Making of – Chess in 40,000 Dominoes!

Making of – Chess in 40,000 Dominoes!

The difficult part is that we have to set up the mousetraps while we are building Because otherwise we couldn’t go into the chess field So we have to be careful that we don’t knock down everything before the project is finished NOOOOOO – HOLY s*** I planned this with a 3D modeling program where you can draw each domino And ‘copy’ them so that you can design your own 3D projects So you can plan your own 3D projects & also other things – So not only 3D, also 2D Planning the excact position of evey single domino & meassuring every detail which helps you a lot

18 thoughts on “Making of – Chess in 40,000 Dominoes!

  1. Immer wieder schön anzusehen. Ich kann kaum glauben wie hart das sein muss, an sowas zu bauen (Da gibts ja mal wirklich kaum Möglichkeiten die fallenden Steine aufzuhalten). Wie heißt eigentlich das, von Tobias angesprochene, Programm? Sah echt interessant aus! (Allerdings nix im Vergleich zum Endprojekt – versteht sich)

    Very well produced and edited. I really like this documentary style BTS!

  3. i have one problem why did u knock over the black king first you should of had both kings get knocked over last im just joking around it was great well done

  4. Gute Idee, da braucht Man und Frau eine sehr ruhige Hand,bei den vielen Fallen in dieser Schachkonstruktion.
    Sehr Gut,beide Daumen hoch für diese außergewöhnliche Idee.

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