MCC Game Club Creates Animal Hackers Card Game

[music] I decided a card game because you don’t
need to have as much technical know-how to help participate in designing one. But
our main goal for the card game was to build students’ portfolios to have something to put in their resume or to show off to
prospective employers or schools and that kind alike MCC.
So I gathered up anybody who was interested in the club and formed
small little groups. Our group game design group and play testing group and we made a game. When i heard of the opportunity of creating a card game. I was originally drawn to that because it would be a
portfolio piece to showcase what I’ve accomplished while at MCC and it turned
into an entire entrepreneurial opportunity the whole idea
behind the game was something fun that anybody could play at any age and it
kind of turned game club from solely like just playing games into a whole
opportunity to actually create games for sale and just to play ourselves. I’m
the lead concept artist for Animal Hackers there’s a great way for me to
build my portfolio and show my love for wildlife. [music]

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