Markiplier, Steven Suptic, and Lily Marston | You Posted That?

Markiplier, Steven Suptic, and Lily Marston | You Posted That?

Ian: Mark, you tweeted: “Is it too late for me to become a *blank*? Steven: Member of ISIS? *laughter* 🎵You posted that? *clap, clap*🎵 🎵Embarrassing things from your past *clap, clap*🎵 🎵Instagram, Twitter, but not Snapchat!🎵 🎵You posted that? *clap, clap*🎵 Shayne: Welcome to ‘Who posted that?’! And here is your host, dollar store Chris Hardwick, Ian Hecox! *cheering, clapping* Ian: Hello, hello! Welcome to ‘You posted that?’. The show, where we force our guests to face their online pasts. Let’s meet our guests! She’s the host of Beauty Break. And also, her favourite beer is corse light and I’m judging her harshly. It’s Lily Marston! *Cheering, clapping* Next up, the lesbian from SugarPine7 Steven Suptic! *More cheering and clapping* And finally! The man with the deepest voice on the internet, whose dog is way cuter than he is. Markiplier! (Wow he doesn’t look amused) Mark: It’s fine, it’s very fine. Ian: Alright guys, if you don’t know how this goes, which I’m guessing you don’t because you probably didn’t watch the previous videos. Shayne: *laughing* Ian: The game consists of three rounds, during which we’re going to dive deep into your social media and find all the little tasty morsels. And, uh, what do they get, Shayne? Shayne: Oh, uh, we don’t have the trophy here. Ian: We don’t have the trophy here? Ian: Well, hold on. I’m gonna snap my fingers, and it’s gonna appear in you hand, ready? Shayne: Okay. Oh my gosh! Keith: That’s nice! Shayne: Award for the high school football running back champion! Ian: Wow! *Cheering, clapping* Ian: You go all out for our contestants. Shayne: Yep! Ian: Well let’s jump right into round one, shall we? You. Posted. That. *Cheering and clapping again* Ian: I’m going to present each of you with a tweet from the past. And there’ll be one or more words missing from that tweet It’s your job to guess what is in that blank. If you get it right, you have five points. So let’s get to the first one, shall we? Lily, you’re up first. Lily: Can’t wait. Ian: On October 22nd, 2017 you tweeted the following: “It took hours but my *blank* is clean and I’m thrilled.” Shayne: We liked this! Lily: Let’s go with ‘my room is clean’. It’s very rare but I think it occasionally happens and it’s worthy enough to tweet. Ian: Is it ‘room’? Yes! *Clapping, cheering x6* Ian: Well done! Lily, that is five points for you! Next up! Mark. Are you ready? Mark: Yes. Ian: On August 5th, 2017 you tweeted: “Is it too late for me to become a *blank*?” Steven: Member of ISIS? *laughing* Mark: My brain now thought, maybe stripper? Ian: Oh. Are you going with stripper? Mark: Yes. Ian: Is it stripper? I swear to god if its No! Blacksmith. Mark: That’s so much more boring. Ian: You could be a stripper blacksmith, it might be kinda dangerous, but- Mark: I’d burn my dick off. Ian: Let’s move on to the next one. *Laughter* lol Steven, on April 19th, 2017 you tweeted: “Sick of people *blank* shaming me.” Steven: Oh god, um… What the f*ck could this be? *laughter* (people laughing for absolutely nothing) Steven: I feel like I wouldn’t just go with, you know ‘slut shaming’, because it’s-, it’s weak. That would be a weak tweet. Shayne: That one got 1.5k likes, so- Steven: Yeah, I’m gonna say ‘slut’. *laughter* Ian: Is it ‘slut’? No, it’s ‘fart’! ‘Fart shaming’. Steven: That wasn’t a good tweet. Ian: It’s your fault, not ours, sorry. Steven: For sure, yeah. *laughter* Ian: Lily, on February 21st, 2018 you said: “Why do high school movies always try to make the *blank* look bad? *Blank* are f*cking great!” Lily: I absolutely know the answer to this, because