are
unusual because in later Mega Man games there’s just a blank hallway leading up to the boss. But, these guys either wear you down a little bit, or give you power-ups, depending on how well
you’re playing. Then of course you’ve got Guts Man, who’s appeared in several different Mega Man games in different incarnations, and a lot of people would use the Hyper Bomb, Bomb Man’s weapon, to take him out, ’cause it’s pretty effective, but I’ve got two problems with that: number one, it’s very slow, takes forever to detonate; number two, It bounces around a lot and
can miss the target pretty easily, and when you can’t pause and switch weapons while there’s a projectile of yours on the screen, you’re likely to get hit a lot, like I did,
while waiting for your bomb to detonate and fire again. But, I still beat Guts Man, and I got my first weapon
of the game! Woo-hoo! So now I’ve got a weapon that let’s me chuck big rocks at people! And as we all know, rock beats scissors, so Cut Man is the next place to go. Normally when I’m playing through a Mega Man game that I’ve played through a bunch of times, like this one, I like to switch things up. Now, there’s a recommended order that you can
go through where you fight the easiest boss, you steal his weapon, and then you use that weapon on the next guy. Well, that’s fine for a while, but eventually the game does kinda get stale if you keep going in the exact same order every time, which is why I like to switch it up. I’ll start a little bit farther in the order, a little bit back in the order, sometimes I’ll do the games backwards, or just roll a D6 or a D8, depending on the game,
and go wherever the die takes me. This really makes for some very
interesting situations because, aside from the obvious drawback of not
necessarily having the right weapon to fight the boss and actually *gasp* needing to learn the boss’s pattern to defeat him, there’s also the, uh, the chance that you’ll go into a level and
not have any special weapon that’s useful in getting you past
certain sections that you’ve always been able to get through with
no problem. Alternately, you can come in with a weapon that completely changes the dynamic of the level and allows you to kill things you
couldn’t kill before, and do things you couldn’t do before. It really keeps the game fresh to switch up the order, and it’s one of the reasons why I love the series so much; it’s always a little bit different every
time I play. So, if you’re looking to switch up the order, most people tend to start with Bomb Man, but I think Cut Man is also an excellent place to start, and, uh, here’s why: first of all, there’s not really that many
environmental hazards to trip you up, so there’s no instant-death spike pits, or bottomless ca— —ummmm… crevices, bottomless pits. And, uh, you’ve also got enemies like these guys,
who just sort of sit around, doot-do-doo, and you can shoot ’em up and take your time on ’em. This is great. And, uh, of course, you don’t have Bomb Man’s weapon, coming in here if you do Cut Man first, which is useful in two sections: right here, you can just, uh, toss the
bomb, fire in the hole, and kablam, you don’t need to wait for these guys, you can just blow ’em up. Umm… And it’s, uh, useful coming up here at the, uh, the top of the
ladder in a moment. However, these are about the only two spots in the
entire game where Hyper Bomb is useful, unless you’re daring enough to
use it on Guts Man. So, yeah, here you toss a bomb, you set it, and forget it, kablam! And these guys are toast! So, again, you can run right through them; you, uh, you can sit around here and shoot ’em up; but it’s a, uh, it’s pretty good place to start. Now I had started to say earlier that I didn’t use save states, but I really used save states, so, let me explain what I meant about that. Due to the limitations of my recording software, I needed to take a break after roughly every level, to, uh, stop the recording process and then
start over again. Now, this kind of threw off my gaming mojo, and I said, “Well, if I can’t do a straight-through run, I might as well give my audience the best possible run I am willing to dedicate the time to.” So, I, uh, used save states in-between levels and continually went back looking for maybe not be absolute most perfect run, but certainly one that I’m satisfied enough with, and if it’s got any little errors in it, yeah, so what? So, what you’re seeing is a complete runthrough of the stage, like I was saying before, but sometimes I totally miss a guy over and over again, which is a little bit silly to watch, but, y’know, hey. Ummm… So, no save states used during the, uh, the course of a level; only after the levels. And, uh, that also leads to interesting situations
like here. Cut Man—these two blocks, you pick them up, you toss ’em at him,
he’s gone, dead in two hits. Unless you miss… Then the battle gets a little interesting. Well, maybe I can take him down to half health. Aah, maybe not. So, now I need to shoot him up with my regular blaster, which, honestly, is not as tough as it
sounds, but not a lot of people do this, not a lot of people are used to hitting Cut Man like this, but he’s fairly easy. You just keep your distance, uh, stand still, keep… …keep on him. But Cut Man has the last laugh, you see.
After you kill a boss, your controls freeze up for just a moment;
you can’t move. And if there are any live projectiles on the screen, they continue to be able to hurt you, and you can still die. I have scissors now, and scissors cut… …wires? I guess? So, Elec Man is next. I suppose. And y’know how I said that you can go through the entire game in any order you please, choosing any stage? Well, you can’t go to Elec Man first. O-okay yes, technically you can, but it’s an awful idea.
Let me tell you why: First of all, you’ve got these enemies that zip back and forth on the platforms. If you hit them with your regular blaster, you will just freeze them in place. So, whether they’re moving or
stationary, they can still be really tricky to dodge, and more often than not, you’re gonna get hit a bunch of times before you even make it off the first two screens. If you make it off the first two screens at all. Then, regardless of which weapon you have, there are these alien critters that try and zap you and knock you off the ladder. Fall down, you have to climb all the way back up and probably get hit by them again. Pain in the butt. Then, there are these disappearing bricks. *sharp inhale* Aaaaag! I so HAD that! Look, I jumped, I was the—uhhhh… Anyways. Disappearing bricks are a staple of the
Mega Man series. They introduce a puzzle element, which is fine by me, ’cause I love puzzle games, but, like anything else in Elec Man’s stage, just about, they require patience and very precise timing. If you move at the wrong time, you are very likely to jump straight through a block as it’s disappearing from under you, Or, you’re gonna do what I did, and jump as it appears on top of you, and get shunted off to the side. Of course, there are other hazards in this level as well, aside from
these dudes. Um, there are these electrical beams that shoot out from the wall, that require a lot of practice and patience, and they do a tremendous amount of damage and will knock you from the ladder, and you have to climb back up all over the-gen. *all over again. Now, if you see that block in the middle, that’s a block, um, and also up here, that you can move out of the
way with Guts Man’s weapon, which you won’t have if you come here first. This item is the Magnet Beam, that’s hidden there, uh, that you need to beat the game. It creates platforms that allow you to access places. Check out the bottom of the screen! Isn’t that a really cool little glitch? I like that! But I digress. So, if you come here first, you can’t get the Magnet Beam, which means that you need to come back here after you beat Guts Man. Or, alternately, you can use Elec Man’s weapon
to blow away those bricks. Little-known fact. But still, why beat a level and come right back to it? It’s silly; don’t come here first! Instead, put Elec Man somewhere later on in the order, unless you really really have to, in
which case, there’s at least a little bit of uh, variation, in the level, where you can go up the left side or the right side; hopefully you’ve noticed this by now. So, its, uh, the game is a little bit different if you come up one side or the other. Um, some parts are more challenging, and you can switch over if you, uh, have Guts Man’s weapon to take out that brick,
so at least there’s that. But, still, I would not recommend coming here first; it’s just a bad idea all around. Fortunately, uh, Elec Man’s stage does have some positive aspects. I mean, it is a vertical level, and while I find some of the enemies to be really annoying, I give it tremendous credit because vertical levels are kinda hard to find in, uh, platforming games. To be continued.

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