“Maybe he’s just brilliant!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. FM Patrick Aizpurúa

“Maybe he’s just brilliant!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. FM Patrick Aizpurúa

Okay let’s try an FM from Panama. That’s not a picture of my opponent.
I think that’s an actor. I cannot remember who it is. Ah so the oracle, Jan
Gustafsson told me who it was but you guys can figure it out for
yourself. I’m sure you know pop culture. So this worked out so well
in the previous game, so I’m going to try it again.
See if you learned. First of all, if you’re going to
go queen a4, do it immediately. But isn’t he just running
into the same bishop f5 now? This is utterly confusing.
He’s playing so fast. Knight f2, queen b5 takes knight b5.
Knight h1? I don’t like that. Maybe he’s just brilliant taking on c3
looks dull so I’m not going to do that. Knight c6 it is then.
Could’ve played c6 but I do feel that was not in the
spirit of this. Stupid of me. Let me see, could he go knight h4?
He’s just begging me to take on f2. Well as they say… well they say something about not being
asked twice but I was asked twice. And the second time I was
asked, I went for it. So queen b5, I probably have to take.
Since if I take on h1 then queen b7 is a really
nasty double threat. Ahh so this is the point he
wants knight h1, d5 and so on. a6, bishop a4, b5, knight
b5, ab, bishop b5. Maybe he’s coming out ahead there so
I should play a bit more carefully. Now the point is in d5. I have… I should
take c3 and then play a6. And thus… well I get b5. If he wants
to get the pawn back, he has to take on c6 at some point but then it feels like I should be doing
relatively well with my bishop pair. Yeah he does have a lead in development but I don’t think it’s too significant
since my moves are coming quite easily… with f6 and so on. We’ll go back to e4, bishop g7. Bishop
g7, rook g8 is obviously not an issue. He could go bishop e5. Yeah I don’t like playing f5
but I think I should do it. I think the time was more of an essence
than structural concerns there. I still have an easy plan of rook
g8 followed by either g6 or g5, getting that bishop out or could
also consider just going e6 like a normal person. I should speed up, that’s
almost always the answer. I’m not even sure I like what I did
here. I’m not sure I like it one bit. Yeah he’s getting, he’s getting
a bunch of counter play now. At least I get the bishop
to c5 which I like. And now I’m going to sack the exchange. Yeah f4 I’m really happy
to be able to get in. Take on e3, he goes rook to c6.
Rook to c7 this is no good. I’ll have rook b2 if rook e6. King f5 and game over because of the
main threats we had to take on e3. He’s just a couple of pawns
down and a rook ending. And I have almost 20 seconds. Cutting off his king just why not?
Letting his king back, again why not? Exchanging rooks. And
yeah, that’s the game. Well thank you. That was a very
good fight actually, not actually. Anybody can say that was a good fight.

53 thoughts on ““Maybe he’s just brilliant!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. FM Patrick Aizpurúa

  1. Well done to FM Patrick. It’s not a gambling game, but the odds of winning against Magnus seem to be approaching zero. To fight the unbeatable foe! Courage.

  2. 5:22 look at their pawn structure, it's obvious why Magnus will win. So preserving that left side pawn line whereas white advanced a pawn too soon Carlson gets the advantage and really, piece for piece they were quite equal its that pawnline that white couldnt defend.

  3. In 20 or so years this will be gold…we wont need to watch agadmator to gives us some 50 or so years old classics…but anyway the way magnus destroy ppl is just brutal…and i cant get to 800 in chess.com...im just bad

  4. Magzy, if you're reading these comments. Stop with these banter blitz's. To be honest, I love watching them, but they may be hurting Your game. Playing a lot of lower lever players may be making you complacent and over-confident, and therefore overly uncautious when playing Your peers. It's not an uncommon problem, and perhaps Your struggling performance at the currently ongoing St. Louis blitz can attest to this.

  5. The Carlsen not doing too well in St Louis rapid so far but I believe he will come back too much banter play perhaps lol

  6. After some time while Magnus was thinking I thought about Nxf2 instead of the mundane Nc6… I think it would be crushing because the surprising Bishop is supported by the Queen on a5 and the Rook is falling after the tactic blow. ( Exactly one move before the original Nc6, so I think White could have prevented the hit on f2 because there was a silly delay on the move order made by Magnus ). Anyways, Magnus is an absolute Brilliant Player of all times, who am I to criticize… 😉 Thank You Magnus Carlsen and Chess24 for bringing us such those Chess Gems. U Mirin´ Brah?? YES I AM, as always.

  7. I don’t even play chess, just enjoy watching… but can someone explain why he didn’t take rook h1? Im sure it’s something obvious but I’m lost.

  8. Hey guys, it's me.

    Yeah I got a losing position straight out of the opening, but somehow managed to survive to the middlegame. Had my chances later in the game but Magnus beat me fair and square towards the endgame. It was a highly thrilling game for me!

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