Making a chess Table part 2

Making a chess Table part 2

now that I spent all that time on the
chessboard I wanna make a nice table for it. For the
border I’m using and 3″ cherry, mitred at the corners using pocket screws, I make sure to keep
them back so I can clip the corners using 1/4″ thick walnut I make
the trim for the edges, I run a bead down each side and a 1/8″ groove down the center for a maple inlay now I’m putting 1/8″ quirk around the outside of the frame after mitering the trim to size I use packing tape to hold the parts
together for gluing the tape acts like a hinge now for the table sides I run a rabbit
on 4″ wide maple to accept the 1/2″ bottom after cutting out the drawers and test
fitting I again use the tape to hold the miters together gluing after the glue is dry and the tape is
removed sides are sanded I use pocket screws to attach the side to the top frame I add side supports for the drawer slides now for the pedestal base I glue up 4″ by 4″ maple post it’s nice to have a powered work bench I dressed them down to 4″ x 4″ and then I cut them the length using my table saws sled I set 2 stops at a 5 degree angle taper two sides of each leg now I run a two 1/8″ groove down the tappered side of each leg this will be for a walnut inlay in then I use a 1/2″ roundover bit on the outside corners of each leg to tie the legs together to make a
special pedestal these I rout for a plate in the top and bottom I add a stop block to the inside each
leg to attach the pedestal to the base I’m using hanger bolts using plywood as a temp-let so I can drill the base later now for the floor plate. I’m using the same shape as the top don’t wanna see any end grain so I mitering a drop edge again I’m using packing tape
the hold the miters for glueing now adding walnut inlay to the top using a template with a guide bushing I run a 1/4″ round over on the top and
bottom of the base the negative parts left over from the
board inlay will run up the center each side the
pedestal I plan to have a light inside to shine
through the cut-outs For the drawers I using 1/2″ solid maple with dovetailes to give the drawers a more delegate look I’m rounding over the inside and outside edge foe the drawer runners I’m using Blum
tandem full ext drawer slides there are the top of the line I’m recessing light transformer two into the
base for the lights I’m using a flexible LED strip comes with a remote control and you could have just about any color
or intensity that you want now for the feet after cutting walnut to shape with
shape with the band saw I tapered two sides with the chop saw using the sander I shape the feet rounded edges after attaching the feet with glue and screws I use a maple plugins as a accent I add threaded inserts so I could have
adjustable leg levelers I’m using the same beaded trim I used in
the top down the sides to frame in the drawers for the drawer fronts I plow out for more the
silhouettes I cut the walnut at the bottom to form
the drawer pull and the four corners I’m using a larger
version the silhouettes I’m using threaded inserts so I can bolt
the top to the pedestal base part 3 at this video I will be doing a hand rubed high gloss finish

15 thoughts on “Making a chess Table part 2

  1. Let me know when you are selling this table with the set of pieces you made for this. I want it exactly how you made it in these videos. The light feature with the remote is amazing. I will pay what ever money. I love it.

  2. I'd much rather spend endless hours making a small dream come true, than waste endless hours mentally eroding any chance for dreaming by sheepling my life away getting nowhere fast. Just count the hours in one month you have spent being a TV, zombie, social media junkie and other aimless thrills, I bet the hours this guy put in making that Work of Art has been far more enriching and rewarding than a year of most peoples wasted hours. Well done Sir.

  3. Amazing! I actually watched the last part first then the chess pieces and am jumping in here to commend you for an unbelievably phenomenal job.

  4. I love this, was thinking of making a similar one for school. Can you please tell me what angles you used for the sides toward the start of the vid? thanks.

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