I was so passionate about it. “Why did they try to make sloppy joes look bad? Sloppy joes are f*cking great!” *Cheering, clapping x7* (some kid screaming in the backround) Ian: Got some SJ fans in the audience. Let’s see, is it ‘sloppy joes’? Yes! *Cheering, clapping x8* Ian: Lily, another five points for you! Well done. Mark, on February 1st, 2018 you said: I’ve been up since 4-, oh sorry. *imitates Mark’s super deep voice* “I’ve been up since 4am, I’ve already recorded and edited all of my videos.” Mark: I’m right here! Ian: *continues in deep voice* “I’ve already worked out today. Get f*cked, *blaaaaaank*” Mark: That wasn’t even close. (mark is incorrect that voice was amazing) Ian: I’m sorry. I just sounded like, probably just like Gandalf. Mark: Oh, it’s procrastic*nts. *hysterical laughter* (ear rape 2.0) Ian: I’m sorry, what? Mark: Isn’t it procrastic*nts? Isn’t that what I said? Ian: Isn’t it *mumbles* ‘procrastinmn’? *from the background* I love that word. Ian: Yes! *cheering, clapping x9* *Mark shows thumbs up* Ian: Alright Steven, on February 28th, 2018 you tweeted: “It’s five am and I’m just lying in bed looking up the rarest types of *blank* and I’m pretty worried.” Steven: I’ve been on a streak of just before I go to bed, I’ll look up, you know, top five most dangerous animals. Or like, top five most dangerous types of crocodiles. *Lily’s ‘what?’ face* Steven: Or like, most dangerous kinds of sharks. This one’s ‘rocks’, though. Ian: Is it *laughs* rocks? Yes! *cheering, clapping x10* Steven: And there are a lot of really cool rocks out there! Ian: Well done. Steven, that get’s you five points. And that is the end of round one! *cheering, clapping x456* Ian: Currently, we’ve got Mark with five points, good job! Steven with five points, good job! And Lily, you’re killin’ it with 10 points! Steven: *in Lily’s voice* Stahp it! Ian: Before we get to round two, let’s bring down the mood a little bit. Get it sexy. Lily: Ooh! Ian: And hear a nice little song from our boys Keith and Scotty. Keith: It’s time to TURN UP! *sick beats* (So awkward ;D) *Embarrassed laughter* *cheering, clapping x12* Ian: On to round two. ‘Is this funny?’ Shayne: Oh- oh. Ian: In this round we’re going to look at some jokes you guys have posted. And, uh- Steven: It’s a great idea for a game. *laughter* Ian: Thanks, that’s why we made a game out of it! *more laughter* Ian: So, you’re gonna see some tweets that you guys have posted on here. And you’re gonna have to vote on if you think it was funny, *thumbs up*, or not funny *thumbs down*. The names will be hidden so you don’t know who posted that. And once you vote, that person will be revealed and if the majority deems that tweet funny they’ll get five points. If the majority deems that tweet not funny then they will get no points. ‘Cause they’re not funny. This person said: *reads tweet* *laughter* Ian: That got a very polite chuckle. So, was that funny *thumbs up*, or not funny *thumbs down* *laughter in the background* Let’s put out dem hands! *Mark and Lily thumbs up* *Steven thumbs down* Ian: Oh! *clapping* Let’s see who posted that! Good job, Mark! Steven: Oh my god, I am so sorry Mark, I had thought that was mine! Mark: Oh no, that’s fine. I didn’t remember that. *laughing* Ian: That’s five points for you, buddy! Mark: Yay! Ian: Let’s see the next one! This person said: *reads tweet* Funny or not funny? Lily: I think it’s hilarious! *thumbs up* *laughing* Ian: I wonder why.. Steven: I think you need less points. *thumbs down* Mark: Yeah. *thumbs down* *’roasted!’ laughing* Ian: Let’s see who it is, I wonder who i could be! Eh, It’s Lily. Lily: I did get glasses. Ian: Better luck next time. Let’s see the next Tweet! *reads tweet* Steven: Eh, I’m not feeling it. *laughing* Ian: Well, show it with your thumbs. Steven: *thumbs down* Lily: I’m a kind person and I do think it is funny. *thumbs up* Mark: Nah. *thumbs down* Ian: Oohh. Let’s see who said that. Ah, Steven. Steven: We can’t all be winners. Lily: I think it just shows that I have a a very low standard of humor. Steven: I played very fair I gave everyone a thumbs down, including me. Ian: Let’s see the next one. *reads tweet* *immediate thumbs up from Lily* Ian: There it is again! *laughs* Mark: Is that a joke? *laughing* Steven: Did you actually meet Katy Perry? Lily: And she told me I was funny three times! Mark: Three times in the same sentence or just like- Lily: It was throughout the ten minute meet and greet I had with her. Mark: Ooh. It’s- It’s not really a joke, so- *shrug* *thumbs down* Ian: So if it’s not really a joke you don’t find it funny? Mark: I can’t really vote for it. Ian: Steven, you’re thumbs down or thumbs up? Steven: *thumbs down* Lily you’re thumbs-? Lily: *confused thumbs up* Ian: Oh, alright. Let’s see who posted that. Lily! Lily: It’s really fine, like I got to meet Katy Perry and she told me I was funny, so- Shayne: You’re a really great comedian. Lily: Thanks. Ian: Alright, let’s go to the next one. *reads tweet* Ian: Is that tweet hilarious? Steven: Would be better if it ended at ‘this isn’t a joke’. Mark: Yeah. By my own judgement in the previous one, I have to. *thumbs down* It’s not a joke. Ian: Well, it’s not called ‘Is this a joke’, it’s called ‘Is this funny’. Mark and Steven: Oh. Lily: I think we need to go back one then! Mark: Then I can change my ruling. *thumbs up* Steven: But to counter that… *thumbs down* Lily: *thumbs down* Mark: Fair. Fair. Ian: *laughs* Let’s see who posted that. Mark! I hope your eye has recovered. Lily: Are you scarred by pickles now? Mark: No, I love them. Ian: So let’s move on to the last tweet of this round! This person said: *reads tweet* *laughing* *immediate thumbs up by Lily and Mark* Steven: I’ve got banned from twice. Shayne: Really? Steven: I swear to god, dude. Lily: Something no one else’s ever said. Now let’s see, thumbs up or thumbs down? Everyone give up your thumbs! Steven: Well it doesn’t matter about me at this point so I don’t look like an a**hole. Ian: Okay. Well let’s see who it is! Yeah, good job Steven! Well done! Well that is the end of round two. And guys we, for the first time I think in You Posted That? history possibly, are tied all the way across at the end of round two! Well done! *claps*

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  2. Came for Mark
    Stayed for Steven
    Wanted to leave because of Lily

    P.s. – No offense, she is just the opposite of my humor and everything that I find good.

  3. Watched this for the billionth time and it’s 2:44 I’m I’m just now noticing that at the end when they r giving the trophy to Mark, Steven was literally shaking and looked so scared for his life omfg

  4. The man in the glasses is nothing without Anthony. The way he flaunts himself makes it clear his ego is too big, he’s definitely compensating for something 🧐 🙌🏼

  5. Markiplier you should not be in you posted that because you are so weird are not allowed to post a video with two people

  6. I stopped watching this channel in 2013 in high school

    Can somebody please explain to me wtf happened since then

  7. At 9:27 marks tweet about the pickle, Dan from game grumps on tour at the same place as Mark said that Nija Brian yeeted a pickle.

  8. Mark and Steven look so confused/annoyed/uncomfortable throughout this whole thing. This is such an awkward video…eh…

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