Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back
to The Curse of Monkey Island for more point-and-click adventure game action we
are right back where we left off in the barber shop once more and where
apparently I’ve been told I need to get a haircut
I didn’t do that last time so thanks for tips guys and also apparently I missed a
little area or not a lot where is something to investigate over near the
restaurant where we need a reservation apparently I didn’t search around there
properly and so we’ll go have a look at that at some point as well. Yeah
let’s see about getting this haircut then and as always guys if you
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device every time I upload and as always guys thank you all for your ongoing
support. Let us get a haircut I sure could use a haircut I hope we don’t lose
our trade my Gabrus Threepwood ponytail because that’d be a disaster what’s he
doing okay never mind can you like take this or something I
can’t reach it I can’t reach you up always too low I
wonder if we can cuz normally barbers chairs you can I raise them can’t you
like if you’ve ever gone to get your hair cut they raise you up on the chair
well they do with me anyway oh there we go
come again oh hey the books turning pages and stuff oh it’s gone well can we take the book
now do we yeah we do get to keep that unbelievably just examine it it’s a rock
it’s just a rock okay um Oh Stewie can we like go out
here or anything really can we get back in the chair maybe we can like do
anything else or this or we can go higher
can we get the book now wait for the movie
how many times can we use this the help how high is this what the hell what it
goes back down okay I wonder if we can get to those scissors
up there I just noticed those okay there’s some try are crap high brush use
the damn chair come on before the guy comes back okay use the handle use the
handle use the handle again jeez this chair goes ridiculously higher doesn’t
it can we get those now the counter turns out wonder we use
those for how high do you want the chest guide you oh I see so we had to do that
to get him to come back in a French braid that would looked amazing okay
then so I think what else have you got to do
I think we’ve got to go back to the theatre haven’t we and also we’ve got to
go over to this restaurant or whatever I don’t see how’s the rock or the scissors
gonna get us into the restaurant now I don’t really see that wait we have like
rock paper and scissors there I wonder if we got a play Rock a game of rock
paper scissors or something and also wanted to try the amber on the stick on
the rubber tree didn’t I so I wondered if the rubber tree was going to be
lighter than the other tree for the caber toss so apparently we missed
something here is it to do with these but died listen take a look at the diet
it’s a great number two okay listen let’s look at all these
signs and stuff the Surgeon General of plunder island has determined that
ingredients of this product may be harmful or fatal if swallowed okay
who are these signs naturally society nature trail yeah not written a senior
do not enter hopefully it’s not all wait nice
naturist isn’t it what’s the naked people danger coal danger danger Cove so
that way you where mysterious flowers can we pick the mysterious flowers it’s
rooted in with the vine I can’t just pick it up oh do we need to like dig it
strange flower is that why we needed it I wonder if we can use the pin let’s try
the pin is that why we needed the scissors maybe in there wait hang on
use it if the mysterious flowers coming oh it is oh thank you guys oh no that
gives us the flower I see what plaque this one epic at one of the creeping
vines common throughout blunder Island twice finds the ipecac flowers was used
by the early settlers of thunder and is a purgative okay maybe we have to make a
syrup then with it and I’ll come use it the undergrowth now I see thank you guys
so I needed to go and get the haircut I missed that so now we can get through
here to danger Cove whatever that is the nudist colony or something I’m hoping
it’s not a nudist colony and I’ve got that wrong where the hell are we now
however here I see my head is with this crap
King snake crossing snow snake crossing good snake wait is there oh my word a
giant snake we just got eaten by a snake how the
hell are we gonna get out of here can we cut oh god I don’t wanna how the hell
are we gonna go of this predicament maybe we can light him on fire crap how
do we own go of this little predicament flower maybe good oh we need to put
something on the flower then no we can’t actually do anything here Oh snake away
I can’t reach okay can we use the arm maybe done can we use the flower on the
skeleton thing Oh God we are like well in Trudy stuck now the pin maybe I don’t
how are we gonna get that snake head what can we do with it can we talk to it
maybe please don’t tell me we’ve got ourselves stuck here can we use the
helium balloons God snake beating Club oh we could do with that I can’t okay
what about this snake graphic can we actually do anything if we got stuck we
kind of got stuck Shirley what else do we have high fiber cereal we can’t
actually get anything I can’t read can we use the the arm thing with its head no this could be a problem the pack of
gum maybe what’s this hey we pick this up this tubers egg so I’d like one of
those decoration wigs yes so vacuum cleaner attachments lots
of stuff what we’re actually picking up in here it’s a LucasArts coffee mug wall
call this eggs sausage reservation snip aha
I mean there’s all sorts of crap in here top-secret plans were they encyclopedia
old phone books vacuum cleaner attachments there’s the egg Faberge like
that’s how you say how the hell do we get off this damn snake I feel like we
