Making a chess Table part 3

now that my special chess table is
complete it’s time for the finish after finish sanding I removed the top
for from the table I wanna high gloss mirror like finish on
the top walnut is an open Grain wood with a high-gloss finish the finish
itself will not fill the grain the grain will give the finish the
texture glass on the other hand has no texture so to fill the grain I’m using a
water-based grain filler I pack it into the grain with the plastic scraper Maple is a close Grain wood and the filler will have no effect on it. when the filler is dry I scrape off the
extra I take burlap and rub the remainder of
surface and all the extra filler is removed after a light sanding with 220 grit
sandpaper I spray a sealer coat of laquier after scuff sanding the sealer with 320
grit paper in with board back in the table and then spray 8 Coats a lacquer and let
it completely dry for seven days to level the finish I wet sand using a
mixture dish soap and water and 400 sandpaper now to start sanding I’m using the soap
and water as a lubricant I start with 1500 grit
sandpaper wiping it down completely between each grit 1800 grit 2400 grit 3200 grit 3600 grit six thousand grit 8000 grit and I finish this standing with 12,000 grit sandpaper you can see the shine I have so far now to take it to the next level I use pumice stone mixed with the same soapy water solution paste and for the final step I use rotten stone making a paste in some hard-rubbing watch to shine
appear now that is just like GLASS! now with the board removed I repeat all
the steps on the rest of the top my next video be making the custom maple and walnut
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