Massive 9.16 Teamfight Tactics changes coming soon with 4 new Champions!

Massive 9.16 Teamfight Tactics changes coming soon with 4 new Champions!

76 thoughts on “Massive 9.16 Teamfight Tactics changes coming soon with 4 new Champions!

  1. That kartus change actually looks like a nerf, because right now on live servers kartus ulti redirrects on another champion if his target dies while channeling.

  2. You said that the Kat changes might be her upgraded forms getting more health, but that's not how health works. It's a percent increase. If they are not buffing the level 1 health they can't possibly buff the level 2 health, unless they are breaking the rules for one specific champion, which is very unlikely

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about more champs in an RNG game. Are they gonna increase gold and slots? I’d rather they cycle out champs than continually add new ones tbh.

  4. The GA bugfix I guess its for reviving with 100 HP or so when The wearer died while having reduce healing, I dont think thats how ITs supposed to work

  5. I hope they nerf cho hard. Im sick of this meta where everyone builds cho, and you pretty much need one to get first place. Aoe true damage knock up on your whole team is not balanced.

  6. The interesting thing about the changes to shiv is that it will now one shot an enemy with the phantom debuff. Good synergy there.

  7. when I saw the Demon buff, Can it be an amazing tf or trist or ashe, rengar with demon (and blademaster?) + sth. like ulting all the time and going nuts

  8. calling it now : hextech is gonna be broken since items make everything in a comp
    also just as a reminder : if they keep adding new champs without taking some away it will end up destroying the game

  9. Disarm and silence shouldn't work on the same champ more than maybe two times
    Also at 2:20 whats the point of 60 seconds? rounds don't even last that much

  10. How does hextech work with synergies? Let's say you have yuumi on varus and you have exactly 3 sorcs including varus, what would happen?

  11. That redemption buff is terrible. They need the active to happen sooner or faster, the amount of heal does nothing if everyone dies before it hits

  12. even if they nerf Cho Gath there's Vi now so brawlers are still gonna be pretty meta I would think
    Hextech seems a little OP but this could be good for the game cuz now there will be cases where a person won't just win through getting really lucky with item drops

    with the addition of new champs tho I really hope they add more champ slots or something

  13. I can see Camille being annoying to use at times. If she ults a target that has thornmail, all your units will start attacking & possibly die

  14. Will hextech perk disables items created from spatula like darkin, yuumi etc so that the 6 sorcerers or 6 demons comp is disabled as well?

  15. I hope Riot will change Rangers buff to give them amount of Attack Range + Attack Speed Bonus, instead of a weird RNG which increases their AS. Giving Attack Range + Attack Speed Bonus will makes sense as oppose to Brawlers with Bonus Health Increase and Sorcerers gives Innate + Spell Damage Increase.

  16. Sometimes Guardian Angel doesn't revive your champion, he just did with item on him. I think that's the bug fix… happened to me a lot.

  17. Does it not just mean that karthus hits only 5 people. It does not say that he deals heavy dmg to all enemies, just heavy dmg to them —> them meaning «those 5 randoms that got silenced»

  18. Forget nerfing the annoying ass glacials, let's include even more cc lasting 4-6 secs to make the game completely pointless for assassins and the frontline.

  19. hextech is going to ruin the game even more. Every burst comp is going to want the 2 set bonus to erase all the mechanics that stop them from 1 shotting half the enemy team. The items that keep the units alive (and what makes certain units even good to choose) against those that are literally jumping on top of them are going to make so many units/comps useless. Any unit that has a high mana cap will be a waste. You need items on those high mana cap units to make them truly useful and it's what makes those units worth getting. To simply negate that completely and then get 1 shot by assassins/blademasters/gunslingers and aoe ults is going to counter most of the units/comps and ALL the items in the game. On top of that it will force people to spread out. Meaning the tight corner grouping you do to help against "leaping" units is going to be ruined because now they will have multiple hexes to choose from, making the opposing comp even more vulnerable/useless. This thing is simply too powerful.

  20. I saw it in the video but you didn’t talk about it but it looks like there is overtime now? It seems during it you get buffed?

  21. I already hate the hextech tree… You can have 2 champions in your comp and completely shut down any hyper carry comp… So stupid

  22. I hate how hard riot pivots every time they patch anything. a different game every week with hard metas continued with over and under sights. Lack of effort or shady business ethics, not sure.

  23. Haven't seen any of them once and have been playing a shit ton why? My system's up to date other wise i wouldn't be able to play in general I'm confused

  24. There still a big bug that in some battle, 1 of your champion stand still and do nothing the entire battle.

  25. I think Wild and Shapeshifters is strong this patch. Nidalee, Warwick, Gnar, Rengar, Jayce, Vi. Sometimes I'm adding Cho'Gath or 2 more assassins

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