need to use the snake away snake slicin mache we can’t get that either
I can’t reach anything jaws of life we could be in trouble here I literally
can’t think of anything what does this plaque say how the hell do we get out of
the snake I can’t reach anything we’re stuck jaws
of life is attached said that guys what do I do here like I was not expecting to
get stuck in a snake that is for sure okay the fearsome head of the pirate
eating snake it doesn’t really help me maybe something else who picks up will stuffed d need maybe we can use like one
of these things to make him okay what about the pancakes will the pancakes
help no will the coffee help no syrup sir he’s already eaten
oh yeah yes what about the remains God why did I have to read the sign okay
will the eggs do we have to like combine it all into a now maybe we combine it
all into a meal I’m stuck good coffee maybe the coffee come on go brush you
can do it right he’s nervous Ben how do we get him out of the snake guys I’m
stuck I’m one entry stuck vacuum cleaner attachments old phone books oops I keep
doing that I’ve done that before spare tire
will that work come on let me out we don’t seem to be able to use anything mber on a stick that’s not even gonna be
this guy you know it won’t okay can we combine anything else in the
inventory what is this flower again because it
said something can you combine it with something we picked up it okay can we
use that on the snake we did it guys Wow oh no very quick sentence now we’re
stuck in quicksand I wanted all that cool stuff head out of
here papa pshew Bush discovered by plunder islands and digitus peoples this
bush is named after a native word meaning ouch okay quicksand pizza dis Piper common
throughout wonder island’s name how do we count many an unwary traveler has
found himself trapped and unable to escape oh yeah that’s me is that life-saving vine well I wonder
if we can use the arm now I can’t move anywhere in this quicksand even with the
skeleton arm I can’t reach it can we combine it with something oh god what do
we do spent so long trying to do the flipping
bit before we fight lost everything that’s at the reservation slip hmm maybe
the pack of gum can we eat the pack of gum this gum feels warm it feel warm
maybe later flyer we paste something on to the arm okay I’m thinking we can I don’t want to cut back what can we
paste onto the knee holding down I can’t use a balloon with that we meant to
paste something into it we used encyclopedias volume see and it’s mostly
digested oh I can only make out page 243 a compass is a magnetized bit of metal
floating in a solution with a completely random piece of Teresa I’m guessing
we’re gonna have to make a compass at some point how the hell do we go of this
come to the swamp get your fortune told oh yeah that’s for her we do lady isn’t
it right have some breeds here ah maybe we attach the Reed oh okay we don’t it
turns out maybe we know it’s got paste or maybe really we’re in this quicksand
even with the skeleton arm I can’t reach it there anything else we can stick it
to confused today hmm what do we do with this Reed that’s the
question I can’t reach can we use this with the Forney plan
I can’t move anywhere in this I can’t use the skeleton arm it man well I got the thorn
we got a thorn what do we use the Fallen ah do we use some of the chicken
anywhere in this I don’t think we’ve got a peashooter but I don’t know what we do
with it – we stick that on here I mean we’re trying everything guys we are
trying absolutely everything here shoot anything the life-saving vine yeah that
is the danger isn’t it it’s another plaque salvation buying our borealis
deus ex machina this species of vine is noteworthy for both its strength and its
ability to grow anywhere except where its most needed perfect
that’s very helpful um is there anything what’s that oh my word
are you kidding me hmm I can’t move anywhere I can’t I
can’t move anywhere in this what the hell yeah I can’t move anywhere we
pushing no okay I’m confused you know my Lexus thing is insurance do
we like glitched it in the quicksand anymore region how about the arm now I
can’t move anywhere even with the skills you even even with the skeleton arm I
can’t reach it I can’t oh the chicken is gone anywhere
in this quicksand well what has happened I don’t know if we were meant to go up
here or what we’re not in quicksand any what we’re in a tree
I’ve got a feeling I might have glitched it and we’re not supposed to be up there
but you know I can’t reach it are we supposed to try and get the
bromwich here with the peashooter I don’t know guys
we could leave it there I’ve got a feeling I might have glitched it I
honestly don’t know if I have we’ll have to sort reload and do it again I don’t
know we’ll see what happens yeah that is gonna do if this episode wow what a mess
of an episode a this one hasn’t won well at all but we’ll recover and we’ll get
back to to winning ways in the next one I suppose so as always thank you very
much for watching if you enjoyed the video click on the like
it really does have a chance to grow so I do appreciate make sure you hit that
subscribe button had the notification bell if you knew or just haven’t already
done so and I will see you all next time


  1. I love when the game displays all these surefire ways to save you that you will never be able to reach, also the snake puzzle is a little tougher if you’ve never heard of syrup of ipecac which is used to induce vomiting for instance if you accidentally ingested poison

  2. You’ll be ok just try to use something that floats to get you out it’s not a breaking glitch also good job with the snake. Actually the game tells you what the flower does when you get it but you solved it anyway

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