Math Games For Kids : The Math Operations Game

Math Games For Kids : The Math Operations Game

In this clip I’m going to show you a fun activity
that your kids can do to practice their math operations. First you’ll need a piece of paper
and you’ll need to cut it into sections and then on those sections you’ll need to write
the numbers zero to nine. Then on some other small pieces of paper you’ll need to write
the four basic operation, times or multiplication, subtraction sign, the plus sign and the division
sign. You’re going to make two stacks. You’re going to make a stack of your operation signs
and a stack of your numbers. Your child is going to draw three numbers and two operation
signs, and they’re going to arrange these in any way they want to make the biggest number
they can using the operations they’ve drawn and the numbers they have. We’re going to
use nine times eight and then minus two. Nine times eight is seventy-two minus two is seventy.
And then they practice again to do it another way to see if they could get a bigger number
than that. Two times nine is eighteen minus eight gives you ten. So, now my first set
of operations made the largest number. So then they’d shuffle it back up and then we
draw again. Three more numbers and two more operations. Again, they would try to arrange them in order
to make the largest number possible.

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  1. i am so glad to find this here!
    i have viewed all your videos on teaching children math and i think you got a whole lot of great ideas! and the best part is, we only need minimal materials and we don't have to spend much to create an interesting games for the children! keep posting!! kudos for you and expert village!

  2. try also this game WORLD OF DASM….free download and no sign in. this is an educational game for children and no violent game

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  4. I liked this games when i was a child. Actually, I created something a little similar. But its on IOS and PC. If you want to try, send me a message, i cant send you codes, so you can have it for free. Here is trailer:

  5. yes this is very nice but what will the kids do if they pick the division operator like you just did in the last couple of seconds and have to divide 5 by 4?? 🙁

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